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What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade

Tony Rogers
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Into the Future

Things appear to have moved on since my "Compuserve" days.

Personal addresses....whatever next ?

Bring back "Bullitin Boards" for a few days to let the screaming freaks

who continually complain about todays standards see how far we

have come.

Rejoice in the ever improving browsers the tech boys build us.

Chomp that sausage: Brits just LOVE scoffing a Full Monty

Tony Rogers
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Lorry Driver Specials

If visiting central London, the finest breakfast "Fry Up" can be obtained at the Ritz Hotel "Geasy Spoon".

Lorries que up for a table in Regent St. and Oxford St. in order to sample the rich and varied menu.

No effort is to much for the manager "Greasy Rick".

All of the ingredients are traceable back to the craftsmen farmers who supply the joint direct.

A quick phone call to check availability is reccomended.

The blockbuster is the "Super Ten". You may have a selection or all of the items on the menu.

Eat well and prosper ?

Dutch firm passes the world's first e-spliff to the left hand side

Tony Rogers
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So when will CRACK start up

Not a scientist... but it would seem to be not a long road

before the little kiddiwinks are offered a quick puff

at lunchtime ?

Tick-tock, Jock: Dock schlock for mock-stock in ad-hoc shop squawk

Tony Rogers

Obviously a "Wallet" to store the Bitcoins in would not be appropriate.

Therefore a glorious Tartan Digi-Sporran would be the answer.

The tartan would of course be that of the glorious "MacSakotoshi" clan

Bitcoin bloodbath as China shutters all trading sites

Tony Rogers

Damm Chinese Interference !

Just tried to buy a pair of breeding Yeti's from Manchuria.

Maybe more chance than the last three failed deals via Ebay.

Bitcoin is now refused so will try PayPal.

Not sure what the official viewpoint from them will be ?

I have the cage ready and everything.

Not being taken for a ride this time.....????

Previously stable Greenland glaciers now rushing to the sea

Tony Rogers

On-going Research

I have spent over 50 years research in the problem of melting ice and the resultant effects on rising levels.

Using basic laborarory equipment ie a graduated tumbler and a clipboard and pen.

My test fluids are both London and Plymouth Gin with the added use of ice cubes and lemon slices

together with a good supply of tonic water.

A good measure of the fluids is poured and ice cubes added until the meniscus is as far up the tumbler as it is possible.

Like most experiments, time is of the greatest importance.

As I wait, the meniscus falls lower and lower due to the melting of the ice.

I have never managed to achieve the results forcast by other scientists which seem to involve the rise of

the level...only the reduction. Try this experiment yourselves.

At the end of a hard day in the laboratory I need to go to the pub for a "stiff one"!

I will retire soon and although I will continue working from home, a new younger scientist

will be required to continue the good work. CV.s welcome.

PayPal mudslingfest TELEVISED: Icahn and Donahoe go on telly

Tony Rogers

Saying things like this make out Bernie Madoff to be a bad person...or good person?

Bitcoin bank Flexcoin pulls plug after cyber-robbers nick $610,000

Tony Rogers

Someone ..somewhere knows who is suddenly very much more wealthy than they were recently.

Won on the horses ? Lottery win?

Photo fit probably starts with Young White male Caucasian wearing baseball cap back to front ?

A reward for information might bring forth some leads ?

Depressing to think of the sneaky expertise going to waste out there.

Is anyone going to write some new code to stop this repeating ?

BBC: Hey, Atos, old buddy. Here's a cheque for £285m, fill your boots

Tony Rogers

The main reason most people work is for reward , not the warm cosy feeling that they are doing God's work or their own elevated reasons of the job itself..

Nurses and teachers of old did these jobs mainly with sincerity and passion, the rewards coming from the results of their labours with a small element of fiscal reccompence. Vocational they called it.

Well, surprise surprise....these days have gone.

The only reason town and county councils exist is to enhance the salary and pension pots.

Every penny spent on services is money wasted on the tax payers and lost forever to the pension pot.

The BBC is in the same boat and expects licence fees to rise ever higher and the gravy train to advance onwards and upwards with personal management advancement for a neat pencil tray.

Why don't the powers that be "outsource" the BBC to SKY and have done with it ?

(Well, political control of the organ of free speach may be lost...horror !)

This would get rid of most of the deadwood stacked in the plush offices they continue to build.

