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'Non-commercial use only'? Oopsie. You can't get much more commercial than a huge digital billboard over Piccadilly


Re: Free for non-commercial use?

I stopped using TV because the only options they give are either seeing the nag dialog on every disconnect, or paying corporate prices. If they had a more suitable paid option for personal use that was in line with what other companies charge (I'm thinking £7 / month like cloud storage) then I would have snapped it up.

Anecdotal of course but in my view it's a bad business decision because I know 15+ others who won't use it for the same reason but claim they would pay for it if there was a suitably priced option.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: A steep price to pay


Re: Acorn UI

I agree with you, a few little thoughts made the RISC OS UI very pleasant.

The other feature I remember was that menus don't completely close when you click on an item. E.g. if you click Edit > Zoom > Zoom In. With Windows you would have to reopen the Edit menu to zoom again but in RISC OS you could stay in the menu and keep clicking Zoom In multiple times. Or was it that left clicking an item behaves like Windows but right clicking keeps the menu open? I can't remember.

Although I've tried a few emulators over the years, it's been a good 18 years since I last used my A5000. Wonder if it still works, must get it out of the loft and have a play.

Disk will eat itself: Flash price crash just around the over-supplied block


Sounds like we might end up with a fragmented market but there's still debait about whether the SSD industry is affected by this.

From tomorrow, Google Chrome will block crud ads. Here's how it'll work


Re: Static ads good, javascript baaaad

"I find it creepy to have a completely unrelated website to echo back to me what my recent purchases on Amazon were."

So this is not entirely about ads because I use a blocker and it currently doesn't stop the "How about these items" on Amazon and eBay ... so why is it that they insist on giving me recommendations for things I have already bought?

These companies obviously spend a lot of money and time developing algorithms to suggest items for people to buy but in my experience over the last 20 years it just doesn't work.

It's not that I don't buy much stuff online - I'd say we have a Prime delivery every other day and eBay stuff landing from various countries 5 days a week, so it's not like they don't have enough info to build a profile of the kind of stuff we buy and what else might be useful.

So, to illustrate some of the items I recently bought are: a rounded nut removal tool, 18x 200g bags of Kenco, 2x e-cigarette batteries, 24x packs of dried noodles and 6x boxes of Nairns oatcakes.

So, you'd think that these COMPLETED purchases might trigger some algorithm that figures I might appreciate a set of cheese knives, maybe some coffee cups, or a set of bowls, chopsticks, some e-cig tanks / juice, or a ratchet handle.

Nope, they want to sell me EXACTLY the same items that I have ALREADY just bought. Not even similar items, but endless clickable images of exactly the same items from various sellers.

That is truly annoying.


There are two type of ad that I really hate ...

1 - When a page has loaded and I move the cursor away from the window so I can read the page. The page detects the mouse has left and pops up a 'Wait, before you leave ...' graphic that I have to close. Normally I just use the back button and try the next site.

2 - When a page is loading and it seems like they have timed it so that the last component to load pushes everything down the page a bit. Just enough so that the ad gets moved to the place where the Search button was. There are so many mainstream sites that do this it can't be coincidence.

For me it's not necessarily the adverts or their content, but the tactics they use to force mouse clicks.

Until these tactics are blocked I'll block them myself along with everything else, thank you.

Proposed Brit law to ban b**tards brandishing bots to bulk-buy tickets


Re: Promoters culpable?

Nice one zappahey, That was the exact article I was referring to!


Re: Promoters culpable?

Apparently, "back in the day" they didn't have too many captcha variations, so the bots were written to get to the verification page, then many operators on terminals would type in the responses and the bot would take over again. That's even if it got to the online stage - the touts had a relationship with some of the sales people and they would persuade them on the phone to reserve more tickets than they were allowed to. This was even well past the introduction of online sales - apparently they still had better results from phoning the sellers directly, or would even do the deals before they went on general sale.

There was a really good 30+ page interview that I read a couple weeks ago but I can't find the link now, there are plenty of others to read if you are interested in the subject.

Not that any of this means anything - according to that same article, some popular gigs only allocated 20% of their tickets to the usual outlets (just 5% in one particular case), the rest went through 'other' distribution channels which would not be affected by this legislation anyway.

