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We're free in 3... 2... 1! Amazon unhooks its last Oracle database, nothing breaks and life goes on


Re: I like Postgres, a nice easy step from "Horr-acle"

Really you know nothing. SQL server transaction isolation level can be set to no locking if you want, does postgress, oracle have columnstore indexes, always in memory tables if you wish? How's the query optimisation btw? I can continue with tabular design


Re: I like Postgres, a nice easy step from "Horr-acle"

Really, you know nothing about SQL Server. Also have you checked tran isolation levels (set to no locks), columnstore indexes in sql server, tables always in memory etc etc.

Licence to grill: A year on, MongoDB's Eliot Horowitz talks to The Reg about SSPL


From the mongoDB website regarding RDBMS: "So if you decide, a few iterations into development, that you'd like to store customers' favorite items in addition to their addresses and phone numbers, you'll need to add that column to the database, and then migrate the entire database to the new schema."

Really migrate my database!?I have never seen so many inaccuracies written on a website before.

Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one


So your electric car power by fossil fuels doesn’t have any cost of extraction of coal, gas, petrol, nuclear, sun panels whatever?!. It’s pretty much the same cost for fuels. A comparison of efficiency levels here for various engine types. Car engine is around 30% efficient comparable to other types.



Perhaps you would care to give us some facts/ articles with scientific figures of how much energy is needed to power a tesla and a similar petrol car. There are more scientific articles if you search on the net.



As I said i am not disputing that an electric car produces less pollutants but if you are using fossils to power up your country then an electric car has a higher footprint. This is because to produce 1KW is more efficient to be produced at source (the engine) than in a power station 200miles away which is then transported down the grid ( with further loss of energy).

An electric car is as clean as its energy source. Otherwise is more polluting for same output, this is just physics.


An electric car doesn't remove carbon emmissions, it just remove pollutants from cities, which is not bad of course. The energy and possible pollutants are now produced somewhere else in the country where the energy will be produced and then stored/ transported down the grid.

I have read scientific articles which in fact prove the total carbon/ pollutants footprint for a high powered electric car are actually much higher than a similar petrol powered car. Think about energy efficiency, loses on the grid network and it makes sense why. Also if you add up the cost of batteries going flat while the car sits idle in the driveway cost for electrics goes even higher.

Free supported Java turns up in latest SQL Server 2019 preview


Re: Paying Oracle

You will store your dataabse in mongodb? with billions of rows, 1000s tables? Good luck with that. SQL Server and Oracle have the best performance. The other are catching up.


Re: Oracle wants you to pay for your Java support

Yes, millions of SQL server related posts (literally) and get responses from a SQL MVP within a day normally. Never had to pay for sql server support.

MapR misses deadline for sale, biz prospects looking thinner than a Hadoop sales pitch


Hadoop pile of rubbish, yeah come back tomorrow to get the results of your noSQL query.

Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 early code: First look


Re: Sybase vs SQL Sevrer really?

First of all I am not the commentator who wrote about the dying niche product, not that I strongly disagree with him. I haven't seen Sybase in any new project except for old legacy apps.

So you based your performance benchmarking on some simple heavy volume transaction insertions? Do you call this a real and comprehensive test? I still find it hard to believe that SQL server was slower on the simple stuff, but ok can accept that it may be 5-10% slower for inserts if I understand your test correctly.

However, Performance testing is executing complex queries, running complicated stored procedures, testing user load from simultaneous connections while inserting/updating data. This is what users do on a daily basis, this is where the database goes slow and separates the men from the boys. You have my email address, so do contact me.

If you set-up your Sybase env and install sql server, I can remote desktop via logmein or similar. I am sure we will find a way if you really want to know the truth. But as I said I have done numerous very comprehensive tests and SQL Server easily beats Sybase. And I see this on a regular basis in my job, I have to use Sybase.


Re: Sybase vs SQL Sevrer really?