Lord Reith will be turning in his grave....at 78rpm at a guess ?

Bletchley Park spat 'halts work on rare German cipher machine'

Tony Rogers

A Call to Arms of "Dad's Army" ?

Thinking of Colditz, Dunkirk, St. Nazaire et al, are there not enough of us left with a soul

to undertake the removal of the required exhibits to the Museum ?

Ian Standen could be blindfolded and shot every day as a traitor to the original reason

for Bletchley being reinstated as a working exhibition of what made Britain Great.

(Should improve foot traffic no end )

Storm the paper battlements and lay siege to the real conservation of the site not the

preservation of an overpaid ponce with no feelings for the place.

Perhaps I am holding back a little ?

Wells Fargo gathers bank 'n' gov bigwigs to discuss Bitcoin 'rules'

Tony Rogers

Up Sticks ,this is a Hand Up !

Will we be able to obtain a digital horse and a digital Colt 45 to hold up

the digital stagecoach ?

HALF of all Bitcoin-investing Winklevoss twins predict $400bn market for the currency

Tony Rogers

Mining Costs and Speed

I "invested" in a Bitcoin mining setup in November 2013. It runs at 3.3Ghs. (ASIC for the record)

That was a reasonable speed at the time of purchase and I bought at a very reasonable price.

£160 inclusive. (Current Ebay price £500+)

At the current payback via a well respected "Pool", I will have mined one Bitcoin in about

650 days if all factors stay constant at 24hrs per day ! (They won't)

I really hope this covers the cost of the electricity I am using as "er'indoors" picks up the

electricity bill.

A large hike in the future value of a Bitcoin is required and expected as the alternative is

my dangly bits cut off !

DEATH-PROOF your old XP netbook: 5 OSes to bring it back to life

Tony Rogers

Minecraft Aids?

As a Bitcoin Miner I am always on the look-out for new skills.

Not sure why so many parents are aiding their children in

the pursuit of such underground work.

The country has fought hard and long to prevent the exploitation

of children in such barbaric and outdated occupations.

Let the children concentrate on their homework and class activities.

The wasteful time spent learning such awareness of mines is futile.

Free the child from Minecraft and buy an old Amstrad to while away

the freetime.

First 3D map of Great Barrier Reef created – still can't find Nemo

Tony Rogers

UK Use for this new science

At last the depths of the Hampstead Heath Ponds will now give up their secret.

For many years the location is thought to contain a deep hole which rises in Australia.

This is the only explanation for the number of Aussie surfing barmen in the area.

The abandoned surf boards on the Heath, bare witness to the vast immigrant problem.

FBI sends memo to US.gov sysadmins: You've been hacked... for the past YEAR

Tony Rogers

The software program is boosted by the knitting industry

programs for manufacturing "string vests".

The number of holes is conducive to helping you feel

warm and cosy.

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it

Tony Rogers

Re: DAB Bashing

I remember reading that the signal on the European DAB-T2 was considerably better

than the cut down cheapo version we have been stuffed with in the UK.

Politics, money and the BBC were the main cause of our 3rd rate tech offering.

So much for the EEC unification if the car radio you buy in the UK

is not much good across the channel !

( English Sea Channel that is...NOT, a radio channel)

Firefox OS update adds performance, polish to Mozilla's webby mobes

Tony Rogers

Yes the ommission of MMS is/was, a problem to be placed alongside a

"Dead Sea Scroll" interpreter interface.

Runic Keyboard enthusiasts are also not catered for it seems !

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

Tony Rogers

Apple Opperessive

If there was ever any prospect of allowing an Apple product in my house, it has now gone forever.

Most folk are aware that there is precious little to update an Apple product and so the fall off of folk

making another purchase of their goods will be a diminishing one.

Goodbye for ever Apple !

Judge GIVES APPLE THE FINGER in multitouch iDevice patent case

Tony Rogers
Black Helicopters

Patent Office Law ?

From being a respectable method of protecting the rights of inventors, patent offices have become a

an industry in their own self contained world. The costs of having a patent "Granted" is now costing

an enormous amount of money on a worldwide basis.

The buying of the patents of others work is especially obnoxious and should only be valid for one year.

The petroleum and pharmaceutical industries must be held high in the manipulative powers to

keep better and cheaper methods of science away from the public. ( ie. cheaper goods)

Vested interest is what we are looking at and it is all to do with the suppression of a better world

through the balance sheet.

