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Airship 'Sky Tugs' ordered from Lockheed for Canadian oilfields

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Some of us already walk around in PVC jumpsuits.

Mine's the PVC one (naturally)

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away!

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Nice planet


Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

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Jobs Horns

Just use your flipper

I always maintained that Apple Mice were designed for people without opposing thumbs - those of us with the use of all our digits can handle more than one button. Obviously Jobby is continuing with his secret eugenics program to reshape humanity in a more Apple-friendly form.

IT Crowd gets fifth series run

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I was there...watching

And it were great - I did actually wet myself slightly but only cos the Q&A was too long and I'd had a beer. Series 4 is starting in June, but they were told as they finished filming that they were getting a fifth one so all good.

All I can say is, I didn't think being a roleplayer could have been any uncooler until I watched one of the new episodes.

I'm ashamed, don't look at me.

Radical hypersonic glider vanishes above Pacific

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Must be looking for the wrong fuel

"The parallel X-51 WaveRider scramjet project, intended to deliver hypersonic jet engines able to run on normal-ish hydrocrabon fuel rather than troublesome hydrogen, has been delayed into this year."

Perhaps they should start researching hydroCARBON fuels instead - they'll no doubt have much more luck finding that.

US Army portaloo-full-of-missiles project for the chop

Alex 79

Well if nobody wants them now...

I'll have them - they'd look right grand in my back garden and might deter those kids next door from luzzing their rugby ball over my fence again (I can laser spot them from the bedroom window).

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News

Alex 79

Solomani rule

Aliens probably never played Traveller - we Solomani were always the nastier of the humanoid races. Built a Black Globe generator and envelop the planet in a shield.


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