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Chinese student fails job interview because of iPhone


Hard to argue with that assessment, he's spot on. Apple fanbois don't know the meaning of work. I can totally understand his policy and support it.

'X Factor for tech is going to be OUTTA THIS WORLD'



Samsung fights to stay on US shelves as Apple calls for ban


Classic tactics, aim low and seem reasonable then revise the list before going up to the court. By doing this they ensure the apple cult worshipers and the gutter tech press don't pan them in the run up.

Plus it is still in the US so they will show more racial bias.

Readers: Choose the proper new name for Everything Everywhere



Obama Q&A on Reddit briefly knackers entire site


Meanwhile at the GOP conference they're discussing how women will have to carry out rape pregnancies under law.

These are sick, sick people. Hopefully the intelligent people will vote against Romney and his lunatic running mate Ryan.

Samsung chucks 'free' Galaxy S III at dragon sketcher


Touche sir, touche indeed.


Don't Apple own the patents on dinosaurs?

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul


Yup, they've stolen nearly everything and accrued a massive patent library that is also vague they use to bludgeon the same companies they steal off.

Cook is no different from Jobs barring the fact he is "technically" alive, but equally soul missing as the messiah.

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


No surprise the US found in its own favour. Sad that they think they own the world. Bias and a failed case.

Exposing China's vast underground economy


Re: Real name policies

Same, I don't even believe in Jeebus.

Twitter API outrage: Break our rules and we'll break app kneecaps


History repeats.

The sad thing is, the kind of cretins who rely on Twitter are exactly the kind of gullible morons who've been falling for this for those decades.

Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges


Best outcome.

Well done Ecquador, you have done the right thing morally and intellectually.

How sad that after the masterful Olympics filled the whole nation with a sense of national pride that the government has reduced itself to US lapdogs once again and caused us to be collectively embarrassed to call ourselves British.

Trust the tories to be the iceberg in the newly launched ship of renewed national pride.

Gabe Newell: Windows 8 is a 'catastrophe' for PC biz


Re: I see what you did there!

The joke isn't as funny if you make it again. Well said Audi. Absolutely true too.

Galaxy S III dumps universal search, tries to dodge Apple's sueballs


Re: Fuck you google!

Didn't Steve Jobs get a massive pass on outright stealing hundreds of ideas because he died of cancer?

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout


Whereas Apple owners are climbing the corporate ladder, they can go from cleaning tables and serving coffee to erm... cleaning tables and serving coffee and organising the Starbucks rota for the week.


Pretty much the Apple way, attack through the courts with nothing on their side then demand ridiculous settlements even though Samsung are found innocent everywhere except where Apple pay off judges in Texas and other US kangaroo courts.

Home Secretary to decide on McKinnon extradition by October


Re: A Serial Loser is as Cuckoo in the No10 Downing Street Nest

Agreed, greedy bankers and lawyers attacking working people while hiding trillions themselves.


This ridiculous show trial bullsh*t was supposed to die with the fall of USSR, seems the US takes what parts of dictatorial communism it like to oppress people of other nations and decries the rest.

What would McCarthy think?, he'd love America in 2012. Imagine how bad it could get next year.

Intel, AMD financials: Bad news for Obama campaign


Does anyone else notice the vast majority of right wingers on this site still won't post with a name, why are they so ashamed of their opinions, the reason is obvious, they are wrong and they know they are.


Re: And we know... there is more that we don't know than ever we will know*

To be fair, the people responsible just reject my comments and dozens of others. They're shutting out criticism of them, see the amount of critical comments on Page and Orlowski articles even 3 months ago versus now.


Register has been taking a large swing to the right since December last year.

Samsung SMACKDOWN: US appeals court keeps ban on Galaxy Tab


American company supported by courts, whereas in the UK there was a fair trial. Maybe the Us would get more respect if it evaluated the evidence instead of accepting kickbacks so readily.

Expert: EU Microsoft competition fine could reach $7bn


The EU prats once again proving how far behind the times they are. When are Apple going to be forced into the same rules, bearing in mind they are attacking companies openly through the legal courts and lying every step of the way.

Just because your shiny iPad makes you feel intelligent does not make it so. I am saying bias in favour of Apple is absolutely at play, corrupt politicians bought their continued silence on this issue by Apple management.

Nearly 2 MILLION US Facebook users quit social network


I do so love the people waiting to jump on those who don't use the site. Like a reverse snobbery, so very sad indeed.

Do not use Facebook, left last year when they changed their terms, disagreed and left, and yes that does make me better than those still on the site.

UK snoop system had 1,000 COCKUPS - including 2 duff cuffs


And these are the people we trust our freedom and liberty too. Wouldn't surprise me if the police was selling information on the side to other branches of government and corporations.

Thumbs down and Comments


Re: @Jeebus ...

If I piss off ultra conservatives then I'm doing something right. In the context of writing comments on a place I have no stake in it ranks quite high on the needless righteous'o'meter. Generally if you speak out against Page and Orlowski and the Daily Heil you get downvoted by those who are too ashamed to ever speak up, but not from posting anonymously.


