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Apple will please missile makers by backing PA Semi's chip

Paul van der Lingen
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reading the article on Safari-for-windoze, I'd say that's a good place to place the name iBomb..

Intel said to feed Google solid state drives

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good grief

can I suggest we take this discussion down to the pub?

Optus named second Oz iPhone carrier

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I wait with baited breath

to see how, exactly, this is going to work. In South Africa we have no ITMS and, legend/rumour has it this wont change any time soon (local pigopolists own the music rights).

So how will we do all the necessary things to our fancy-schmancy iphones without the blessed/cursed ITMS?

One wonders indeed.

Intel: laptop/desktop crossover coming sooner than expected

Paul van der Lingen

@ TeeCee

wow.. reading that, it sounds like you really would bite


Monroe BJ film - world exclusive still

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I dunno what drugs you boys take, but sheeeeeyte I want some.

That's made my day that has.

Apple lags MS in security response

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@ John

Me too - I love my macs (all three of them), but I don't take security for granted. Ever.

Best Buy calls copper on unsatisfied shopper

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presumably 'Murcan's use different bra sizes to the rest of the world..

we have some HUGE mamma's here in South Africa, and they're on DD cups..

By our scale, a G-cup would require the, er, lass to probably have mechanised help to move.

OpenOffice update released

Paul van der Lingen

is it still dog slow?

I had high hopes to use it as a replacement for MS Orifice 2004 on my Mac, but sheeeeeite, it's slow.

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

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I dig my macs (all three of them) - they do all I want quickly, quietly and efficiently. But they're by no means perfect.

Safari suck piles in the worst possible way. I can not use it at work because it won't play ball with an ISA proxy. It half loads pages then crashes.

The same happens with Safari for 'doze.

So - like all things, I keep the bits I like (pretty much most of the Mac OS) and ditch the rest.

Also, I dunno how the software updater runs on 'doze, but in OS X you look what's being offered, choose what you want and de-select everything else. How hard is that?

IBM waterboards PA-RISC Superdome from HP

Paul van der Lingen

@ Ashlee / Scott

"You took that as a glowing story about IBM's benchmark prowess then?"

No, he almost certainly didn't but look at his title.

when faced with lemons, make lemonade....

next he'll be telling you their storage arrays are faster than EMC/HDS/etc

Apple's Time Machine now works as advertised

Paul van der Lingen

I still don't understand the fuss

I've been backing up several mac's to a USB drive plugged into a mac mini on my network. Timemachine works fine over both the cat6 ethernet cables and the the 54Mb/s wifi.

Hacking attacks can turn off heart monitors

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Oh boy - I can see a flood of schlocky b-grade 'thriller' spy movies

Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

Paul van der Lingen

what happens when..

I seem to recall the CPU in the iphone is going to change when Intel bring out something suitably small, cool and quick.

Does this mean Apple will have to develop a rosetta app to translate all this current crop of new apps being developed?

Nokia N810 internet tablet

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so this aint actually a phone?

great - yet another pocket filling, niche non-filling device.

Did convergence take a pause during the creation of this thing?

Apple unearths Time Capsule

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from a Kool Aid Drinker

Actually, I backup the mac's in the house (3 of them - no problems, despite all the, er, apparently thousands of web pages telling me I should have (sorry about that Webster - perhaps I should start poking around with a screwdriver or something? Would that make you happy?)) to an external drive mounted on a mac mini and shared across both wired and wireless networking

I've set up time machine on all of them, and it works just fine.

Shrek studio looks to Toshiba to untie HD DVD bond

Paul van der Lingen

oh well. So much for that

With Sony-of-the-rootkit-fame having won this round, I think I'll be sitting this round of the HD farce out.

Can't help wondering where we'd all be if microsoft had bundled HD-DVD with each xbox tho - the buggers.

Toshiba Portégé R500 slimline laptop

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I'm curious - why do people compare the Air with PC's like this.

As a Mac user, the issue for me, with this Tosh is not the hardware but the OS that'll run on it.

I know, I know, the windows faithful (most of you) and the insane (step forward Webster) will rail against me for that, but *shrug* it's not apples for apples.

for me, OS X is better. For 96% of you, it's not - windows is. So be it.

But don't compare the hardware when it's actually the OS that matters.

Sky Broadband puts the fault into default Wi-Fi security

Paul van der Lingen

call me paranoid but...

My wireless router sits behind a dedicated BSD security box, it runs WPA2, has no default anything, and I change the passwords randomly (but often).

The BSD box will only accept connections from known Mac / IP combinations and anyway, logs all traffic and connections/attempts. I get a graph in my inbox every morning with all usage.