Reduce all patents to a maximum of say..3 to five years.

The plea of development costs of products holds no water when reviewing the balance sheet !

The purpose of patent offices needs revision now.

Paid secur-o-ware is generally better than free, but not always by a lot

Tony Rogers

Felix Dennis is spending an enormous amount of time planting trees and forests.

It is not totally surprising to me that his "lab staff" cannot see the wood for the trees !

I am sure his new AV lab resources will one day match the quality of his magazines ???

Skype touts FREE* Wi-Fi across the UK

Tony Rogers

Dead Seat Zone

If the object is to increase footfall/customers for a business, the facility is a double edged sword.

JD Wetherspoons pub chain already provide a WiFi service which I have used and found very good.

The thing is, I normally go there for a nice steak with my partner on Tuesdays. During the Uni/College term time in Falmouth it can be difficult to find a decent seat but for students buying a cup of coffee/tea/coke or such, once an hour whilst typing out their bits and pieces.

Hogging the facility..one student per table soon fills up the space available.

One is minded of the Ralph McTell song "Streets of London", where "each tea lasts an hour and they wander home alone"!

A quick ready reckoning of the trade lost suggests that when commercial goodies are free. they become abused.

The facility becomes a drain on the business.

PayPal drops into McDonalds, begs meat-guzzlers to give it a bonk

Tony Rogers

The Tardiness of Commercial Life

These constant references to paying for things is as tiring as it is bewildering.

One should make the most of ones butler or personal assistant.

With the number of unemployed ( even in the Colonies ) it should be a simple task

to employ a menial of some sort to undertake these commercial tasks.

A gentleman's time is far too precious for dalliance with trades people.

Boffins create 100,000 DPI image

Tony Rogers

Scientific Analysis

As I appear to be rather late in this scientific research,

perhaps some kind soul could direct me to to

an archive copy of the original pictures.

For scientific research only of course !

The touchscreens that push back, thanks to Brit hi-fi boffinry

Tony Rogers

Re: Oh my Quad

I solved the problem of the lack of bass response with the Quad Electrostatic panel speakers by pairing them up with a pair of B&W (Bower & Wilkins) DM70's. These also had a small electrostatic unit perched above the huge

bass units. Driven through a Marantz Quad system ( the one with the oscilloscope built in..remember)

Not for the purist but dammed room filling noise.

Were the biggest speakers the Electrovoice Patricians ? 30" bass drivers ?

Now those on a tablet would be something for the lads to try out !

Bill Gates: iPad is OK, but what Apple really needs is a SURFACE

Tony Rogers

Bless em' All

I have no axe to grind whatever company produces the next useful tool. Apple, MS , whoever.

Many companies worldwide have produced the "cutting edge" gizmo's which are now forgotten.

We need to have these changes to promote the next "really useful" gizmo.

The emergence of Apple and MS were almost identical...small upstart companies with no track record.

The problem now is that small innovative companies have to battle with the "giants" in courtrooms

rather than in research labs. The legal departments are dragging the thrust of development backwards.

The "Surface" will just be a blip in the evolution of the next gizmo..welcome it.

With my computer history back into the punch card era ( yes before keyboards kids ) ,the ride of

technology is a never ending source of amazement..... and amusement to me sometimes.

Ride the wave and enjoy it.

Fourteenth century timekeeper turns up in Queensland

Tony Rogers

Apple Patent ?

One must be very sure that Apple have not already obtained a Patent for this item.

May turn up as an APP iQuad timepiece ?

Four illegal ways to sort out the Euro finance crisis

Tony Rogers

Communist Traitors

Gordon Brown and the rest of the Labour / Socialist / Communist card carriers should be

tried in the highest courts for acts against The United Kingdom.

The actions taken by the left have been of such that we are no longer fully able to manage

our country without the forces of our old enemies say so.

We managed to stay out of the Euro...just !

Now let us fight a battle to leave the the ECC once and for all.

No chance of a vote on this I suppose?

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast

Tony Rogers

Horses (or Golfers) for Courses

If you offered a golfer just one club to play a round with, it would not sit well with them.

A nice bag of assorted clubs would be what is required for the varied shots.

Likewise, I have a selection of computers which are used for different purposes.

