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Mobile networks are killing Wi-Fi for speed around the world


Oddly enough. I'm in Australia on NBN fibre to the premises and even though I have a 100mbit connection, I'm only a couple of hundred metres from the 4G cell tower so the cellular is still faster than my MIMO Asus 802.11AC wireless. Talk about a 1st world problem though. Woe is me.. I only get 96mbit on wireless and I get 140 on 4G. Lol. Go back 3 years and my ADSL was 4mbit and my cellular speed was terrible 3G which often dropped down to 2G. Since ever or my current speeds, wifi or cellular are both perfectly able to stream 4K HDR porn, I fail to see a reason to bemoan the fact that the cellular is a little bit faster. :-)

Oz to turn pirates into vampires: You won't see their images in mirrors


Only bad options.

We have the most oppressive government. We have a world of international corporations that know they can overcharge us because we have no choices and our government won't protect us. I pay 20 bucks a month for Netflix and most of the shows I want are not in it. (But most are in the US version). Instead of our government being here to protect us it's actually using our tax dollars to build systems that primarily help foregn internationals. (Hollywood and recording industry) sadly I suspect that all the parties will sell out in exchange for a "donation" or two.


All as bad.

This is the real use of the infastructure the liberals told us was for catching terrorists and pedofiles. They had to lie their asses off because if they had told the truth nobody would have allowed it through. Anyone with half a brain could see this as the real result. Who would have thought that the Australian government would choose to compete with China for the most oppressive internet censorship?

'Plane Hacker' Roberts: I put a network sniffer on my truck to see what it was sharing. Holy crap!


Re: 'Is it there to protect me or monitor me'

and even worse, they are nowhere near as much fun for when you need to change direction quickly.

IBM wins five-year whole-of-government deal with Australia


Re: Microsoft and AWS are already going hard for cloud business in Canberra

If you change that to PS4 and Google home.. I'm getting into politics.

oh and I'm in AU too.

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook


He clearly doesn't understand much about technology. In addition to the login options he appears to think that google spiders sites with a bunch of trained monkeys who cackle gleefully when they find a piracy site they can profit from.

If only those pesky piracy sites all agreed to a standard whereby they all changed their title tags to "piracy site here" it would make them much easier to filter out.

In truth they generally don't host any files on the same servers as the site itself and the file names are not usually indicative either.. it would be hard to reliably catch any of them with an algorithm especially without also blocking lyrics and fan sites too.

Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android


Well sure the OSS versions are not as good. They don't earn money so they don't get the best paid minds working on them.. OSS is at it's best when it's supported by real businesses like Redhat, IBM etc etc.. nobody is making money with duckduckgo and so consequently it's not going to be to the same standard. Same with maps.. if it wasn't a value add for Android, who else would pay for thousands of cars to drive around mapping our roads?

I'm more worried about things like insurance companies getting court ordered access to our health data from our own devices (via google or apple) and using that data against us. (for example to deny a payout)

Australia wants tech companies to let cops 'n' snoops see messages without backdoors


Re: It's simple

Nah, they will use catching pedophiles too. In truth it will be used to find tax cheats and general purpose spying and every government body will have access. If memory serves, until it became public the RSPCA could access saved meta data so our government clearly doesn't have the brains to be trustworthy. To be honest, I would rather the russians read my messages than my own government. I've never said or done anything interesting to the russians, but I suppose it's possible my own government could one day misinterpret a joke or something and get all in my face about it. I'd rather not go though that for what would likely have been me trying to get a laugh from a mate.

Google listens to New Zealand just long enough to ignore it


you think? It would probably cost more to do it than google makes in NZ. Google pulled out of china when china tried to interfere.. and china is a market with massive potential. NZ isn't. (Australia probably isn't either)


its a slipery slope.. if google started allowing their international DB be edited by every country with a google office they will be spending all their time hacking up their databases.. If we can't get the fappening photos off the net, what right to countries have to expect actual news stories will be removed?

Oz parliament may investigate tech price discrimination


What needs to happen.

If the government facilitated Grey markets by helping big retailers like Harvey Norman, Myers, bigW, Kmart etc to co-ordinate their Grey market efforts.. it would cause Grey market competition pricing and force local subsidiaries (IE Sony Australia, Alpine Australia Etc etc) to compete with global pricing. If they can't compete, then they need to negotiate better with their suppliers and cut expense until they can compete.

I notice that companies that gouge here in Au don't mention that their offices in every other country also pay rent and salaries and they somehow manage to price competitively.

The worst case I saw was years ago.. A Ford convertible (Capri I think) was actually built here in Australia, but was sold in the US for 13000, and here for 23k +. Because they knew people here are used to being gouged and would pay anyway.

That is what the retail slump is about.. The Internet has shown all Australians that we get gouged by all the companies we've been loyal too for years. I never buy electrical goods in Australia anymore because they don't respect me enough to give me a global price. The Internet isn't going away anytime soon so this awareness is going to grow not shrink and whining about slumping retail sales isn't going to change it. Retail sales are going fantastically, we're just buying online now to avoid being gouged.

