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USA reverses iPhone, iPad sales ban


Re: @aj87

So now everyone gets FRAND patents for free?

Fantastic, where would we be if every manufacturer who created mobile phone patents each kept them to themselves like Apple do when they 'invent' something.


Re: @LPF

I love the irony of being told to shut my mouth and get quoted an article quoting a FOSS Patents opinion.

Exactly all Apple had to do was attempt to negotiate a fair price. If this was as open and shut as the quoted article states 5 ITC commissioners wouldn't have been able to bury the "truth" whilst this hero Pickerton takes the Apple high road.


Yes it was over a FRAND patent, and Apple were found to be using the FRAND patent without fairly licensing it from Samsung, they should have negotiated with them instead of throwing their toys out of the pram, they seem to value BS patents like pinch to zoom, (which even the US Patent Office are finally realising are BS) the dollar values per device they claimed in the case against Samsung was absurd, but think they shouldn't have to pay more than a dollar for something fundamental to 3G.

If Apple are allowed to get away with using FRAND patents for nothing but patent every other little thing, it makes FRAND pointless, if FRAND is pointless kiss goodbye to the few actual standards.

TL;DR, Apple were found to not be attempting to negotiate at all with Samsung, that's why the ITC ruled against them. Even though this ban was vetoed, I expect to see Samsung will press on for damages since they WON this case.

INVASION of the UNDEAD ANDROIDS: Hackers can pwn 'nearly all' devices


In Windows 8 you don't have a thing that prevents you installing from "Unknown sources".


You'd also have to take over the developers account, then you could push an APK to the Play store and users will be updated with your new malware.

If you have access to the play store account I'm pretty sure you could just put anything you liked up there for people to download, regardless of if the master key is compromised.

Its still easier to list something new on the play store as "Angry birds" and have a few people download the malicious app.

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The malicious app still needs to be installed by the user, the user is still warned what privileges are asked for.

This so much more effort than just writing malware and calling it "angry birds", hoping someone will download and side load it. Its not like this master key allows malicious apps to replace the genuine ones served up by the Play Store.

Most normal android users are protected by the default setting that doesn't allow sideloading, those of us that like the freedom to side load apps are I would hope smart enough to notice when an app is asking for odd permissions.

I've seen this reported many times but congrats on El Reg for the most sensationalist title.

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us


Re: Put an iPhone beside a...

iOS quite clearly needed a refresh, and flat is the current in design, I'm sure gradients will be back but for now it needed to be changed.

Icons are really difficult to get them to look good, but these new ones really don't cut it, especially the new safari one, it does not look like it was designed by a professional. This concept did a whole lot better job of making the icons look both flat and professional, I almost thought it was the real thing when I googled it:


Just compare the app store icon to the real apple one

Sneaky new Android Trojan is WORST yet discovered


Re: Non-problem? Hardly.

Not related to this trojan but since you are saying BB10 permissions are better

Have RIM fixed that little permission where you can't use the GPS hardware in the device without using location services and therefore agreeing to give them all your location data/wifi hotspots/gsm cells? That genuinely annoyed me when I got an Z10, its my hardware why can't I use GPS on its own.

Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2


Re: Facebook on wheels?

They specially said after the Top Gear incident, that all cars given to journalists have logging on by default.

Apple-v-Samsung $1bn iPhone fine: 'Jury foreman was biased'


Re: Oooooh

I hope they are also pursuing this line as well


... because its much more convincing that Hogan used his own tainted technical knowledge to help sway the jury, than that he had a vendetta, especially when its straight from the horses mouth.

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Re: A technical question occurs...

Who knows why you are being downvoted, he says in a video interview the jury wasn't in agreement and he says he personally thought "how could I defend this if this was my patent", then he goes on to say how because the prior art chipset wouldn't run Apple's code then its not the same, his influence is how a jury managed to decide the outcome to such a complex case in what was it 48 hours?

Essentially I don't think the Seagate information is as damning as the interviews he gave after the verdict, where he says how he uses prior knowledge (which he had sworn not to) and as above says himself how he completely messes up how prior art should be examined.

Also how is El Reg only now running this story? this was covered by Groklaw on the 7th of October! http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20121004050859829

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


Re: Shame on you Apple

What I thought especially took the piss in the statement was :

"A U.S. jury also found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple's design and utility patents, awarding over one billion U.S. dollars in damages to Apple Inc"

Since even that jury didn't find the tab infringing at all, and as such the injunction on it was lifted. This is totally irrelevant spin (or reality distortion). Not that I expect that result to stand at all come Dec.

