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Pom Pom


Pom Pom

Greetings to our Australian commentards from the vultures top secret R&D bunker.

Be nice, etc.

Ye Bug List


Re: Banner

just for those that care about the details ...

We'd recently changed the base href urls from http://www.theregister.co.uk to //www.theregister.co.uk which will, eventually, help if/when we get around to implementing https ...

Sadly, ie9 and below seems to struggle with such urls in a base href.

We believe if you were seeing this problem, it was because you were using IE9 or below.

In the short term, we've given IE the full http:// url, and noted that as something we need to fix more correctly before https can happen.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Username problem


Re: What is the problem with your user name?

Should be fixed, thanks for reporting it. I've emailed you as well.

Badges for Commentards



at least, should be.

evil bugs.


Re: One week later

ahem, slight snafu in who got what1.

should be fixed


1 : bronze lacked extra html, and silver the ability to edit posts. Both should be fixed. Sorry :/

ps. I used my special powers to get a bronze badge long enough to post this, then reverted back to regular commentard ...

Web hosting


Re: Web hosting

bytemark.co.uk or hetzner.de/en or rackspace.com would get my vote.

bytemark because they're a solid little uk outfit with an approach i like, and you can get savvy engineers on irc for support. Used them for years. See also bigv.io. Not used it, but sounds whizzy, if a bit pricey.

hetzner 'cos the price of some of their dedicated servers is just nuts. I know of a couple of clued up users who've been happy with them for a year or two at least.

rackspace cause if it's good enough for El Reg ...

New Forum Wishlist - but read roadmap first


infamous quotes

just testing


and also the alternative q for quote tags.


Re: [multi]markdown support

Covered here



Re: Pre-expanded comments

With a bit o luck, that should now be fixed. Thanks for the suggestion :)





This is a test


More HTML ... scratch that

what I meant to say was you can use s or indeed the full strike tag in addition to em, b, i and strong tags.

and indeed a href if you are suitable entitled.

Welcome to the latest forum features


html test






Welcome to the latest forum features

Could add some posts here with details about new features. For now, this is just a test really

Greetings & Welcome


Greetings & Welcome

to the new, moderator only, forums. Only moderators can see these forums.

With Great Power, Great Responsibility.


With Great Power, Great Responsibility.

WIth a little power, you can pretend to be a TSA agent ;)

UK is 15th best place in the world to do IT


Re: chance of ElReg incorporating an automated spell check

Fairly slim ;)

Firefox, Chrome & Safari all have a built in spell checker that I believe is turned on by default.

Afaik, IE doesn't, but there appear to be plugins: http://www.iespell.com/

Seven... SSD sizzlers

Big Brother

re: Flippin yanks

The links reflect where we guess your nearest Amazon company is. If you are in the UK you should get .co.uk and .fr in France. Sometimes we guess wrong.

For people in Amazon free countries, we default to .com. Either we guessed wrong or you are in a country that has yet to be assimilated/blessed by Mr Bezos & co.

ps. we have writers in the USA, Spain, Australia & beyond too. Plus we do list prices in other currencies dollars if it's appropriate http://reg.cx/1GXr

Google UK on mission to brainwash news media


re: Maternity unit sponsorship


just saying :)

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash

Minty (Written by Reg staff)

Re: crappy "forum" software hiding recent posts?

I think you're asking for an un-threaded view, so that each post regardless of whether it's a reply to another or a "new" one appears in strict chronological order.

Noted. In the immediate term, while far from ideal, the (Atom) feed for each forum does provide that.


Reader Top 10s: an experiment in crowd pleasing

Minty (Written by Reg staff)

Have you forgotten your audience?

fwiw, I can assure you we spend a substantial amount of time thinking about our readers/users/commentards and making stuff better for them. The balance is always what is the most valuable use of the time/resources.

Obviously we *can* add voting to already published stories. We opted not to here.

The issue here was simply that we wanted subtle differences when compiling a list of the best stuff (Android apps) than we wanted when having a more free-form discussion.

The former wanted a url for the thing being rated, which made no sense for a regular discussion. The icons ("Where's the Paris Hilton angle?") also didn't seem approriate when building the list of top ten iphone games, etc. although I grant you that this could be debated. Possibly at length ;)





Then there is the list of suggestions/posts. Mixing (new) suggestions in between (older) discussion about stuff seemed like it might be more confusing than helpful.

And so we concluded: either it's a list of user suggestions to rate, or it's a discussion. And articles already published with discussion attached remain as that.

It's not perfect and we are curious how you'd like to see it work.