It was quite funny really, the interview had the writer of the original bot (now 'reformed'), a couple of event managers / promoters and a ticketmaster rep. They were all blaming each other for the process failure but the obvious thing was that the whole system is flawed and needs government intervention from ticket allocation, right through added fees, all the way to customer delivery. This legislation will only affect one small part of the problem and legislating just that bit will shift the problem to another bit unaffected by law. People will still be wondering why tickets are unavailable or expensive and it will take another 20 years to deal with that bit of the problem.

At Christmas, do you give peas a chance? Go cold turkey? What is the perfect festive feast?


They also deep fry a turkey on The Goldbergs episode 4x07, which doesn't go to plan.

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?


+1 for Mint.

Give Peppermint a try as well, but plain Mint is well established and almost too easy.

MATE on the servers, KDE on the desktop / laptop.

VirtualBox, Win 7 VM & Win 10 VM ... Perfect


^Edit: this is not a recommendation, but what works for me.

We don't need another hero: Huawei overtakes Apple – even without a big-hitter


Re: Recently got an Honor 8 Pro

The 8 Pro is an awesome phone ... I got one a week ago to replace my Oppo Find 7 - also a solid phone by 2014 standards but it fell out of my pocket on the same day that I told someone I have never had a broken screen before :-(

Only needed to charge it once on the first day and it's still at 65%. The signal where I work is non-existent so I enable aeroplane mode each morning. So obviously my time between recharges is not a fair comparison against other phones, but I do listen to music on it most of the day and it's holding up really well.

I didn't go for the 9 because they seem to be decreasing the screen size with each release and for me the slightly larger screen on the 8 was a winner.

Good luck to Huawei and all the other companies who can produce great phones with honest price tags.

They do have rounded corners though, I wonder how long before apple dispatch their lawyers?

70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

If they want to use the OS as a data collecting and advertising platform then they should make the OS free. That's the way it happens in most other areas but no, not MS. They want to charge you for the OS, collect all sorts of data about your usage and then use it to push targeted ads at you amongst other things.

Free OS with advertising and telemetry, or a paid for OS with all the crap removed.

Latest Windows 10 preview lets users link an Android to their PC



On my PC, in Chrome I click add bookmark then save to mobile bookmarks, then I open it up on my phone which defaults to the mobile bookmarks folder.

On my phone, in Chrome I click add bookmark then save to mobile bookmarks which is the default folder, then I open it up on my PC.

So what's new?

Ahh riiight I need an MS app on the phone, possibly a browser extension for Chrome or a complete switch to using Edge where the functionality is baked into the latest browser update.

I see now, they are trying to guide me away from other browsers toward Edge.

Thank you anyway MS but I'm happy with the way I've been doing it for the last six years, it just works.

MS seems to be a bit late to the party with all things concerning mobile. So so late that they are turning up drunk with a half bottle after everybody else has moved on to the next party.

Men charged with theft of free newspapers


"In England a man was successfully prosecuted for a related offence."


"A woman was recently given an on the spot fine of GBP80 for emptying the remains of her drink of coffee down a street drain"


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase crashes after Asian buying frenzy


Re: What happens as the limit is reached?

I think that the times I sell BTC in exchange for cash, there is a tiny fee (percentage or flat rate) for doing the transaction.

That doesn't apply to regular BTC wallet-to-wallet payments though - from a consumer perspective, payments are direct and there is no payment processor or fee as such. You send the BTC direct to the recipient's wallet so there is no way for a middleman to take a cut during the transaction, unless you purposely transfer it to the wallet of a middleman who then sends it on to the recipient, but that would be two transactions.

The middleman part is the bit that banks and various governments don't like because they can't control the flow of money. The calculations the miners are doing are basically confirming that nothing has messed with the transaction during the process.

The fee that the miners get is only increased by mining more efficiently and has no immediate impact on the amount of BTC you paid for the pizza.

Also, don't overlook that hardware becomes more efficient over time and the ecosystem kind of self-regulates in that respect. Ignoring the fact that it would take a lot longer, and you wouldn't be paid anything in return, imagine how much more electricity would be required to do the same number of actual calculations on 500 old desktop machines in a warehouse, compared to 500 ASIC miners built last week. From that point things will only get more efficient.