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO


More reality distortion by Apple IMO,

In the same way the iPhone always was the best size till they changed it and now its the best size for everyone, despite everyone having different sized hands, the size and resolution of the iPad mini isn't because its the best size physical for the consumer to carry or use, its because its the correct aspect ratio to scale apps correctly. If people wanted a larger screen they'd just buy an iPad, especially given 2 generations newer hardware for ~£100 more.

The only thing that's ever impressed me about 7" tablets is the ability to fit it inside a jacket pocket, same with the kindle, I don't see this form factor being small enough to fit or big enough not to go full iPad.

... and Mr Jobs himself said they'd never made a 7" tablet, but 7.8" that's completely different! /s .

Carphone Warehouse outs LG-made Google Nexus 4 smartphone


Pinch of salt

I'm taking all the information on this page with a pinch of salt since it contains the "official" shot from yesterday which is a photoshop using a Galaxy Nexus ROM screenshot from XDA developers.


Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III


Re: Copy, copy, copy…. LOL

This is exactly why I ripped the headline, pure nonsense for people who think Samsung copy Apple on everything.

Neglecting that Apple only just caught up with the larger screen idea they only make one version of the iPhone so they can't go any larger, instead they try to make everyone believe 4" is perfect, because of course everyone's hands are the same size. Of course 3.5" used to be perfect, Gizmodo has two articles, one on why 3.5" was perfect and one on why Apple would never put a 16:9 ratio on the thing. Both now forgotten of course.


Ok so slightly out.

Still I bet the 4" screen looks more like the S2's than the tall phone's 4" screen.

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Why the need to compare it to the iPhone 5? Like the iPhone 5 was the first 4" device. Apple have only just realised the trend and like for larger screens. Samsung's already been and done 4".

Let me try a new headline for you. "Samsung says 'yes' to Galaxy S II sized Galaxy S III."

Man charged over alleged April Jones Facebook trolling


Re: Published on the Find April Facebook page.

Yes, each side of the story seems to be hearsay, but I was only seeing the side saying he posted it himself to the group which seems callus, if true I guess he deserves a slap, if however it was a joke reposted to set the lynch mob (Creating groups called Hang badger even before he was charged) on him then I feel sorry for the guy, as he said no worse than I saw after Jackson's accusations came out or Madeline went missing. Don't remember anyone that text me the bad taste jokes getting arrested.


Re: Published on the Find April Facebook page.

According to the comments here... http://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/113ow3/man_arrested_for_posting_a_joke_about_april_on/ (which by the way for anyone looking to be outraged contains the joke).

The guy posted it to his own wall, someone screen capped it and reposted it to a find April group.

If you ask me these kind of distasteful jokes have always made their way around after something like this, it used to just be by SMS. The person who turned it from just a joke to posting it on a group should be the one arrested, I could have found similar stuff on Sickipedia, but you'd be pretty callous to screencap it and post it on a group.

Samsung slaps swift patch over phone-wiping Galaxy S III vuln

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Re: Not a (just) Touchwiz problem

Indeed, What people aren't grasping is that Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola, didn't all make the same screw up, stock android must have done this.


Re: Not a (just) Touchwiz problem

Its not just TouchWiz that shortcuts the codes, HTC and Sony phones do too, many people have come to the conclusion it must be an Android problem.


Re: Not a (just) Touchwiz problem

I've tested a HTC One X, an S2, and a Sony Xperia.

The exploit for running the IMEI code *#06# works on all of them, currently only the Samsung is in danger as none of the others have Factory Reset USSD codes. hopefully.

Fanboys order 2m iPhone 5s in 24 hours


.... and this is why Apple don't need to be patent trolling with dodgy utility patents like double tap to zoom and hyperlinked phone numbers.

I should make it clear, I don't care if people want to buy iPhones, it is actually a good phone, I just want them to leave me my choice to buy something else if I want to, without forcing it out of the market over greed/some disillusion that Android stole any more from Apple then they have stolen from other systems, including Android.

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech


Yes on both Pinch to zoom and double tap to zoom Samsung were found to be willfully infringing, I still want to know how Google aren't worried about that. All Android devices do that.

How can Apple take double click to zoom, i.e. using mouse on google maps, or pretty much any GIS and patent the idea just because the input has turned to a touch screen? How is that GOOD for ME, Android or anyone but Apple and their lawyers?

