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Which actor should play Steve in upcoming biopic?

IT Angle

Obvious, really.

The same guy who played Jesus Christ in the Passion. He already has the required range

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'


You could try describing it the correct way instead of some vacuous lie.

iPhone to whup Sony PSP 2



"some self-proclaimed "hardcore" gamers"

There are bajillions of them, not 'some'. Are you advocating leaving all that money sitting on the table?


Think PSP ...

Apple will have two problems here:

The hard core gamer is almost definitely not going to buy a phone for a gaming device; much less likely to want to run games on a phone that they already have or will get as a contract upgrade.

The second part is the threat comes from a device like the NGP, which is priced more to compete with the iPod Touch, doesn't require a contract and is more likely (than a phone) to be bought by a parent for a child (I'd buy my 8 year old a gaming device, but not a phone).

So Apple and its partners will have to deliver something that really pulls the punters away from proper gaming platforms.

They'll never sell as many NGP's as iOS or Android devices, but they don't need to do that to succeed (i.e. make a profit overall). Not every iOS or Android device results in revenue for gaming, but every NGP will generate revenue for both Sony and the game publishers; history has shown that even if they give the NGP away for free they will be in profit almost immediately.

Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse



"HTC (possibly their biggest rival at the moment)".

Socrates, forgive them, they know not what they gibber.

Stroppy Belgian students in Ryanair mutiny


Er....because they did?


Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip



I would never buy an iPhone but this does happen a lot to other phones ... but not to the same extent.

A few Nokia phones I have owned in the past have had diagrams in the manuals pointing out the locations of antenna and warning that touching these parts will reduce signal.

The difference here is that the antennas in Nokia are placed in a non-stupid locations and even if you did touch them they didn't drop the call.

What can you expect though? Apple have only been in the phone business for a couple of years, more established companies made these mistakes years ago. Yet more evidence to reinforce my opinion that the iPhone has a good few years to go yet before becoming a mature device.

Video calling impresses Brits, if it's Apple video calling



Gizmodo are probably desperate to get back in the favour of his highness after their went against his will and leaked the prototype. Pathetic really.


True enough


From the moment I picked up your book until the moment I put it down I couldn't help laughing, one day I intend reading it.

G. Marx

Samsung Wave smartphone


Bada looks good.

"as Samsung defines it, is not an operating system, but platform with a kernel configurable architecture, which allows the use of either the Linux kernel, or another Real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel"

There is only one RTOS kernel for mobile and that's Symbian. So what is on the back end here, Linux or Symbian?

Hands on with Nokia's flagship N8


If it's all about the OS ...

... then you should by a Symbian phone because it has an OS that is much more mature and advanced than the competition

What you probably mean is "it is all about the *GUI*"

I am of normal intelligence and so don't find operating a smart phone as challenging as a lot of message board critics like yourself seem to.

I suppose if a you can't tell the difference between the user interface and the operating system then you should just buy the phone that is easiest to use, probably that one with the big, friendly buttons they market to old people.

Adobe debuts What Jobs Hates™ v10.1


Try to keep up.

Steve Jobs is not a reliable source of information my friend.

I have had Flash on a succession of phones for years and years. They call it Flash Lite, it is simply an older version of the desktop edition.

The truth is the Jobs has banned it from the iPhone because of that devices poor battery life, same with multi-tasking etc. There is no other reason, everything else is a lie to cover up this deficiency, a tactic more commonly known as 'spin'.

Penguin chief: Linux must 'out fabulous' Apple's iPhone


Allow me to retort...

MeeGo is fully open source (unlike Android), anyone can use it anyway they want so don't worry about Nokia (and Intel for that matter). It is *cross-manufacturer* as you say.

"Meego is ruddy appalling", how do you know? No one has even seen it running on a smartphone!

Maemo (and I am sure Meego) can use the Ovi app store, it's growing fast and already has some good stuff on there. You write apps using the open source QT framework. Intel will have an app store as well, I am not sure about the cross compatibility between phones and atom tablets though.

Your criticisms of Symbian don't make any sense, they might if it is Maemo you are talking about instead though.

Even then the criticism is invalid, N900 is a mobile linux computer, number 4 in a series of 5. It's not a phone, it just has some extra phone features because they were "low hanging fruit". If you bought one because you wanted a smart phone then that was a pretty dumb move eh?

