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Google sneaks in back door, slips YouTube onto iPhone 5


Problem with the article

"There's no alternative to YouTube, iTunes is hardly comparable, so iPhone users will have to download Google's client or just find something better to do than watch cats falling on pianos."

No alternative except Vimeo, DailyMotion, or the like, though admittedly they are for alternative video sharing services. I would also imagine that without an client iOS for iPhone/iPod, would Youtube's service have ended up defaulting to play HTML5 in the browser like iOS for iPad, This could be considered an alternative to a Youtube app, And of "iTunes is hardly comparable". iTunes is a store front, not a video sharing service. It was never intended so a video sharing service so of course it isn't comparable. Suggesting they should be is like suggesting a shirt and keys are comparable. Sure you want both items but for different reasons. You can rent and buy movies and TV shows from the iTunes store front but that does not make it a video sharing service. By the same token, you can rent Troma movies from Youtube (sorta like OnDemand) but it really isn't a store yet.

Also as someone noted it's not really being slipped in through the back door. It being an app for jailbroken iOS devices would be the back door. It just not sold with the interior anymore.

Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen


Of course, they are gonna deny it

If they are do nothing wrong, they are going deny it.

If they are doing something that could be viewed potentially questionable, they are going deny it.

If they are do something they'd get busted for, they are going deny it.

Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise


Moz = Sad but understandable; MS = Funny

Firefox and IE are the two mainstream browsers with the worst standards compliance. Firefox 5 scored 97 on Acid3 test and IE 9 scored 95 with compatibility mode turned off and 13 with compatibility mode turned on. Firefox also has a stronger UI and more extensibility than IE, as does Safari and Opera, Chrome has a weaker UI IMO but I cant fault it on speed, standards compliance, or extensibility. I don't blame Mozilla or any other browser company for wanting to avoid the hassles of supporting enterprise but Firefox is more capable than IE. Frankly, any other mainstream browser is.

FCC commish to lobby for Comcast-NBC giant she OK'd

Thumb Down

Can the corruption be any more apparent?

I sorry but when you are this blatant you have to go.

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois



Considering one can essentially disprove security through obscurity by comparing Mac, Linux, & Windows marketshare and malware statistics, it amuses me how often this argument is used. There is simply no proportional link between marketshare and malware direct or exponential.

That said have no protection is stupid. So is getting software from non trusted sources. So is thinking ANY OS or anti-malware software can prevent a virus from infecting an idiot. Most Mac and PC power users run at least some sort of rudimentary protection. In this case, it's also a pirated fake piece of software which poses as a low cost piece of software that comes with new systems.

In my case I've have few malware infections on my Windows computers and if you count Norton, one on my Mac.