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'iPhone 4G' loser outed

Ex Pat Tyke

Suggests it's rubbish...

The fact that this guy's left his phone in a bar suggests it's a rubbish phone and that he was after something decent as a replacement - HTC or Blackberry perhaps?

Worked for a while for a company with a large mobile sales force and it very quickly became apparent which phones were liked and which were not - there was a very high mortality rate of second rate handsets while anything half decent tended to be looked after. Favourite means of disposal included dropping in a puddle (or in a toilet on several occasions - reduced the chances of the handset being examined or repaired), leaving it at a client's premises (never found by the client of course), and one of the commonest, leaving it in a pub/ bar, always while on company business of course.

I can just see this guy calling the office - " lost that last phone you gave me, entertaining clients last night, left it on the bar while settling the tab. Not been handed in as far as I know - can I have something that actually gets a signal this time by the way? Oh it has been found - who by? Oh f***.


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