Re: Of course its a bubble

What I find disturbing is the willingness to always focus on the unstable nature of digital currency. I believe it's not going anywhere any time soon and it's here to stay. But I don't think it can be reliably compared to traditional currency because they both fluctuate quite a bit. If you try to mentally stabilise one of them for the purpose of comparison, then the fluctuations in the other one will always be more pronounced.

The banks must be shitting themselves - every +1 for digital currency equals a -1 for the control the banking sector has. You think they don't know this? You think they don't try to play it to their advantage when something bad happens in the digital world? Of course they do - traditional banking is not there to make your life easier, it is nothing more than a business model and the banker's main objective is maximising their returns. This mostly happens at the expense of the little people with little bank accounts.

The biggest meltdown in recent history of the traditional banking world happened around 2007 / 2008. It was caused by mass incompetence of those who were supposed to be looking after the currency for you. It wiped beeeellions of the value of currencies all over the planet and we are still recovering from it 10 years later. Why? Because despite being the cause of the meltdown the bankers still want to gain financially in every way possible from the recovery and they can manipulate how long it takes, who pays for it and how much they make from it.

The biggest meltdown in the digital banking world happened when that guy stole a load of coin from his company. It wiped beeeellions of the value of this currency but it took a year or two to bounce back. Look at the price now.

So without comparing actual value of the two against each other, which one is really more stable, more trustworthy and a more accurate representation of how the general population really feel about it?

Yes I'm all for digital currency but we need to focus on how we can use traditional currency less and stop comparing the two against each other. The day we mentally detach from comparing physical items to the value of traditional currency is the day things will start to change. The day we start looking at digital currency in terms of 'how many BTC = a can of Cuke(tm)' or 'how many BTC was my weekly shop' is the day traditional banking really needs to put on a fresh pair of undies. That day will we will see the 'BTC to real world items' value begin to appear stabilised and the 'BTC to pound' value will begin to look really unstable.

Creators Update gives Windows 10 a bit of an Edge, but some old annoyances remain


Regedit Address Bar

If that is what it sounds like, I have wanted something like that since Win95.

I know you can add favourites to Regedit and export them to a .reg file and import them to other computers or when you rebuild etc but I only do that for 10-20 locations that I use a lot.

Now by the sound of it we can highlight a location on a web page, ctrl+c, win+r, regedit, ctrl+v.

Why do GUIs jump around like a demented terrier while starting up? Am I on my own?


Re: Read more

I don't like the progress bars they used since Win 7 that also have a diagonal left to right glimmer every few seconds.

I can move a dialog to a screen not directly in front of me but in the corner of my vision, I automatically keep looking back at it every time it glimmers.

It's really distracting and I'm sure they did it to make it seem like it's moving.

'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court


Re: @Will

I get that it's a pain in the ass when the computer decides you don't need your data any more, but for me after a very short time all those free upgrade dialogs were just a reminder to make sure I had some recent backups. When it couldn't wait any longer and started upgrading despite me repeatedly rejecting the offer, it was very inconvenient but I didn't lose data.

As much as I hate MS's recent tictacs, can they really be accountable for the loss of someone's data? Maybe a days work but shirley they had a backup of everything else right?

This forced update philosophy wasn't limited to just the initial upgrade though, the whole Windows 10 update behaviour has been really unhelpful for me.

There have been many, many times over the last 18 months when I've needed to access my computer from work, so I do what I need to before I leave the house and by the time I get to work it's off doing it's own thing, rebooting when it wants to and I might not be able to connect to it.

And the addition of Active Hours wasn't very helpful either - Apparently I am only allowed to specify a 12-hour stretch when I am allowed to use the thing. My sleep / wake / work pattern is so fragmented that I can be awake, asleep, at work, and then back to sleep in a two hour period, repeated over and over, all day every day, so changing this every time I take a break is just not practical.

Maybe it's just my behaviour that is unique, I don't know, but it sure can be inconvenient.

Why is the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ project so delayed?


Re: 20 years old tech?

--"Nostalgia isn't all it's cracked up to be when the old memories are brought to life."