Are you talking about a comparison between SQL Server when it was released in 1994 with the 1994 Sybase or something recent? Must be the 1994 version you last compared.

"I much prefer ASE for its performance and ease of use" where is the ease of use with Sybase, I am losing you here. It doesn't even have a proper SQL Development env I am using something that was hacked together by Sybase. Compare this to tools you get with SQL Server. Unless you prefer using the command prompt and you find this easier.

Why don't you put your money where your mouth is if you feel so confident with Sybase, £300 bet for the winner. I challenge you to beat SQL Server with any bit of SQL you want (has to be reasonably complex) not a join between 2 tables!. We run on same machine, same indexes, same data, I guess you want Linux, I use sql server 2008. You provide the SQL (or have plenty SQL anyway), we need few tables with some million rows each. You devise the SQL tests, but needs to be complex sql.

Contact me at sqlsybase at gmx.com if you would like to win £300.

As of Hana, this is not a proper relational database and have never seen it on a Sybase install. Should I mention tabular then on sql server then? SQL server has in-memory since 2012. Check the 2 billion rows it can query in 1 second white paper. But lets keep this simple RDBMS vs RDBMS (ACID compliant) systems only.

For the people who say Linux or windows or whatever, the Database is a fast as the optimiser is. Awaiting your email...

Oracle, Cisco crow new database flash dash record



Why Oracle doesn't take on the more up to date and more difficult TPC-E benchmark and stays with the 1994 devised test? The tpc-c test is a database with 5-10 tables, the tpc-E is a proper trading database.

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


@Volker Hett

So how do you know that your custom ROM hasn't been "touched" to run some other nasty sniffer stuff in the background, and send 100 SMS to Angola while you are asleep? In fact there is no limit what it can do! I am sure most of the stuff is OK but there is a big IF.

WinPho sceptics cut Lumia 800 sales estimates in half


rubbish research

The whole post from Bernstein is based on google analytics comparison between nokia lumia and iphone 4s. I used the same graph and the lumia has a much higher hit rate than Samsung s2 when it first came out and right now has about half the hits of the Samsung s2. So if these analytics are to be believed it will have half the sales of Samsung s2 which isn’t a bad thing IMHO. Is Bernstein shorting nokia by the way?

Nokia Lumia 800


not social networks

It syncs with your hotmail, gmail account, facebook etc is additional option you can disable. It syncs with exchange but not your local outlook. Of course your local outlook may already be syncing with your hotmail. Personally I found it little inconvenient but once I stored my address data in hotmail I know they are always accessible from anywhere in the world and won't bother with my local outlook again.

Nokia's Windows comeback: Great but what's next?


you can officially unlock it

There is a official app that allows you to unlock your windows phone. It's called chevron. On another note, today I was comparing my htc mozart screen windows phone general functionality with my friend's iphone 3GS. Internet was much faster than my friend's but probably the netwrok to blame to a degree. But I was really surprised my screen looked so much more vivid and bright. He didn't get some setting on as far as he knows and no screen protection. I thought the iphone 4 screen was good but maybe not!

A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones



It doesn't have the RAM cause it doesn't need it. The N9 comes with 1G as do many of the top androids. Can't say about meego but an android with 500MB, 1 core runs like a dog. Any windows phone 7 Mango is more fluid than the best android.

HTC reckons 'WinPho will give Android a run for its money'


yes, yes

Answers to the aboves is yes. And people started received the update already the same day it was announced, seems like this time the process has been streamlined and they won't be the small delay. Now compare this to Android .... How many androids are running the latest version and they are not brand new?



Currently it is the android phones that need 2 cores just to keep up with the windows phone. If you have used a WP you will know it beats easily any android for any normal phone operations, browsing contacts, viewing pictures, anything you do in a phone. Where is about equal is the browser but with the new IE9 I expect WP to be faster. All the above with exactly half the hardware of an android. If you don't believe give it a try.

Java on the Windows Azure Cloud


No thanks

Eclipse is one word to give me a heart attack. Avoid it at all costs.

Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?


I have

Have you? I have been using one for the past 6 months and I take my word is faster than the androids running double the hardware. With Mango will be really excellent.

Beware of Macs in enterprise, security consultants say


that explains it

That explains then why they have 960,00 servers, see earlier article in the register. May God bless them with a million.

Apple vanishes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion Server



"If MS did an Apple and stopped supporting/developing it?"

The second most popular database in the world that makes tonnes of money for Microsoft won't be supported anymore? You must be kidding more than the original comment I replied to. SQL Server currently has the top spot in TPC-E test (top 10 actually). Try to beat SQL Server with Oracle first before you attempt with Postgress.



Alternatively, spend another 10 months trying to optimise your system to run at a reasonable speed on mySQL. You have a very narrow minded view of software development. By far the most expensive bit of your system is the personnel you employ not the software (unless you are talking about SAP, Oracle etc which can cost 100K easy).

But your point is valid if your system has 1 table so in this case mysql can run as fast but that's not the typical scenario.



Why would I want to move my SQL Server database to mySQL. You must be kidding.

Malware attack spreads to 5 million pages (and counting)


php quality

I checked the oscommerce.com website. Quality PHP, mySQL implementations springs to mind, although any system if not implemented properly is vulnerable. When will people understand that using the best software is actually cheaper.

Microsoft previews 'Juneau' SQL Server tools



OK, I see your point, but a transaction needs error handling, this is how I used them for the past 10 years anyway. I am not sure about Oracle and how it handles it, but SQL Server and Sybase behave this way. In fact if you don't put some error handling you may end up with a locked table cause the commit didn't execute and the rollback doesn't exist in the code.

One of the reasons is that I may want to do something specific after the error, if by default it rolls back I can't write to a audit table to capture the error cause it will rollback the audit write op. It's similar with .NET or Java, appropriate error handling makes things easier but that's the price you have to pay.


@ BlueGreen

We are turning this into a sql forum but if you have the following around your transaction it never fails. The select only gives a,b,c. Hope that helps.

-- now the interesting bit

begin try

begin transaction;

insert into #tbl values('b');

insert into #tbl values('c');

insert into #tbl values('d');


end try

begin catch

if @@TRANCOUNT > 0

rollback tran

end catch


where is the rollback?

Personally when I am using a begin and commit tran I always have a catch error statement. So your block should have a rollback statement if things goes wrong. Check the TRY-CATCH block in online help.

I don't see anything wrong with the behavior of SQL Server above, if you had the rollback statement though then your table wouldn't have the 'd' value. This is standard coding practice. At least SQL server has a very neat way to handle errors. Not all DBMS have this lovely try-catch.

I agree with another post, unfortunately these nice tools in Visual studio give the .NET programmers the impression that they don't need to really understand databases and SQL. I have seen some really bad examples of coding (especially with hibernate) and jumping out of the windows wasn't enough. I am still here cause I was on the ground floor!.

Am I looking forward to Denali, certainly am, especially the SSAS that will be able to be more efficient with not analytics only.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo bow to Apple sales edict


there is a third option...

it's called Windows phone, it's like apple take or leave it but at least you don't have to pay through your nostrills. Other apps that compete with microsoft are allowed too.

Database high priest mud-wrestles Facebook



I've read somewhere that Facebook uses 65,000 servers so has to be true if they have 4000 mysql servers going to 9000. Probably the same data can happilly run in 2-3 proper commercial server databases like SQL Server or Oracle (ok it may require 250 cores but will happilly run). Don't forget the whole point about a database is query optimisation, you don't have that in your engine you are dead. Not all SQL is the same.

Behind Microsoft's $15 Samsung Android royalty claim



agree, then the canadian company wouldn't be able to sue microsoft for their xml patent. what needs reform is the patent system.

Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters


interesting again

So I think we need to burn more fossil fuels to warm up our planet if it’s going to cool down drastically. This decade will be the decade of the global cooling scaremongering. I personally don’t take notice of any of the climate brigade, they credibility was lost somewhere between cow’s farts and sheep bad breath.

Google confirms US antitrust probe


another good example

Can someone explain to me why Microsoft can't bundle their free microsoft security essentials antivirus which is by the way an excellent product with windows? Or why they don't have silverlight pre-installed with windows? Cause other companies complained. So that's why Google having gained a dominant position may abuse it and needs to be checked. I am not saying I have a proof they do but can't see their search engine algorithms fully.

Lets make sure google behave fairly. Also, if microsoft has to provide that broswer question, then why not apple. I bet 90% of macs are using safari!!??

Oracle seeks 'billions' with Google Android suit


apples to motorbikes are not the same

If Microsoft had stolen an apple from Sun, Google have stolen a car. If microsoft were successfully sued by Sun for developing a similar language, then oracle have a pretty good chance to sue Google for using their source code (and patents). From what I remember from another Register article it's not just patents, it includes the same source code. Google must get some vert good lawyers to get out of this.

NHS Trusts in the dark over CfH licence transfer


that's not the whole story

I haven't used libreoffice but if it's as good as open office then not sure it's a good idea, we are talking about business processes here, it could be very expensive to convert. Also, the NHS is not just using Office, it's using SQL Server, sharepoint and the works. We are talking about thousands of servers running all sorts in total. I've rworked there for a while and know few things.



Incompetent government officials who have no idea how software works making important decisions. Of course when you buy in bulk for the whole country you should be able to pay less for your purchases and get discounts.

Toxic Plankton feeds on Android Market for two months


and Windows phone

same here with my Windows Phone

Time to say goodbye to Risc / Itanium Unix?


bye Unix

We are most probably migrating to a Windows Server set-up due to the shortcomings of a certain DBMS (won't mention names) running on Unix. The database people said that if we run this database on a linux, apparently it can run faster. It can run faster cause the x86 processors have better technology (I have no comment to make on this cause have never seen the benchmarks). That's last chance to salvage anything.

But the bomb has been dropped, the Windows Server on the other DBMS offers 3-5 times the performance at a fifth of the price. I am sure with some tweaking can make little faster. You can't argue with figures like this.

Malware from Google Market menaces Android users


have you used WP7?

Check simpleSSH Lite if you want your ssh client for WP7. Maybe it's not the best yet but works. I am not sure what you mean by decent communication apps, like messenger and the rest? There are a few. Then with mango it goes to a completely different level.



You get the best of both worlds with Windows Phone 7. Each one to his/her own.

Microsoft gets five bucks for every HTC Android phone



Since when you thought that writing code is for free? I am not going to say mention my daily rate but I am not poor. Or do you expect some code monkeys to work for free for you?

New Mac scareware variant installs without password


why is that different?

Do you think you don't have to press OK in Windws to install something, it just installs by itself? There is always some button but to novice as most of us are it looks like a ligitimate OK. Macs are less secure than Windows generally speaking, they are just not attacked as much. Expect more similar stories in the future.

99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials


quality not quantity

Android will step on a Mango fruit in September and will get a big dent on its head! From the still very happy WP7 user (Hope all android users are very happy running their antivirus).



Android? good luck with that.

From a very happy WP7 user

Sergey Brin: Only 20% of Googlers still on Windows


and the result was....

Yahoo is almost a bankrupt company now, they use Bing's search engine cause theirs suck and npbody wants to buy them.

Virgin outsources techies, pulls plug on Trowbridge call centre



No not me, having seen outsourcing in the City one with a dutch bank and another with some public body it has been a total failure (not far from a joke).

Oracle wins round one in bare-knuckle Android patent suit


lose android

deal done. It runs like it's daddy Java, like a slug.

LG Optimus 2X dual core Android smartphone


non androids?

Have you tried comparing it with a non-android phone? maybe a windows phone 7 to see if it still destroys the competition?