And then, if you do get past all that, there's not a single 'doze box on the network, only secured Macs.

Granted, this is not typical. But it's at least moderately safe.

Apple gives Xsan file system a sequel

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EMC, HDS, etc

Pity there's still no support for, say, a Clariion storage array.

Orange France iPhone total hits 90,000

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from a KOOLAID drinker (did I get that right?)

Roll on HSDPA, larger capacity and the reasons many people are holding back will be gone.

More remote workers squatting next door's broadband

Paul van der Lingen

@ Simon


but, if you walk up to my house and the door is not locked and you let yourself in, that's trespass. And if you take anything (even if I'm not using it and don't want it) - that's theft.

Should I have to lock my doors all the time to stop people coming in?

US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

Paul van der Lingen


Why don't they switch to Macs.. then the field commanders could be safe, secure *and* look fabulous with their trendy white macbooks. Senior officers could be given Air's as a bonus afforded to their Rank.



Intel's cache gigantism results in 2bn transistor Tukwila

Paul van der Lingen

gosh, thats, er, impressive


I compared the performance of my 2GHz core duo MacbookPro to that of a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook Air. The Air is the same speed, for slower clocks, with less heat.

So Intel get it right some of the time.

Intel to tell all about roaring 96GB/s QuickPath interconnect

Paul van der Lingen

@ AC

96GByte is, to all intents and purposes 1Tb..

I mean, I know 8 bits to a byte and all that, but, well, over heads and all that gumpf


oh say it is Dorothy, please say it is

Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop

Paul van der Lingen

MacBook Pro

My MBP does it too - but only if I have the power adapter plugged in one specific way into the mains. If it happens, I just unplug the adapter, plug it in the other way round (it's a euro 2-pin) and the problem goes away.

My house is old (120yrs) with most of the wiring still the original cloth covered lot and 3-phase coming in, and I'd always assumed it was caused by one of the million electrical gremlins that infest the place.

(ps 120 years is old for South Africa)

Clash of the compacts: Eee vs Air

Paul van der Lingen

Different strokes

These are two very different products aimed, I'd guess at two very different markets.

I mean, you wont want to do a full days work on an Eee, with hectic spreadsheets and corporate type applications - but you could easily do that on an Air.

I'd even hazard a guess that the Eee pitches more squarely at the iphone than at the Air.

Messenger skims past Mercury

Paul van der Lingen

Likewise - no astronomer but..

.. isn't that a stock photo of the surface of the moon?

Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone

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No no no no no no no

Please - video reviews may be all sexy and shi-shi, but they're also blocked by most corporations.

Can't we have the written and video review? Or if you absolutely must still use video, can you dump a compressed downloadable video somewhere on the page?

Will bird flu stuff our Happy Christmas?

Paul van der Lingen


Turkey is, *cough* foul anyway. I will be cooking a gammon and a nice chicken.

Apple TV goes to the movies

Paul van der Lingen

Oh, good ol' phreaky

Haven't heard from you for a while there Webster - you been holed up at evangelical school doing a firearms course in case you come across any apple totting homosexuals? (or democrats, the same thing, of course).

Amazon sells 2.5 million Harry Potters

Paul van der Lingen


And Jeff, bless his open and generous heart, claims to have not made a profit on the Pothead books.

go figure.

iSales prop up Apple results

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This is worrying

50% of Apple store sales come from people who've never had a mac before..

get away ye wanna be Mac users - stick to your skanky PC's and Linux boxes.

Us seen-the-light-elitists like our air of exclusivity - and the lack of virus, trojans etc..

Met used 'dum-dum' ammo on de Menezes

Paul van der Lingen


Don't forget the wonderful (if you're on the good end of the firearm that is) effect of cavitation - coz the human body is mostly water, a projectile that enters the body at a fast enough speed (> speed of sound in water) and you get cavitation effects.

And if that's not enough, then should said projectile hit a major blood vessel then shock waves will travel thru the cardio vascular system..

I'm no expert (by any means) in ballistics, but the course I did as a medic sure did open my eyes..

Guns are horrible things. Period.

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

Paul van der Lingen

who cares if it's man made or not..

fact is - it's happening and no-one - rabid tree-hugger nor fundamentalist christian - can argue with that.

So we, as a species are or are not the primary cause - so what. Can we move on from trying to assuage our guilt (or defend our egos) and get on with dealing with it.

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

Paul van der Lingen


Man, I want some of whatever your dealer is selling you.

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

Paul van der Lingen

Wow - sad indeed

No, not the story, but the comments.

