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Data centers to cut LAN cord?


Seems like visible light could work better, and BTW, why do we need to hide it in fiber anyway?

While I feel that the need for such measures should be mostly easily avoided by proper network design and implementation, and most times this sort of issue could best be resolved by stringing some more fiber, I also suspect that there is some niche out there for a 60GHZ wireless implementation. However, my thoughts went immediately towards using visible light (or thereabout) Comm type lasers (as mentioned earlier) which should offer greater capacity and avoid most of the challenges of 60GHZ ( capacity, security, interference, etc), and, with a bit of motor control offer serious flexibility and things like "self configuration" (and kill stray bugs - insects :). In fact, could such technology replace actual fiber? If the data is being carried by light and we have short haul line of sight access, why not just leave out the fiber? It would simplify installations enormously if we didn't have to string data cables

Storage is ending in tiers


Scooby and I are confused.

"Arruugh" - rough translation "I don't understand."

You're right Scooby, Something's fishy about this post. In order to even approximate the numbers Storage_person is proposing in his example, you would have to have a incredibly uniformly distributed workload (unlikely) and one such that accesing off-SSD data actually slowed down the SSD throughput, which is not consistent with the specs given and in real life. an obvious solution would be to put such terribly critical data on the SSD instead of something less vital. If so uniform, I still can't see how the realizable IOPS should be less then 110,000-120,000 IOPS system-wide. Now, using faster disks for that 20% of un-SSDed data would certainly juice things up, but in this day and age increasing the size of the SSD that 20% is not much more, if any more expensive and would result in a VASTLY faster achievable data rate with way better response time. Another possibility is better algorithms from your vendor which better allocated the data to the faster and slower tiers.

Scooby, this is not to say that this sort of thing doesn't happen in real life, however, I suggest looking at things like insufficient/unbalanced IO channels or not enough processing power in the storage unit(s).. Now, enjoy your bone!

Lufthansa offers iPhone 4G loser free beer


Implausible? Not so much...

While it may be a stunt (I'm guessing no) its quite plausible. This happened in Silicon Valley, where everyone and their parakeet is up on all the technotoys and probably running a Linux server in their basement - Opps, not too many basements in California - front hall to monitor when the car needs washing. It really is different there. The odds of someone finding the phone and not knowing it was different are quite low. I was way more surprised to learn that there is a german specialty bar in Deadwood, er, Redwood city. Guess I've been out of town too long