Apple's patent insanity infects Silicon Valley


Re: Absolutely Wrong

The technology of touchscreens evolved from resistive to capacitive, the capability and price was right for them to be used en-mass on the iPhone, so of course other phone manufacturers are going to follow.

All of Apple's amazing "innovations" are because of this. iPhone, a phone with no keyboard, iPad a laptop with no keyboard. Wow just wow, no one else could have come up with that.

Yes I have an Android device, but I had an Sony Ericsson P900 when that was new, and a HTC TYTN2 when that was new, they were fantastic in their day. technology moves on, components get smaller, cheaper and better.

What Apple are good at is marketing, as an Android fan, I think the Samsung S3 is a hardware cut above, but I haven't got one, nor would I queue to get one, there's nothing I need in it. People in their drones brought iPhone 4S's why? Did they need it? Did the hardware offer anything new really? no but its hype and marketing is that good.

Samsung's touchwiz undoubtedly copied Apple, they should lose on that, but these stupid patents on screens with a small rounded bezel is ridiculous and anti-competitive. Anyone rooting for Apple to win better be shareholders, because this is not going to have any benefit for Apple consumers and its going to make any cheaper alternative more expensive for the U.S. market at least, hopefully our judges this side continue being intelligent.

Apple, Samsung blast away in patent case closing arguments


Re: You gotta love it!

I was thinking this specifically about cars, quoting Top Gear when they reviewed a Mercedes a few years ago that had a HUD and Radar/laser guided cruise control Clarkson said you can expect to see this on other cars in the future.

If Mercedes were Apple would all the nice technology things, the stuff I like on cars, even ABS perhaps be so patented every other car manufacturer couldn't make anything like it?

Bonking for money to be built into the next iPhone


Apple following standards?

Ever since NFC started appearing in devices, I've been waiting for Apple to release its own similar shinier, better marketed version which is completely incompatible with NFC as we know it.

The technology is underused and not adopted very widely at the moment, Apple could either crush it for its own or give it legs. I hope its the latter.

Publishing giants sue open textbook startup over layout


Am I correct in thinking they are being sued because of the position of the page numbers and how figures are annotated...?

if so, where is the *I don't want to live on this planet anymore* meme when its needed?

iPad app that lets mute kids speak menaced by patent lawsuit


Re: Toys out of the pram...

Precisely what I was thinking when I came into the comments section.

Could probably knock this up in an afternoon. TTS is the hard part and its already done.

Tesla X e-SUV to sport monster touchscreen on the dash

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I like gadgets but this looks horrible... like when Renault "integrates" TomTom into the dashboard by just having a lump stuck out the middle.

Asus asked to decrypt Eee tablet bootloader

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Congratulations on your new name ...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

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Awesome Phone spoilt slightly by the camera

Having got a Galaxy Nexus as a dev phone from work coming from my own Samsung Galaxy S2 (an incredibly good phone in itself) I've got to say the Galaxy Nexus is fantastic, ICS is a really good update, I managed to get 2 days battery life out of one charge which I've never seen before on a smartphone.

The back button switching sides took a bit of getting used to and the camera is terrible compared to that in the S2. Face Unlock is very good and actually useful.

Not seen the volume bug occur on my handset.

Question, where do the Reg get their prices from? we got this for £430.

Swindon to get first UK 4G mobile network

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Swindon now the technology epicentre?

Another technology first for the UK in Swindon, Last week it was the first Hydrogen Refuelling station.


Samsung Galaxy S II dual core Android smartphone


Great phone, but missing a trick

Samsung originally said that they were working with Cisco to put an AnyConnect VPN client onto the S2, (a major failing of Android for business use) but my S2 has no such capability.

Still a good phone, but this would have been great.

Next fashions budget 10in Android tablet


epad, apad... cheap knockoff

Looking at the images it looks just like the same device as the 'epad' we brought of Amazon to use for testing Android software on. Its rubbish.

Apple Ping unfriends meanie Facebook

Jobs Horns

What goes around...

"onerous terms" in Licence Agreements? Steve Jobs must be very unfamiliar with such a thing...

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe

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Anti Trust

... and why is it that if Microsoft simply distribute IE or Windows Media Player with Windows (i.e. Don't dictate what you can or can't have) they get anti trust lawsuits against them but if Apple ban apps from the App store they still seem come off as being better than old MS.

Maybe its because its only on a phone but now this restrictive eco-system exists on iPads surely they must be worse legally than Microsoft were.

Anyone care to explain?


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