Starting at the top there could be a CRAY with N2 cooling...I don't need that right now !

At the bottom, I have a PDA about 6-7 years old...still very useful.

All manner of other computers are available for various jobs..most are capable of

duplicating the day to day tasks but some are more equal to tasks than others.

When out and about the Netbook covers my requirements in an adequate manner.

With a 160 gb HDD and 2gb RAM, it is far more than I need but the trade offs to buy a Tablet

are yet to be perceived to make much sense.

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

Tony Rogers

The Master Plan ?

People need to know more of the factories on the Derry Peninsular in Ireland.

The Irish Strategic Bomber Command are as we write, launching the new "SPUD 1" missile. The Poteen fueled Hellraiser MK ll sidearms are believed to be the most fierce

tracking arms ever produced since the "Chipmunk" flew.

The Chipmunk has now been updated to the present MK Vlll equipt with the latest Irish Linen

"Anti-Macasser's" in the cockpit. Air crew are well catered for with the addition of an outside loo

for those long range missions to the Scilly Isles.

Pilots are being are being trained to be able to operate at the high "G Forces" by total immersion

in high presure Guiness Tanks.

Field Marshall Spud O'Leary" wants more Euro involvement and Euro's to finish the job.

Lets give the boyo's the money now to finish this wonderful plan.

( if this all sounds rubbish....check out the MOD,s plans again )

Serco apologises for chiseling suppliers

Tony Rogers

After Hours Doctors

A doctor pal of mine worked as a GP and surgeon all his life.

Took up doing night calls for a service run by doctors at a very professional level.

Then the service was given to Serco.

The facilities were pared back to below a poor standard and have remained so ever since.

Profit is king at Serco... even with lives at risk in the wee small hours.

The pressures placed on the management to achieve ever more profit ensures that the service

is reduced more and more every week.

The tentacles of Serco are more in line with an outfit from a James Bond film.

Outsourcing with nice backhanders seems the way the contracts work.

Many are convicted criminals...fraud..theft etc.

Time will find them out...hopefully before more die due to the sad way they operate.

NHS: Big tech might be OK for patient power

Tony Rogers

NHS Administration

Relating to several health problems...cancer...heart etc, I have now clocked up well in excess of

6000 miles to recieve treatments and check-ups.

The nurses, doctors/consultants have all been first class in all ways.

The administration has changed the responsibilities for services recently and are now in need

of being given a good talking to.

There are reasons that doctors and consultants were in charge of their own operation lists.

However well meaning a junior or senior admin bod is in approaching sorting out some matters,

a detailed knowledge of the medical problems affecting each patient is only likely to achieve

the correct passage through the system with knowledge unavailable to admin bods.

The admin now seem to view the doctors/consultants and nurses as hired hands.

"You will work as directed by the Administration, not as is best for the patient"!

BT's onshoring call centres scheme continues

Tony Rogers

Outsourced to Scotland !

I have lost count of how many calls I have had outsourced to India over the years.

Some calls were serviced by poor English speaking operatives but most were satisfactory.

Disaster...... some weeks ago...a Scottish/Glasgow lady !

She may as well have learnt English on the Moon for all I know.

The call took ages and an interpreter would have been very handy.

Maybe she should be sent to India for re-training ?....Please !

East Midland Trains passengers get Wi-Fi

Tony Rogers

At What Price ?

A huge breakfast at JD Wetherspoons will allow you to read the papers drink coffee and use the

FREE Wi-Fi till your fingers bleed !

Cost..under £4 all in,

Not that hungry ? A cup of tea or coffee will suffice for using the Wi-Fi.

The rail offer is so overpriced it beggars belief.

Use rail...only if all else fails !

Court of Appeal challenges parallel import blocking

Tony Rogers

Grey Imports

The attitudes of many countries is to prevent sales of goods occurring outside their exclusive trading agreements within their export sales areas.

So if ABC Inc.USA appoint XYZ Ltd UK as their sole distributor in the UK for "Widgets",

That's me sunk.

ABC Inc. sells Widgets in the US for $10 a time. It sells them to XYZ Ltd for $9 a time.

By the time XYZ have put their mark up on they cost me $15 a Widget.

ABC sells also to Turkey at $8 a time.

Turkey will sell to me at $9 a time....whats the problem ?

PROTECTIONISM is the problem I think.

