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Girl, 3, buys iPad apps, using mum's credit card


been there done that

My son's not even 3 and he's been buying apps from the Android marketplace behind my back. There are lots of Educational games for kids on Android and apple devices and the interfaces are so easy to use that even ... well a 2 year old can do it. Android doesn't even ask you to put a password in to buy anything it just goes right through, it does however have a button for refund within 24 hours.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone


Sent mine back

I had an X10, but sent it back to get the Desire. Although it is still a nice phone with a very nice screen I'm supprised the review didn't mention the sound level. Everything on it is really quiet, the ring volume needs to be on maximum, and it's still not that loud, and the headphone sound level is very low even with some high end headphones.

The lack of multitouch would be ok if it had a trackball or similar, or more buttons, but ending up trying to hit small icons on the high res screen is very hit and miss.

I also had a problem with needing to turn the wifi on and off all the time, as I moved between different networks.

It's not a bad phone, but I don't know why they left some simple but important features out.


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