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Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


That is probably the most hideous idea of a foodstuff I've ever seen. I suggest that avoiding the digestive system by putting it straight into the household waste bin would be the best option - although I have the feeling that it might be an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

George Osborne accused of derailing UK.gov's green dream


Re: Tell me again....

You are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think our contribution to carbon reduction will make even a tiny difference. No other country in Europe has a carbon reduction target as high as ours. No other country in the world comes close. China is still building and opening new coal fired plants every couple of days.

Rather than splashing money out on inefficient power generation we could simply build nuclear plants (as France did over the past 20 years) and have surplus energy. Over time it's much more cost efficient. If we took 20 years to do it the carbon footprint we would create would be insignificant to a) what the world pumps out at the moment and b) what we'd genuinely save in the long run.

It would also give us time to plan how to deal with issues of climate change etc which will happen - we aren't going to reverse what's happening now and instead of wasting time and money pretending we can we ought to accept it and move on. But while the brain-washed loonies support crap like wind farms it isn't going to happen.


The treasury did something right!!!

Given that we have to have other power plants for the event that the wind turbines aren't working why are we even bothering with them? All that the 'greens' want is ideologically based and isn't related to this real world. Taxes for 'greening' our power (which will eventually only make energy companies rich) are throttling what little manufacturing we have left.

Let's stop this nonsense now. If a company wants to build wind farms then, subject to all the usual planning stuff, let them. At their expense. Drop our 'carbon' targets - which are higher than anywhere else - and face up to the fact that our little drop in the ocean of carbon production world wide really isn't a priority. Stopping the country's descent in more austerity is.

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe

Jobs Horns

Control freaks strike again

So, I can use Flash on everything else but the iPhone (and the overblown iPad). Hmm. Looks like the loser will be Apple. Do they seriously think that the IT world revolves around their dinky little objects? Do I stay with Flash - available on an internet browser near you or go with h.264? I guess most of us will stay where we are. The market is much, much bigger. One day Apple might rule the world but they've only got to look at Microsoft's attempts to keep browsers under proprietary control to see where that leads.


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