Eagles singer wins case against US politico

Tony Rogers

Whistle for it

I thought I would annoy Don Henley by whistling one of his tunes whilst I write this.

Can't remember the tunes though today...So...........

I'am whistling "Dixie" !

Go on Don....whistle "Dixie" for me and put your intelectual copywright

where the sun don't shine :-)

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

Tony Rogers
Paris Hilton

32/64 bit Firefox ?

In the previous posts, there is a mention of a FF version called "Iceweasel". in 64 bit ?

As far as I was aware FF was still in 32 bit only.

Any report from FF says 64 bit coming sometime in the future.

Anyone know how things are developing on this front ?

Version 4 FF makes no mention of this availability.


Paris because she has a Question Mark

Duff French missiles for Royal Navy finally fixed

Tony Rogers

Whithall Growth/Sloth

The purpose of government departments is often perceived as being in the name.

The Ministry of Defence would appear to be a service to procure the best items for securing

the defence of our country. The only attacks on our country have been terrorist for which

we have little other than intelligence gathering to defeat the problem. ( Post Falklands)

The main purpose of the MOD and indeed any other civil service departments is self preservation and expansion.

If targets are met there becomes less chance of expansion and consequently promotion.

The longer contracts are stretched, the more chance of maintaining the status quo to

ensure a smooth passage to retirement for the incumbents.

Knighthoods and all manner of "gongs" are liberally distributed to the wasters of time and assets. I do not begrudge them the accepted accolades of their chosen living...but..

I do begrudge the lives lost through the slow grind of the system.

I do begrudge the money squandered without the forethought of a good alternative.

We should have the best equipment for fighting for the security of the rest of the world.

A complete overhaul of the decision making is required for targets to be met.

The "Yes Minister" attitude should ensure that this never happens of course.

Diary of a somebody - life in iPhone 4 land

Tony Rogers
Paris Hilton

Fashionista Baby

Along with UGG boots,designer handbags and gloss lipstick ;the apple phone is for those who wish for something in their life to be noticed.

You would not buy one of these phones for cutting edge technology .so why then ?

Narcissism ? Personal sense of worthlessness without one ?

Maybe you just like shopping ?

Put your name down for the MK 5 version while there is still time !


Paris.....because she is the epitome of your life

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

Tony Rogers
Big Brother

Roman Empire Traits

The mental imbalance shown by Jobs is well documented and at least traceable back to

the very early reports of emperors and senators in Rome two thousand years ago.

The word "Pad" is a from the English language. You are American I am told.

Whilst his fawning followers and lawyers may bow to his childish whims, common sense

will prevail in such cases of demented aberration.

The market for employment will no doubt be curious as to if they will be chased away

by offering "Jobs" available.

So, here we are Jobs......., Pad, Apps, Apple, iPoo, et al.

Enjoy the world and...... maybe take some time off ?

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

Tony Rogers
Big Brother

New Apps Requirement ?

If adverts are to be introduced in the same way as "pop ups" maybe there is a new "App"

just ready for creating ?

There must be a few coders out there able to write a program to remove the offending ad's ?

Nuclear synthi-jetfuel plants wanted for US Afghan bases

Tony Rogers

April Fools Day ?

Is there any relationship between this article and the fact that I'm reading it on April 1st

which is April Fools Day in the UK ?

This one almost ranks with the Spaghetti Harvest spoof.

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

Tony Rogers

Rick Stein's £7.00p a Pint !

Had a lunch there 18months ago In Padstow Cornwall.

Requested a half pint of excellent local cider and a half of Italian lager for guest.

When bill arrived it was £3.50p for each half ! Guiness was the same I think.

I'am no Einstein but thats £7.00p per pint by my reckoning...outrageous ?

Elsewhere in Cornwall Guiness at regular pubs has been £3.00p + for years.

A vrey nice "Bin End" Red for £30.00p as a compensation though.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

Tony Rogers

Extra App Required

Put 9.04 on one of my machines and it loaded fine.

Went to use XP and found on reboot that the OS selection did not include XP.

Denied that there was a HDD on my machine !

Ruined the whole HDD...now its a FAT 32 and not an NTFS.

Tried a shed load of escape ideas to no avail.

Please Please Pretty Please..an UNINSTALLER would be nice.

Thank the gods it was not my main computer.

