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Web smut oglers accosted by bogus pop-up plod fines


Ermmmmm yes there is a point about taking the piss out of people. Don't know about you but I am always willing to be the 1st to stick my hand up and be counted as one who likes a little bit of schadenfreude especially when it comes down to technology.

If it shames just one person into taking a slight interest in the tools they use rather than just having a bit of tube sock fun then it's a piss take well aimed In My Humble Opinion.

I suppose they should just just stick to jubblies monthly



One born every minute 100 log onto the net every second.

Playboy sneaks NAKED LADIES onto iPad


Heff Huff

When you subscribe to it why not go the whole hog? I am sure there will be some Playboy bunny covers for you iPAD comming along very soon just to finish off the look.

Boy George promises to cut employment rights


Just in time

For the big NHS sell off.

A huge cheap labour force for the private sector to be able to drive down the cost of wages.

I smell a huge rat here.

High Court squashes Digital Economy Act challenge



mad mikes post sums it up really.

The amount of my hard earned cash in the past spent with them it's only right that I sometimes "not always" think I deserve a free top up of my cup.

It's not as some might think a stab at lame self justification as I believe you should pay for things this is a Capitalist Society we live in after all.

But with "the genie being out of the bag" the 40+ years of paying over inflated prices the prverbial waiter has left the coffee mug on my table and I wouldn't be human in helping myself to a free top up now and again.

I'll leave a decent tip on the way out :)

Gov denies special celeb NHS record treatment


Miss information

Easy option go Private!!

Hoo I forgot the NHS is being Privatised I mean when the GP's get hold of the budgets where are they going to start send the Invoices too in a couple of years time?

Just because I am a paranoid sceptic it does not automatically mean I am wrong.

BBC accused of coming out for porn opt-in?


Nothing left?

Jaquie Smith,

Mary Whitehouse of the New Millenium.

All I can do is "Sigh" hold my head in my hands and hope she crawls away and leaves us alone.

Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter


Could someone at least

Send me a csv list of all the pornsites that will be considered porn or harmful to those under the age of 18 and I will upload them to my favourites. Ooops I meant to say hardware firewall.

I stand by the mantra of a free market economy. Someone please offer the mass's an ISP who's No1 aim is child filtered access and let those who whish the net to be safe can subscribe to that ISP end they can then have a playground with no sharp edges and leave net infrastructure to grow organically to the needs of the people using it, be that porn of indepth socioligical commentary.

Although I don't condone all the porn on the net, the net is not a childs playground as much as the real world should not resemble the land of the tellytubies.


Round & round it goes

The solution is clear if there's a desire in this free market economy for a child safe internet. Instead of getting current ISP's via legislation and law to restrict access.

The truly free capitalist way is to create a new ISP who's 1 singular aim is to turn every webfilter on and create a smoothed edge garden for the kids end of then see what the take up is.

Then those parents who wish a child friendly internet can sit and play in safety. However at this moment in time it's more annoying than going to the pub where they allow kids in the bar then frown when I accidently swear too loud at the football.

Does my life always have to always revlove around the other peoples little darlings? When I am already webfilter/firewall and net nanny to my offspring code called Parent V1.0 installed at birth and managed to code them up to the age where they are not yet quite upgraded enough for Parent V1.0 to be fully removed.

Big Yin I agree 100% my kids my resonsibility and f**k do I want more laws and nannying from a state that already has me CRB checked to the hilt not only stopping my freedom but the freedom of the next generation of net users to choose!

Single complaint sparks police raid and total ban on rental movie


and so it begins

So it shows/depicts child molestions sceens of a dubious nature.

"PC Plod"

Dear Block Busters,

It has come to our attention that said film contains the above. Please email us by un-enycrpted memory stick left on the No3 bus where the finest constabulary member may pick it up all the names and address's of said people who have every rented this film. Also send security tapes us all those people who have in anyway looked at the sleve or picked it up from your shelves to read.

That way we can go and arrest them just in case.

I mean Blockbusters of course is synonymous will under the counter P0rn and illegal material "NOT!"

Disappearing filth leads to dropped charges in extreme smut case


The Plod in general

It reminds of the scene in Zoolander where Ben Stiller gets a call to tell him the files are hidden in the computer.

He then proceed to throw the pc out of the window to see if he can get to them.

I bet that's what happened

Brussels quizzes UK on school kiddyprinting



I am already in that stage with Tavistock College!!


Biometric ID

My childs school had this implemented 6 months ago. And have been to the school to

1) Remove my childs data from the system

2) Made them implement another system

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what's going on in state schools at the moment. Those in schools who implement such systems are at best uninformed about the actual requirements and at worst ignoring and bending fundemental Law.

My major concers have been aired at the school such as.

There has been no option given for those parents who wish to OPT out.

There has been little if no information with regards to the collection of "NON government mandatory data items

I mean when I found out that my childs photo,gender etc where routinely uploaded to a 3rd party I was horrfied.