... Tell me about it, I had this magical memory of life at 5 or 6 years old, playing a game called River Raid on my dad's C64. It was like the real thing, sitting on the sofa with the joystick just felt like I was actually in the plane. Shooting up tanks and helicopters, trying to not run out of fuel, needing a break to dry the sweat from the joystick when I made it to the next bridge. We must have spent many, many hours playing that game.

Then about 10-15 years ago I found VICE and loaded up a RR tape image. I think I lasted well under 10 minutes before thinking "WTF?" and going back to the Playstation.

I dare not go back to it now after this many more years.

There were these other two games called Beach Head (I & II) that I loved as a kid but never got round to trying on VICE. I think I'll just hold on to the memories instead.

Nokia’s big comeback: Watches, bathroom scales, a 3310 PR gimmick, Snake, erm...

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Re: Shite

W810i FTW.

Best pre-android phone I had.

Facebook scoffed at $500m damages. Now Oculus faces nerd goggles injunction


Re: Why VR is doomed to be nothing more than a Niche within a Niche

In a few more years, after dying down and popping up again a couple more times it will start gaining traction.

There's a pattern to these things, and an invention has to be a genuine revolutionary product to catch on the first time round. The ipod, iphone, ipad, iraq, facebook. They were not 'firsts' but they were just the ones who left out the bits that helped previous iterations to fail.

I imagine that is why Apple are relatively quiet in the VR arena, they are possibly watching all the other companies do the hard work, letting them make the mistakes, then when it's all sorted and the only thing left to do is market the new technology ... Introducing to you ... the revolutionary new ... iVirtualRealityPod *

* (c) 2025 Apple - protected by patent no. 3453649235124 which governs the independant use of eyes to perceive depth.

Vapists rejoice! E-cigs lower cancer risk (if you stop smoking, duh)


Re: Bah!

What about when we are at work and you try to hold one in but it just won't stay?

What about that smelly lunch you brought in?

What about that guy we all know who didn't shower but just used a lot of spray? He doesn't smell bad but you can be sure the pollutants are creeping up your nose.

What about that one morning when you forgot to brush your teeth and you hoped nobody would notice as you put a piece of gum in your mouth?

There are a million chemicals and smells and pollutants going around in the fresh air but you don't complain because you don't realise they are there. Sometimes I think people complain about vaping because (a) they can see the <del>smoke</del> steam and (b) it looks like smoking so it must be treated the same way.

I don't understand it, expecially when I am being told to my face that vaping is dirty, by a guy with immensely terrible face-melting halitosis, as has happened to me.

If it's so important to you that there are zero polluants then it's your responsibility to walk around in a body suit with a respirator.

If you are complaining about vaping alone but not the 1001 other sources of pollution then you are just doing it to be awkward in my opinion.

Empty your free 30GB OneDrive space today – before Microsoft deletes your files for you


WSUS Offline

I've done a few Win 10 > Win 7 rollbacks for people who "were sure they had clicked the red close button on that popup banner thing" and ended up with a new or broken OS. Done at least 12 in the last year plus multiple VMs built from scratch takes it to well over 40 clean Win 7 Builds.

Each and every one of them just sits there checking for updates. It will get there after about 18 hours [tested once :-) ] but it sure feels like MS have done it deliberately. While testing I couldn't think of a valid reason why the same VM should take 2 hours to find updates, then restore a snapshot and it does it in 5 minutes, then restore again and it takes 6 hours, etc etc.

Anyway, I found WSUS Offline to be much faster and more reliable than anything MS have offered to date, even if used only to get over that first hurdle and then let Windows take over again.

Evernote riles freetards with two-device limit


I only started using the free package two months ago and once I learned to work through the general 'bloaty' interface it actually proved to be very useful. Oh yeah and the annoying little reminders - Hey have you tried this feature? Click here to see how, click click, oh no you need to be premium for that click here to upgrade.

The main features I like are the rich content notes and seamless background sync across 5 devices. The worst part I found is that trying to share notes made me want to throw my computer out the window - unless I was doing it wrong sharing a simple shopping list with my other half involved sending an email with a link and then she had to update it and email a link to the updated note back to me. Nothing like Google Docs real-time collaboration.

