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Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage

Wang N Staines

I updated 2 laptops (both were purchased around late 2014) to W10. One went really well but the other I had to revert back to W8.1 because the Wi-Fi stopped working. I don't know who is to blame for the failure. I'm not too bothered as I'm reasonably happy with W8.1 ...

I think non-techies users who were forced to upgrade to W10 in the belief that it's better than W8.1 might struggle to revert back to W8.1 when things go wrong with the upgrade process or hardware.

While you queued for an iPhone 6, Apple's Cook sold shares worth $35m

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Re: Apparently some people don't understand US securities laws

Of course it was insider trading.

These execs knew exactly what products were in the pipeline & when these products will be released. So they can schedule the buying/selling to their advantage. They have the information necessary to make profits, these information aren't publicly available - thus insider trading.

Just because SEC colluded with the whole transaction doesn't mean it's not insider trading.

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died

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Why made my phone so f*cking big?

- Steve

Huawei ditches new Windows Phone mobe plans, blames poor sales

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Someone just whispered in my ear saying Huawei is trying to defend their market share in China against the Lenovo(Motorola).

Virgin Media hit by MORE YouTube buffering glitches

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I was on Amazon streaming last night, it was the same.

The END of the FONDLESLAB KINGS? Apple and Samsung have reason to FEAR

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Always bought Nexus tabs, recently bought an LG Pad 8.3 for £100 <--- excellent value for the money.

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they're buying Surface fondleslabs

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There's a discount at the moment if you buy using a Windows XP machine, this could account for the spike in the UK.

ZTE Open C, the Firefox OS mobe you'll almost want, now on eBay

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8GB Moto G for £99 ... if you want budget.

Oh no, Joe: WinPhone users already griping over 8.1 mega-update

Wang N Staines

Porn hub

That's the one I missed on my phone.

Don't let no-hire pact suit witnesses call Steve Jobs a bullyboy, plead Apple and Google

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He was/is a piece of s***!

Original iPhone dev team was 'shockingly small' - Apple engineer

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It doesn't take a large team to tear down & reverse engineer other people's phones and then repackage them.

Bruce Schneier sneers at IBM's NSA denials

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Why does IBM think(lie) that it was able to evoid the NSA whereas MS, Google & Apple couldn't?

Toshiba Encore: The Windows 8.1 tablet that might catch on

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Hahahaaaahaaaa ...

SimpleAir wins patent suit against Google

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This is Texas, this win be overturned by the next non-Texan court.

Candy Crush King went 'too far' when it candy crushed my app – dev

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If they don't enforce it 'totally' then they'll lose it too.

Light, fast ... and pricey: Toshiba's Portégé Z30 – now THIS is an Ultrabook

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I just spoke to Toshiba support, they said that hi-res screen will add an extra 5kg to the weight.

That's the reason why they charge extortionate price to keep the weight down.

RSA comes out swinging at claims it took NSA's $10m to backdoor crypto

Wang N Staines

Hello hole

What, you want me to stop digging?

Moto G: Google's KitKat bruiser could knock out, bury Landfill Android

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Re: £99 From Tesco .....

You can "boost" it also ... Someone got one for about £45.

US Patent Office disputes crucial scroll-and-bounce Apple tech – Samsung demands patent trial halt

Wang N Staines

The Japanese cornered the TV market long before LG & Samsung came along.

Investors on Microsoft: What, Ballmer, leaving? Hand me my wallet

Wang N Staines

He must be very sad to see his share options going up.


LG’s G2: The phondleslab that wants you to TOUCH ITS BEHIND

Wang N Staines

Re: Too expensive.

£375 sim free on Amazon.

iPHONE 5S BATTERY: It may NOT just be you, it may be RUBBISH

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My imaginary iphone 5S battery is perfect, I don't know why all the isheep are screaming about this non issue.

HP fires sue-ray at makers of Blu-Ray

Wang N Staines

Need to jail those c*nts!!!

It's NOT an iPad - but that's FINE: I learned to LOVE Microsoft's Surface 2

Wang N Staines

Professional turd polisher

Even I couldn't polish those MS turds.

