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Vista upgrade revisited


and we waited how long for this?

Article hits the nail right on the head. However.. I had the same problems with turning off my SSID broadcasts on XP. It would just pretend that it wasn't there and go about it's merry unconnected way. So I set up MAC filtering and encryption. Easy solution to those that are paranoid about security. Aside from that even if you turn off SSID broadcasts, all you need is netstumbler for someone to find out all the info about your access point that they'd ever need to start trying to crack into it.

The memory usage with vista is ridiculous. My Dell E1705 running vista home premium with useless services, and the classic windows XP interface (read: NO AERO) and the gadgets (which I could care less about) all disabled had no problem wasting 600mb out of 1GB of ram and a 512mb out of a 1GB page file.

Now most people defend this outrageous use of memory as vista doing "pre-emptive processing" and whatnot to which I call BS. I wanna know why more than half my memory is gone when the machine is sitting idle and why I get less battery life than I did with XP with all the visual effects turned off, my screen dimmed and power saving mode engaged. These are issues that have kept me from upgrading. Direct X 10, superfetch and readyboost are no justification.

All hail millennium edition II

Apple patches more than a dozen holes in OS X


get off your high horse

this just proving to me that those who drink the Apple kool-aid aren't as great off as they seem to think. At least with windows or any *nix variant, if new vulnerabilities are discovered, the vendor tends to inform their customers of the vulnerabilities found and ways around them until a patch can be administered instead of dispensing a patch out of the blue and not letting your customer base know of the vulnerability until after the fact.