If you want to keep the sales in Australia, it's time to pony up and be competitive.

This is also why people like Sony introduced DVD/blueray regions. So they could gouge us on movies as well.

What the government should have done back then was ban region locked DVD players from the Australian markets to stop that happening.



Perth Western Australia.

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out

Thumb Down

Not a like for like comparison.

Desire HD was officially released 14 May 2010, and you have that up against the very latest from Apple, Microsoft and Palm?

This review should have waited till the Galaxy Nexus was out.. or better yet, when the Galaxy Note, the current highest specced Android phone, gets its ICS update.

1. IOS has just recieved update.

2. WP7 just got mango.

3. ICS was not actually tested except on paper.

re-run the test on a Galaxy Note in a month or so and we'll see if ICS on high end hardware is up for the match up with the others. Lets compare like for like and get an actual relevant result.

Verizon Wireless ends unlimited data plans



You should try Australia, my 29 dollar a month gets me 500mb of data.

In Australia, the wireless companies bend you over and rape you because we don't have much choice, everything eventually comes back to Telstra/Vodafone/Optus. and they generally try to match each other.

Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

IT Angle

prove it microsoft.

If there is an issue with infringed patents Microsoft, man up and prove it by taking google to court. I know it will cost you millions instead of making you millions, but at least you won't look like criminals and then the next time you claim you're open source friendly it will at least sound feasible.

Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle


shame shame.

Apple and Android have done one huge thing for us.. something linux desktop never achieved.. It has shown people that the windows way isn't the only good way.. people don't "expect" a device to run windows anymore, so not doing so is no longer a show stopper for them.

Microsoft missed stepped on every tech trend except the Kinect.. and it's mostly ballmers fault. Iphone, ipod, HPC, Android, tablets, embedded etc etc. Increasingly the are trying to make money from patent extortion more than innovative products all the while complaining when they get stung with their own barb. (i4i anyone?)

Put a techie back in charge.

World+Dog says 'no thanks' to 3D TV


I got one

I just got one myself.. came with a 3d blueray and 2 pairs of glasses...

I'd say the lack of demand is because most people just bought a HD telly.. they are not yet looking to replace it just to get 3D...

But the biggest reason is content, I tried to buy some 3D bluerays at about a dozen shops in perth and not one of them had a single title..

Google spits back at Oracle's Android suit


write once run anywhere..

Since when has write once run anywhere actually worked anyway?

I work at a UNI and we are in Java hell here, each service that requires java needs a specific version so to get one working, we have to break another. If they can't even get that sort of compatibility, then mobility has no chance. On top of which, Davlik far outpaces JVM speed wise and that is important when competing with idevices etc.

Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies


not like the UK

yes, but does the UK block a whole heap of sites that are not kiddie porn (or even normal porn) and not tell you how or why.. only that they know what is best for us? Remember, Australia is the same place that doesn't have an adult category for games despite it being common knowledge to the decision makers that the average gamer over here is over 30 years old. As a result we have to illegally import such games as Manhunt and left for dead 2..

It's wrong for a guy who talks like he can't set the clock on his Betamax decide what the digital economy or the digital morality needs. He clearly doesn't have a clue.

The Labor party completely shut up about the filter over the election, because it would have cost them power. Had they been honest about it, the Liberals would be running the show now. They managed to make the NBN an election winner despite the fact that in less than 10 years it will be sold (probably to Telstra) for a fraction of what it cost us. The fact that Labor shut up about it during the election shows they thought it would be a deal breaker. So they actually KNOW it isn't mandated by the majority.

Sadly most Australia's are ignorant sheep who will consistently put their nose in the same hand regardless of how many times it slaps them.


pot meet kettle.

Thus far we only know that Turnbul seems well versed in IT technology, he has not said anything that wasn't true/sensible.

Then we have Conroy, who has a whole section on youtube about dumbass things he has said in interviews that show what a Luddite he really is. Spams and scams coming in though the portal is the funiest, but it's a long way from the only one.

Oracle preps Google and Microsoft Office challenger


what is in a name?

They can call the new Oracle Office app:

wait for it......



Microsoft tests Facebook Office docs against Google


a web browser?

Is it any web browser or just Microsoft's web browser? Knowing Microsoft's love of lock in.. I'd suggest if it isn't' IE only, they'll have somehow crippled the non IE versions claiming they are just not capable of the rich experience as IE.

It's funny, nobody else has any trouble writing rich AJAX web apps that are cross browser compatible, but Microsoft just can't seem to do it. Makes you wonder if the reason for it is either bad web developers (unlikely) or that they are trying to force IE on people.

We have huge troubles at work with exchange web access and sharepoint simply because Microsoft seems to feel obligated to try to use them to leverage IE rather than using open web standards like everyone else.


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