Apple handed Samsung-busting nuke after Steve Jobs patent U-turn

Wang N Staines


The Reg still does postback to register a vote.

Wanna sell a phone in New York? Better have a receipt

Wang N Staines

I wonder how hard it is to buy/sell guns, compared to stolen phones, in NYC?

Windows XP folks: At least GOOGLE still loves you ... UNTIL 2015

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ChromeOS upgrade

What we need is an install to upgrade XP to ChromeOS ... come Google!!!


Apple's Steve Jobs was a SEX-crazed World War II fighter pilot, says ex

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Always thought that Jobs batted for the other side.

Samsung denies benchmark cheating, despite evidence

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The little sympathy I had for Samsung had disappeared with the region locking & cheating.

I would never buy their products again until they clean up the act.

The life of Pi: Intel to give away Arduino-friendly 'Galileo' tiny-puter

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It won't be cheaper than pi or arduino. I suspect around £150.

Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois

Wang N Staines

Microsoft's one device per city is coming into fruition.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 region-locking saga CLEAR AS MUD

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Stop buying Samsung!!!

I'm advising friends & family not to buy any Samsung products, being a geek has its perks. :-)

If we (the free tech support for family/friends) act together and advise them to avoid Samsung, I'm sure this will hit Samsung hard.

Travel much? DON'T buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Wang N Staines

Fuck you Samsung!

I was going to buy the Note 8 (which isn't affected by the locking anyway), however because of this stunt I'll look for a different 8" tab.

Chaos Computer Club: iPhone 5S finger-sniffer COMPROMISED

Wang N Staines

Re: This is the most assine article ever....

Does the "lock & wipe" work when the SIM is removed?

First look: Apple iPhone 5S and 5C

Wang N Staines

copy cat

Copied Windows phone UI and Nokia colour schemes, what's not to like about Apple offerings.

Rotten Apple iOS 7 fury: Glitchy audio or is today's music really that bad?

Wang N Staines

Buy the new phones

If you want ios7, why don't you buy the new phones? You poor chavs!!!

Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS

Wang N Staines

Re: Price

The cost is an unhappy user because he/she didn't have the satisfaction of paying for something, i.e shopaholic.

iPhone 5S: Fanbois, your prints are safe from the NSA, claim infosec bods

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It stays on the A7 until the NSL arrives, ask the Lava dude.

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived

Wang N Staines

Picked one up from Tesco over the weekend for £180 (£200 - £20 off voucher with £200 spent).

Xiaomi plans global domination with fast smartphones and software

Wang N Staines

What are they like with software upgrade?

I'm a bit cheesed off with Motorola and want to switch.

Clear next Tues: Incoming Outlook, IE, Windows critical security patches

Wang N Staines

Time for MS to upgrade backdoors for NSA.

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

Wang N Staines

You've managed to make Nokia sooo very cheap for us.

Well done agent Elop!

Snowden journo's boyfriend 'had crypto key for thumb-drive files written down' - cops

Wang N Staines


Billionaire Google founder splits with wife, allegedly beds Google Glass staffer

Wang N Staines

Billionaire ... she really knows how to pick them.

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: Eco, economy and diesel power

Wang N Staines

My 60 years old aunt drives a Volvo.

Apple kingpin springs to Beijing, pings telco kings: Flog our iPhone things

Wang N Staines

Mo goes to the mountain now. hahaha ...

Wii U sales plunge: Nintendo hopes Mario and Zelda will shift some kit

Wang N Staines

Screw them for region locking their product!!!

Was going to buy it for my young kids.

Western spooks banned Lenovo PCs after finding back doors

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Re: If backdoors and vulnerabilities are unacceptable then there is only one logical conclusion

I suspect these back doors were put there by Intel and Microsoft, but Lenovo subverted them for their uses.

Wang N Staines


For companies to put back doors in their products in the age of Twitter is suicidal.

I suspect those back doors belong to the component manufacturers, Lenovo just integrated into their products. The agencies are being quiet which components had/have back doors in them.

I wouldn't surprise if Intel and mates put back doors in for themselves and Lenovo was just exploiting them.

Kiwis rally against 'snoops' charter' law

Wang N Staines

The Five Eyes are really going after their citizens!