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Oz bookshop to deliver by drone


Wrong Payload

I'm not sure delivering text books to students via drone will ever become financially viable, however delivering beer and pizza direct to your phone location is an absolute winner!

NY youth makes $130k selling real(-ish) white iPhone 4s


Give the kid a break

So, most kids his age are either wandering the streets, or laying around on the sofa sponging off their mums and dads. This kids just pocketed $130,000 by doing something which at the time was entrepreneurial . Okay, we can't be sure where the cases came from, but if they were nicked he'd be a fool to be talking about it to the Observer. How many of you have managed to create a business that turned over $130k in such a short space of time, far less at his age?

If people are willing to pay that amount for a white case, good on him for selling them. Don’t blame him for setting a high price point, it was obviously the right decision.

Facebook farms out 'social graph' to Microsoft and chums

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It just works

I must admit I can't really remember being bombarded with ads, certainly less than when using Hotmail... FB just works for what I want to use it for, I keep in touch with friends, post occasional photos and keep host some Social Networkign for a small company.

However FB is more than the website we all know (and most love) ... their technology in the background could open the doors to some great new features... I think we should all watch this space!