Also, it doesn't take much for a phone to be smart, basically everything is a smartphone now an it is a useless distinction but I suspect you have created your own wee definition by the way you use the word.

I can do that too, for example, If I were to define a smartphone as a phone that is genuinely able to do two things at once, then neither Apple or Android have produced a single one yet.


Open Source not doing well?

The problem with Android is that it isn't really the best example of open source, a lot of the development happens behind closed doors and it is released under Apache.

As for Meego, I would expect it to be more like Maemo on a phone just as it is like Moblin on a tablet. Maemo was pretty good IMHO

Also, open source does not only mean Linux, Symbian is open source too. It is looking much improved in terms of "shiny and cool" than it's previous incarnations and can only get better.

I notice Symbian wasn't mentioned once in the article yet it is fully open source and is the most dominant smart phone operating system worldwide(40%+ market share). It seems to me the market is for open source (if not Linux in particular) to lose and not Apple.

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

Thumb Up

Yup yup yup

I have been saying this for a long time now.

Android/iPhone are still in the relatively early stages, it will take a while for them to catch up to Symbian in terms of functionality and efficiency. Hopefully Nokia will take full advantage of the breathing room.

On the other hand Symbian really needs to get itself a nice UI.

Power efficiency is only going to become more important as screen sizes increase.

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks


I agree

I have often thought of Facebook and other social not-working sites as just a discoverable email account. Not a lot of people remember this but Hotmail actually has (or at least had) a directory of all users. You could put your name in and so on and were only able to browse the directory if you put yourself on it. It was pretty much the same thing as Facebook but the functionality was hidden away (Microsoft obviously didn't realize the potential) and this was in 1997.

I think the only sensible way to use Facebook is to put a single photo, and some other brief details so someone can find you and then turn *everything* else off and just use it give out your email address to those you accept as friends.

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)


Reality Distortion Field in Effect

@Rupert Stubbs

And why would you do that? This is a news item about a report on market share.

Apples high profits indicate only two things. Firstly Apple charge outrageous prices for what they are offering and iPhone users are willing to pay over the odds.

It doesn't actually show how popular their products are in comparison with somebody else.

Contrary to you statement sales numbers give you plenty of information (or why would they bother gathering them!). This reports clearly shows more people chose Nokia than chose Apple, therefore Nokia is more popular. I find that *very* interesting seeing as so many people out there keep writing Nokia off.

This is not a "increasingly commoditised" market either, there are several operating systems, and lots of different hardware at play.

Nokia's lost weekend ends with N8?


I think this will fly.

I see this starting at 350 euros or whatever and then eventually moving down to 250 or thereabouts.

It or something very like it will be the replacement for the X6 that succeeded the 5800. I think in this space it will do very well just as the 5800 did very well.

Despite the Russian's poor review of the UI, we won't really know how ^3 turns out until it is proper release code but it will definitely be an improvement over the current S60 with one click actions, higher refresh rate, graphics accelerated. A lot of people like S60 because they are familiar with it.

Also, if a camera phone is your thing, is there really much competition from the iPhone or Android? (the Xperia X10 looks promising).

I agree with the tone of the article. I this kind of product will at least help Nokia maintain it's position if nothing else.

The thing I want to know is, where is the 500 euro flagship phone? And what will it be like if 350 gets you all this? Maybe something like that will steal some iPhone users.

Personally, I'll be waiting for the successor to the N900.

Why doesn't Nokia buy Palm?


Oh dear ...

My number is for smartphone sales only. Symbian only runs on smartphones.


This article you have linked to agrees with everything I have said and disagrees with everything you have said, this alone proves you are probably slightly insane.

It shows a big pie chart of SMARTPHONE sales for the year and Symbian has 47% share. The article discusses only SMARTPHONE sales.

If you read the article further it makes reference to the curious phenomenon whereby people like you think that Symbian and Nokia are dying when in actual fact they are thriving.

There is no standard definition of a "smartphone", I'll give you that, but if an S60 phone isn't smart then an iPhone or Android isn't either as Symbian is much more capable than these relatively new operating systems (iPhone is only getting multi-tasking this year for example).

People are just repeating and believing, repeating and believing any old crap these days.

I recommend you think about the assumptions you hold and verify whether they are correct or not before acting. Maybe you should read some Socrates and learn how to think straight/look at the facts before you degenerate into a total nutjob.