I'd been using Google Docs and a small utility called Notesync for years which uses plain text notes and only manual syncs to GDrive, but it's a bit dated now and I want something more advanced. Google Keep isn't quite up to the job yet unfortunately.

Some part of me knows there is a simple alternative and I was sitting here at 4 in the morning thinking what other options there might be, then I read about this new device limit. My mind has been made up for me now - I don't mind paying for a service if I like it and want to continue using it, but when it's 'free' and I start building part of my life around it, then they change the goalposts, I tend to back away completely and go elsewhere.

Any suggestions for a replacement would be much appreciated - I'm not bothered if it's subscription or free, but would really like automatic syncing, ability to easily share / collaborate & have local apps available for Android, Linux & Win 10 (not browser based though).

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know


Re: The maximum tank size is a measly 2ml, less than half of the typical tank size today of 5ml.

... next it will be. You can only buy fags in packs of 10 ...

Have you read the other half of these regulations which came into force today, covering real cigs?

You can only buy packs of 20 now, packs of 10 can no longer be produced. *

Yep, that's right. The SAFER of the two has a MAXIMUM size and a MAXIMUM strength. The KILLER of the two has a MINIMUM quantity.

When you look at the bigger picture the whole thing stinks of declining tax revenue / big tobacco pressure / pharmaceutical pressure. (tick all that apply).

* Similar to the new vaping regs, cigarette distributors have been given a fixed amount of time to sell off any existing stock of 10-packs. I would bet you a whole week's wages that the tobacco companies gathered sales data covering that amount of time and went crazy producing 10-packs so they had enough stock to sell during that time, whilst complaining about the new cigarette regs and supporting the vaping laws.


10ml is just plain silly.

So I can not buy 100ml of liquid, but I can buy 10 x 10ml bottles. A child could still drink it, or worse still can choke on a 10ml bottle now.

I read something a while back which claimed some interesting things about nicotine. I'm not stating them as fact, or true, or that you will react the same, or whatever, it's just something i read and they do seem to fit with my experience of smoking vs. vaping.

- It's never been proven that nicotine is addictive. It's only been claimed after research on cigarettes that smoking was addictive. Nicotine was selected rather unscientifically as the culprit, but it could be any combination of the 5000+ other chemicals that causes the addiction.

- There have been numerous tests on pure nicotine which claim that the substance in itself is not addictive. Something like many hundreds of people were subjected to high doses over a long period and they showed no signs of addiction afterwards.

- The killer amount of nicotine, I think it's the LD50 or something, should be way higher than it is, something like 12 x higher. It was something about the body naturally repelling nicotine in large doses / you naturally stop vaping if you start feeling ill / if you drink liquid you will likely be sick. Basically, there have been very very few reported deaths from nicotine alone and most of the people who drink it deliberately and succeed have used something else to incapacitate them which ensures they cannot sick it up.

- And various other interesting bits of information which seem stupid at first but seem to have some sense in them when I think about it.

I could not / did not want to give up smoking for 20 years, switching to vaping was a nice idea at first but I kept going back to smoking after a month or two, for the first two years. Now it's been another three years since I smoked after that initial period and I can easily vary the strength of my juice between 0mg - 10mg for many days at a time with no cravings. honestly I use nicotine now because I like the quick buzz. Also, many foods have nicotine in them but I can't remember anybod having to weane themselves off tomatoes.

I also spilled half a 72mg bottle on my lap once and I am fine, I hope. I never wear gloves when I mix my juices, I have had it all over my fingers and I think I am still alive. Basically my own evidence says it's not as dangerous as they want you to think it is.

I support the idea that vaping equipment should be safe but even in its current form it has a long, long way to go before it can truly be compared to cigs - I'm talking about house fires / people drinking liquid accidentally or deliberately and stuff like that, rather than the health risk of using the device or cig the way it is intended.

Just because one person buys a Chinese charger & fake battery and blows their face off it will get news time, but the three other people who lost their house through smoking related fire in the same week? No, that's not interesting anymore.


Again ...

Yet another law from the stupid, mis-informed powers of ironic insanity.


I say ironic because they write this legislation with the intention of making this community safer * but actually if the legislation does have any effect, it will drive a lot of business underground, people will just buy stronger liquids / bigger tanks etc etc from unauthorised channels.