I could write a whole book on how badly managed the implementation of Tavistock biometric system was but I won't here.

Suffice to say "I am watching them with eagle eyes"

Governments stonewall interwebs porn domain



Hummmmmm I posted without thinking. What is porn

maybe we should have a number of domains







Wait a godam minute it's starting to look a lot like usenet tree list ROFL


What about the children

Will someone think about the children.

I really don't see a problem with .XXX domains I mean easy to filter at your own router easy to fine those who use .other to peddle adult entertainment.

If I as an adult want to wander the virtual redlight district I should be allowed to. Even then like other posters have said there's always

Alt.binaries.pictures to have my tube sock fun on.

so I as an adult don't care but will make it easier for me to filter it out of sight of my kids until they are old enough to enjoy a bit of gentlmans relish.

MP wants age verification for net smut



As a parent if a teenage thing myself. Ermmmmmmmmm WTF It's so easy to stop little fred/freda viewing inapropriate material.

This is what I said to my kids

Me: "Sorry no Internet in your room and when your on it I will be around whatching what your up to"

Kid: "Haww that's not fair"

Me: "it's that or nothing"

Kid: "Waaaaaaaa :( OK"

End of as a parent I own the air they breath.

No I don't stand over it every minute and I do know it has IM software but I do check on and off.

And they know the punishment if they step over the line

Bloody take responsibility for your kids I wouldn't allow my kid to roam the streets without parental supervision so I won't let my kids wander the net either.

When all these stop bleeting about security of their kids and start to invest time? Or is she just too busy doing this to sort out that!!

MAD Students Union bars 'racist' ZOMBIE PHYSICISTS



As an undead person I was refused entry to a number of Shopping Malls.

However all those people who claim political correctness gone mad, please spare a thought to those people who through no fault of their own have risen "Becuase there's no more room in Hell"

It's a real shame I have risen like I lived as part of the lumbering "George A Romero" type of Zombie, rather the the flight of foot style of the more ala 28 days later zombie, that way they would have gotten through quicker.

Zombism is not a fashion statement it's a way of life "Just walk around any Tesco on a Friday and you will see them!"

And I find it hurtful that people think all we do is eat brains! Haven't any of you seen us eat any other part of the living!!??

I am still waiting for our local council to give me a £100,000 grant to set up a Zombie Minority Drop in centre.

Did UK.gov break the law with its child database?



If you get the contract I'll do it for £750,000 of that £1m and give you £250,000 for doing nothing but sending me the specification.


Prosecutors prep decision on BT-Phorm case


No criminal Intent!?

Me lurd,

I had no criminal intent when I drove too fast because my car can do faster than the speed limit.

"Your nicked"

Just becuase something can be done big business thinks if it's in their intrests it should be done. The criminal intent is that it was done end of.

We had no criminal intent with Phorm

"Hoo that's ok then"

One rule for them one rule for the rest of us.

The the difference between the We and I. If your a We you can get away with anything if your an I tough shit.

Salacious smut soaks 12% of web



Tell me something we don't know! I am suprised it's as low as that. I always thought WWW stood for (W)orld (W)ide (W)ank.

Even back in the early days of the closed university systems I worked with there was always the smut pictures going around.

Pass anything to the masses and you will always end up seeing the base denominator. Take aways the porn hunters the freetards the net would not be as big as it is now.

Take away the KP peddlers and other such deviants, it beats having to wait in line at the cornershop whist the guy in front with the sheepish look buys a copy of Reader Wives and 1/2 a pint of milk.

Ofcom creates piracy havens at small ISPs

Big Brother

Offcom or Offalcom?

Well, it's not really suprising is it that the holes in the net will just keep getting smaller. The metaphoric cast of the net even in deep sea fishing is the expensive and time consuming part.

Once the nets cast it will just keep on cathing the smaller and smaller tiddlers. Although I cannot condone illigal file sharing. To me Ofcom is a puppet and only ever seems to have teeth when big business decides to put it's hand up Ocoms jacksie to make it do anything. Otherwise it's a toothless nightmare.

The plus point to all this (if there is one?). All those freetards (I like that analogy!) is

a) Although there will be a few that filter down to down to more specialist ISPS. In the mind set of many of the freetards they see £14.00 a month as expensive I am sure a good percentage of them wouldn't see any benefits in moving to an ISP charging the £30.00 for what they see as a comparative service.

I mean they are freetards and as such hate to pay more for something in the 1st place.

b) It may be the wake up call some need to realise that "you get what you pay for" and will then start to badger Offalcom to do something about the service given by some of the ISP's.

Initially don't you just love that saying? A smorgus board of beurocratic red tape to come. Please read our 300 page T & C before you enter into a contract with the ISP.

UK almost tops international Google-snoop league

Big Brother

Big Brother

I will not at all be suprised no matter who gets in in the next election that the treadmill sucessive governments are on in trying to control/watch our every waking action and deed will be passed on to the next incumbant idiots.

No wonder I feel like Winston Smith, Just buy me a blue jump suite and be done with it.