You've got nothing on me mate. I pissed off Matt Bryant and he follows me everywhere voting me down. Must think that downvoting will somehow turn me from a human into an unfeeling gun crazy lunatic like him.

Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm


It is great that these "radicals" keep winning the battle, it is a shame the right has resorted to painting them as such. Surefire sign they are losing at every level. Keep it up guys, we've killed these laws before and we can keep doing it when they try again, and they will.

'Ed must go' – pundits round on Ofcom chief after failed Beeb DG bid


Anything to damage the Murdoch empire gets a thumbs up from me, shame they haven't being more affirmative in their actions against news corp, and I would 100% support and condone those actions if they ever did.

It is good news big business cannot just buy its way to dominance over the people.

WikiWin: Icelandic court orders Visa to process WikiLeaks $$$


Good news.

Well done for standing upto the powers and ruling in favour of decency and free speech, governments should be afraid of their people and anything to undermine their black cloak gets a thumbs up from me.

Keep it up Wikileaks.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in


Re: "it’s hard to argue that it’s still the best."

You don't know the depth of idiocy of the iTards.


The astonishing naivety of people purchasing these is staggering, in the quest to diversify the IT crowd it has cost it the expertise and intelligence to see through these glasshouse offerings as what they really are.

The Apple generation are dumbing down the entire industry.

Web snooping bill an 'odious shopping list of new gov powers'


David Davis consistently votes against bills and articles violating the right to privacy. One of the very, very few people willing to stand up for personal dignity [in this respect].

We're not all guilty, and hiding these bills behind the OMGPAEDOS defence is starting to wear thin. They are nothing to do with that, and everything to do with controlling a medium they're afraid of.

'Proud' RIM supremo survives shareholder showdown


Re: technological and business transition

Shame they have also decided to arbitrarily remove the original meaning of the word "worked" and replaced it with the Nokia equivalent.

Smartphone-wielding Obamaniacs trounce Romney in poll


The whole world is holding its collective breath, with the world economy teetering on the brink a Republican victory will condemn us to a crippling worldwide depression instead of a mild, recoverable one.

I personally think Obama will win, and I really, really hope that is the case, after what the last Republican regime did to the planet I'm genuinely worried by the prospect of Republicans even more extreme in full control.

Megaupload's founder downloads on Hollywood


Actually surprised by the amount of downvotes, I shall partially retract my initial assertion. However a quick bowse at any Julian Assange related article will give you reasons why I won't go back on it fully.

I'm still sad that anyone finds US theocratic world domination acceptable in 2012.


The fact people like pcsupport are the majority on this site now shows just how far it has fallen in the past 6 months.

WD: HDD prices won't fall to pre-flood levels until 2013


So is this the fiftieth or sixtieth time this announcement has happened, how many analysts do they need to arrive at the conclusion that was already announced repeatedly over the past 8 months?

Facebook shuts down face recognition APIs after all


Re: This facial tech aint up to much anyway...

So they DID get it working then.

UK judge hands Samsung win for being 'not as cool' as iPad


Good news, nice to see some dry wit bitchslapping one of the supercorps. Well played judge. Eliminated a huge scope for appeal. Score one for the consumer [as said above].

Gamers bereft as Xbox Live takes a dive



Just to be safe you should end it for yourself and your family in a murder-suicide pact right now. Spare the suffering in the long run and if it isn't then everyone is a winner.

Now Apple faces Siri court room showdown


Is there anything Apple didn't steal?

Have they patented the wheel yet?

Euro Parliament kills ACTA treaty before court can look at it


Re: Missed the point completely...

Andrew found a copy of Atlas Shrugged as a child, and has never read another book since. The sad thing is that this wild guess looks very, very accurate.


Brilliant news. Well done everyone who rallied against this and the other backdoor control laws.

Awaiting moderation?


As someone who is now in permanent moderation because I've disagreed with Orlowski and Page a few times too often. I do wonder about the state of the place when your two lead people are actively censoring people who disagree with them.

Facebook: Our phone app DID seize your email



Intentional act from Zuckerberg and his cadre, much like Google and their insidious creeping and stealing data without consent Facebook are doing the same, retreating behind the same lies.

Ten... alien invasions


Re: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Suffers a moronic ending, much like Holy Grail, someone thought it was clever and time has proven them incorrect.

Who runs UK? 'Tories, Lib Dems and Google' says Labour


Evil corporation pretending they're in the struggle for net freedom together and evil government who proclaims we're all in this together.

Perfect fit, their two faced way of conducting business also fits the lib dems.

ICANN's overlordship of the internet confirmed again by US gov


Re: Of course.

Fiddling intelligence reports and outright lying to the public leading to illegal military and police action across the globe?

Apple faces Italian shutdown over warranty skulduggery


Apple breaking the law, an EU directive and the iTards think the mafia is having a hand in it. Just about sums up the whole culture.

What do you mean you're Iranian?, out you go.