I say insane because they do this again and again, each time they expect the legislation to make a difference but all it does is advertise the products, loopholes are found, it becomes a major problem because people are enjoying themselves too much and they just write another piece of crazy legislation to deal with the previous fuck-up. Again and again, GOTO :Insane

It's f**king ridiculous.

* Safer? Yeah right. I would bet that the cost of getting products approved is in some way proportional to the governmental tax loss from declining sales of analog cigs.

Have a nice day and vape on :)

Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!


Re: So funny :-)

Smaller insurance quotes? That won't happen.

The unsafe drivers will pay more and safe drivers will continue paying the same, but you can bet quotes won't get smaller for anyone.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon reinvents himself as SEO guru



My guess is that the majority of this cash was used to pay lawyers and consultants for work that probably should have been paid for and completed BEFORE Gary came along.

I believe that if you have to spend any amount of money to tighten security AFTER a hack then this does not fall under "damages" because that work should have already been done.

The total cost of actual damage caused by Gary was probably much, much lower - probably not even 1% of that.

SCIENCE explains why you LOVE the smell of BACON


Re: How does it work for bacon-haters?

I went veggie a year ago and thought I would miss bacon but I don't at all.

I haven't tried the Quorn fakon yet but I did make the mistake of buying the Tesco own brand version which is positively disgusting on it's own or in bread. But we did wrap it round some Linda McCartney sausages at Christmas which was quite nice.

Slightly off topic but for some reason these comments reminded me of when I was a lot younger and my mum got her first microwave. She thought it would be a good idea to cook a chicken in it and the house was quickly filled with the most stomach churning smell I have ever experienced. A couple of years ago I saw a woman set fire to her hair on a candle and it smelled like roses in comparison.

About to make a big bet? Don't crash out, cash in with the power of maths


You said Monte Carlo and Python in the same sentence and didn't see take the opportunity to make a joke?

I NEVER DONE BITCOIN, says bloke fingered by new Newsweek



Is there only one Satoshi Nakamoto on the planet and would the inventor have used his real name anyway?

It's possibly this guy, but not likely.

Leave him alone and chase Mark Karpeles.

Bitcoin or bust: MtGox files for bankruptcy protection


Read about this hours ago on other sites after looking for it here first :(

Shame on you.

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit


Stop it (again)

Android tablets are good.

Ipads are good.

It all depends on what you use them for.

We need the competition between products to drive development.

Without Android, Ipads would become a walled garden because there would be no other way.

Without Ipads, Android would become a walled garden because there would be no other way.

Buy the tablet you like and stop bitching.

If you don't like it then sell it and buy the other one.

If you have to do that more than once you are stupid.

End of.

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac


Re: I like it !

So why not wait for an eBay listing, ask him for cash on collection and take a couple of heavies with you to meet him?

We can all point the finger at the police for lounging about, but it seems like there are some things he can do to track this guy himself.

Sounds like he's just playing a game with the thief, but fair play to him ... I would love to do something like that.

Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

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Re: Brilliant

Only PG will do it for me.

Put the bag in the cup and pour boiling water directly on the bag so it inflates and floats as the cup fills. Doing it this way I only need to brew in the cup for about 20 seconds before it's perfect ... and I like my tea very strong.

Meet the stealthiest UK startup's app Swiftkey - and its psychic* keyboard


Re: Nexus 7

I have whatever software comes with the Resurrection Remix ROM on my S2, but it seems to do the same swipey thing and it's very good for a small screen.

I tried some swipey keyboard on my Nexus 7 and it was far too energetic because of the screen size.

For two handed typing on larger screens, I can't recommend Hacker Keyboard enough, especially when using the tablet for RDP as the keyboard layout is the same as a standard keyboard and very quick to type on.

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax


If they inflate their prices to cover the cost of their tax then you shop elsewhere.

The way it is now, their prices are not 24% lower than everywhere else so only amazon are winning and only the country as a whole is losing.


Title here

And these are the same companies that want you to spend more money to end the 'recession' that apparently is being created by these companies? They are as bad as the banks, if not worse.

I am remembering the names of all the companies who are exposed as tax dodgers and will stop shopping with them immediately until they change their ways. Unfortunate that it is now Amazon, I used to buy plenty from them.