Bruised and bloddied but ready and willing to try again.

If I find a nice working UNINSTALLER.

The nurse has arrived with the pills so it's back to the darkened room.

Still a newbie...since 1960's.

US Army doubles fleet of enormous floating eyes

Tony Rogers
Paris Hilton

WW ll Blimps

My late uncle Len played his part defeating the Hun during the Second World War by virtue

of being stationed at the end of Southend Pier in Essex UK.

The pier was acquired by the Navy and for the duration of the war it was named "HMS Leigh".

His primary task was to raise or lower the "Blimps" or anti-aircraft baloons.

An officer stationed at the start of the pier would use a hand cranked telephone to

give the required instruction. (The pier was over a mile long !)

Uncle did not find this task very daunting and became an avid sea angler.

He had to be deterred from sending parcels of fish home to South London as the postal service

was not very good. The postman took to hurling the stinking fish parcels up the drive.

Paris...well why not !

Zombie plague analysed by Canadian maths prof

Tony Rogers
Thumb Up

Zombie Wife

I have noticed strange reactions recently from my wife and mother-in-law.

Should I despatch them with all possible speed , assuming that zombism is my correct analysis ?

I do not believe that there are any legal precedents other than a defence pursued by a young

lady (Lizzie Borden) in the USA who chopped up her mother and father.

The trial outcome was that she was released !

Were they zombies ?

Maybe this is the route to go eh ?

Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year

Tony Rogers
Paris Hilton

Sun & Star intellectuals

The average reading age of the "Red Tops" readers is so low that they will only find out

about this when the pictures disappear.

This move is obviously aimed at getting the workers/w*****s out of the loo and back to work.

Paris...because she is probably the Patron Saint of page 3 girls

Coppers prowl Sheffield's Letsby Avenue

Tony Rogers

Remember Ted Ray ?

The first time I heard the address "Letsby Avenue" was from a radio comedy series starring

the World War II, Liverpool comedian Ted Ray. "Ray's a Laugh" (get it Raise a Laugh...oh well)

circa 1950's BBC Light Radio. This was the fictional address of Ted Ray's family home

The phrase was taken from the early morning call from a Sergeant or Sergeant Major whilst

attempting to wake up National Service recruits in the barracks at a very early hour.

The cry was normally preceded by the cry of "Wakey-Wakey" which was indeed a catch phrase

used by another entertainer of the same era called "Billy Cotton".

The phrase was moved into the police jargon from the recruiting of soldiers, usually of lowish intelligence into the police force. There being little other work for them after the war.

The police force was full of army officers with no training other than the leadership skills they

had developed ( or not ) whilst on active service.

The saluting and clicking of heels is still ingrained in the police service to this day.

Microsoft claims IE8 is 'a leap forward in web standards'

Tony Rogers

Cherry Popping Browsers

Yesterday I tried that nice Mr Gates new browser IE8.

The EULA seemed to say that I could do away with much of MSN gizmo's, though further

reading said that nothing would proceed witout it all. So, Accept or Disagree...I Accepted.

Down came all the MSN junk in the universe.

After wrestling with it for 5 hours and phoning a friend

I deleted every thing I could find relating to IE8.

Friend suggested that I try FireFox.

Now I have never strayed away from the paths of MS righteousness..a big jump of fear for me.

Well what do you know ? It all worked well; no forks of lightening or pestilence arrived.

Everything on the web now arrives with a such a speed increase over MS.

So far I am a happy bunny...waiting for Easter.

Panasonic readies Freesat Blu-ray pair

Tony Rogers
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Panasonic DMR-BS850

Been reading the press releases and review comments on this baby.

I want one but......Price circa £1000 GBP.!!

I am led to believe that Freesat signal is at 1080i not 1080p can someone confirm ?

I guess that with the twin tuner facility it will require an additional coax from the dish ?

Many things to ponder before spending 1000 spondolicks on this gizmo though.

The direct link to online will be of some interest for UTube watchers maybe.

If I stop drinking for a few days,I can just afford it...ho-ho !


First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista

Tony Rogers

Polishing Skills

The chaps at MS are to be congratulated for their efforts.

The world has been long awaiting the ability to "Polish a Turd".

Previously thought to be the Holy Grail of R&D

The dedication to the task will no doubt be rewarded by a

faultless system which will be revered in years to come.

Maybe !