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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone

I don't want a handle

Not sure yet

I have had mine for a week now and honestly I'm still not sure.

Wanted to try Android and have a decent camera so options were narrowed down quite a bit. Generally I like it but agree with some that the touch screen ocassionally behaves... not as desired. Other than that I'm loving the screen though.

For those wandering where the battery goes there is a useful battery use breakdown in the settings. Personally I have found I need to charge it every night after heavy use but it just about makes it through the day.

Problem is all the phones I have looked at recently fall short of what I want. I reckon my old nokia n95 8gb is still my favourite - had music, satnav, camera and battery life (other than under heavy camera use) all great as far as I was concerned. Just missing a decent ability to browse. Oh well.


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