But, the government / law are as much to blame, if they are the ones who set the rules then they cant exactly stand up and shout 'it's not fair' if all they have to do is change the rules?

Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really


Can't go on forever

The patent might have been granted and they might start taking other companies to court but it can't go on forever.

Hopefully all the bad stuff they are doing will start to reverse and any money they made through the courts will find it's way back to their rightful owners.

it won't be long until perople start ditching apple in favour of better companies, If apple haven't realised that they are losing control and need to stop this childish stuff then they deserve everything that's coming.

GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief


I don't understand why ...

... people feel the need to exactly rip off the ipad. Fine, build a tablet and get taken to court by apple because they think it looks too similar to an ipad when really it's just the resultant shape of the function it provides - *our* tablet looks like *your* tablet and *every other* tablet, because it is a tablet and a tablet needs to be that shape ... roughly.

But, if you want an ipad get an ipad. If you dont care about the ipad get an Android. Why buy somethinig that looks like an ipad?

I don't get it, personally, if I was buying a tablet to display to the world on my way to work, which I don't, then I would want something that doesn't make me look like a sheep.

'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued


Re: One word: What The F***!

Exactly that: W T F ?

Don't get me wrong, Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows XP (in that order) are all great OSes, but ...

I dont, have never and never will buy a 'Windows 8 PC'

I will however buy a 'PC version of Windows 8' and a 'PC that runs Windows 8'

There is a big difference there and MS should understand their position in the stack.

One more try: Metro apps are now 'Windows Store' apps


A suggestion

How about "Windows apps that dont have a window?"

Or just Apps then...

OK, maybe not Apps, they might get sued by Apple

Might aswell just call them blanks then, or nothing, or just " "

'World's first' dog to sniff out pilfered cabling is Brit black lab


Re: Anyone else

That my be so, but it's not just data - I can always jack next door's connection.

Unless you have designs for fibre optic power lines for the national grid and the railways then something like this could prove to be a really useful deterrent.

It's not a pleasant experience when trains are cancelled because someone stole the cables. Having said that, it must take some balls to go near a live cable, not to mention actually stealing it. If I ever met a cable thief, I wouldn't know whether to hit him or shake his hand.

Voyager's 35th birthday gift: One-way INTERSTELLAR ticket


There is nothing beyond the edge of the solar system, it's just a big black board with pictures of stars on it.

The craft were captured by an alien race many years ago and they are really not that far away.

They decode incoming signals, wait a few hours and then send us back the data that we want to see.

iPhone's market share in China sliced in HALF


Was too

I had the same phone for 3 years on a £20 per month contract ... I now have an S3 on a £20 per month contract. Same minutes, same texts, same deal. If I didnt get the new phone then the contract price would have been the same. What they choose to spend that £20 on is no concern of mine, therefore the phone was actually 'free'.


If the pricing difference between an iphone and comparable other device is as high as other places then maybe people can't afford them. Maybe they are waiting for the next model. Probably more likely they just know that there are better alternatives.

We'll probably see the same sort of thing happening in other parts of the world as people start to wise up.

If I pay £400 for a phone and then realise that a significant proportion of the profit is spent on repeatedly letting me know I don't have the latest model then I would eventually get tired of it, no matter how fashionable they try to make me believe it is.

The feeling of having a less than adequate phone 6 months into a 2 year contract is easily absorbed when I know I got my S3 for free :)

Good luck to the iphone 5 queuers - I hope it rains.

First full landing site and colour pictures back from Mars

Thumb Up

I'm truly amazed that we can do things like this.

Good fortune to the mission and all who made it possible.

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?


As each day passes I become more convinced that I will never give a penny of my cash to Apple so they can fuel their increasingly outrageous actions.

All of this is has just one cause: they, like many other tech companies, got caught up in their desire to stifle progression so they can cream as much as possible out of mid-range products.

They realised too late that most other companies will simply produce and sell the best products that they can using currently available hardware and software, and they don't like it when they finally realise that they can't control the market that way and start losing market share. It's nobody else's fault but their own.

They are not the first and they won't be the last. Give it a few years and they'll be right back where they were in the mid-90's.



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