Have we become so inured of back service that we abuse people who have the temerity to complain about it?

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Paul van der Lingen

Kia vs Mercedes

If we apply the principles laid out in the article, then all premium brands would simply shut down.

A Kia does exactly the same job as a Mercedes S500

In fact, taken to the extreme, the argument ends up in a place called Communism. A leap, I know, to say that people who don't buy Apple products are all communists (and I'm not actually saying it).

but squint with your eyes, and let your mind run free (a tricky concept for Windows users, I know) and you'll see the argument.

now excuse my while I go off to blather and dribble saliva down my shirt front in a dark corner somewhere


iPass layers on security for laptops

Paul van der Lingen

almost related

So my neighbour had his laptop nicked (a MacBookPro). Much wailing and gnashing of teeth later, he gets a call from the local apple store.

Seems the fine member of society who bought it had ambled in to their store, told them he'd just bought it 2nd hand and could they please reinstall the OS to get rid of the previous owners junk.

The store checked the records, phoned the real owner and bingo, one happy story later.

iPhone becomes phisherman's friend

Paul van der Lingen


and every day Webster Phreaky posts some inane drivel

Please Webster - won't you do us all a favour and get a decent browser with a spell checker?

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar

Paul van der Lingen

fan boy

I admit it - I am a dyed in the wool fan boy - cut me and I bleed crisp white blood, saw me in half, and all my icky insides have little apple logo's stamped on them..

but - not even I would buy a gen 1 iPhone when it's network locked and not 3G.

We did all know those things some time back. So why then, did elReg buy it when they knew it had those short comings?

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut

Paul van der Lingen

can anyone say root kit

How quickly we all seem to have forgiven Sony for the root kit fiasco

I saw we - but in fact I haven't forgotten, nor have I forgiven.

I *will-never* buy another Sony product - not a thing. Not a memory stick, nor a plasma TV nor anything in between.

And now they continue to screw the pooch with the PS3 pricing.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies

Paul van der Lingen


I look forward to reading their explanation of this event

No doubt it will be carefully thought out, accurately recorded and ..

nah. What am I saying?

it'll either be ignored or the report will be bollocks

'You're a f**king moron'

Paul van der Lingen


How dare you.. how very dare you..


I was going to post something funny and original, but then realised you might contact my boss

IBM turbo charges world's fastest supercomputer

Paul van der Lingen

At last...

finally, a computer with enough grunt to run Vista smoothly.

Russian trouble makers find Quicken backdoor

Paul van der Lingen

Careful with that 'backdoor' reference

headlines like this may offend Otto Stern - we know how easily offended he is..

Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

Paul van der Lingen

oh the humility

Ashley didn't get what he wants?


actually, I didn't think of you as a developer - maybe I'm wrong and deep down you love the itty bitty bits, bytes and bobs that geeky types spend their day assembling so mortal morons like me can sit in comfort and type sarky posts on websites (on my apple macbookpro)

Jobs: one more thing... a browser war

Paul van der Lingen

oh the hysteria

good grief - how could two so simple things evoke such hysteria...

get a grip people - nothing more than a browser and a phone.

move on, nothing to see here

VMWare offers Windows-on-Mac tool at half price

Paul van der Lingen

high hopes

Man, I hope this works better than parallels does. I 'upgraded' my version 2.5 parallels to the New All Singing Dancing 3.0 and not only did it break my old Vm's but even fresh crispy VM's get all sorts of memory exception errors.


We use VMWare a lot onsite - despite the money I've thrown at parallels, I will be going the VMWare route.

El Reg 'buys' acre of Brazilian rainforest

Paul van der Lingen

is this for real? I mean, really for real..

If this is genuinely for real, then its a Good Thing yes? But how do we know its not a scam, or some such thing. Perhaps, tho, £70 is worth it regardless..

hhmm - decisions, decisions.

Jobs waves iPhone, talks applications

Paul van der Lingen

Not sure fast..

Actually, I have high hopes for it based on the comparisons between OS X and Windows (or even, I suspect, Vista).

If we ignore 3G/HSDPA for now as they've said its coming, then sure, on paper my N93 and k800i can do the same things. But Windows can do the same things as OS X - in fact, they can probably do more. That's not the point.

Its the user experience that trips up the Nokia/Sony-Ericsson experience. They're shyte to use because the manufacturers have to stick to what their customers know.

Apple isn't by any means perfect - far from it. I work in an entirely windows dominated environment on a MacBookPro and sure, I have challenges. But the overall user experience - my user experience is better, by far, than it was when I used windows.

I fully expect the iPhone to be the same.