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The Great Smartphone Massacre: Android bloodbath gathers pace


Re: DAB radio, through the internet connection

I think you're confused. DAB is distinct from internet radio. I haven't yet come across a mobile phone that includes DAB.

Huawei unwraps Ascend P6: World's slimmest smartphone


Where are the home and back keys?

The pictures show no capacitive nor onscreen buttons. Perhaps Huawei has taken the next step and implemented getsure controls.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


Re: I like real buttons

One real button and two capacitive buttons is better than the god-awful onscreen buttons found on most other recent Android devices.

Thunderbolt interface strikes YOUR PC: What's the damage?


Re: You know...

>I think I'm on to something here...

Doing unpaid proofreading work for a for-profit website?

You deserve a gold badge.

Post-defenestration Microsoft: It's the APIs, stupid. And Metro


Are you wondering if he's ever used Metro

...or crack?

Westpac drops tech roles


Say what?

Of course we are, and we don't even need to pay GST on goods under $1000.

Rooting Kindle Fire bricks videos


Appropriate use of tech jargon

Video "bricked"?

World's first turbine powered Batmobile hits roads


"an iPad for GPS navigation and avionics."

It flies, too?!

Holy cow.

Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum



"carriers that price a mobile gigabtye at up to $80"

Up to $80? Virgin charges 0.2c/KB, or $2,097 per GB. Not too long ago the rate was 1.5c/KB.

School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home


Surveillance of students in commonplace in the US.

Check this video: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/digitalnation/learning/schools/how-google-saved-a-school.html?play

Watch the creepy assistant principal (from 4:30-6:00 in the video) as he observes students remotely, and says with glee, "They don't even realise that we're watching. I always like to mess with them and take a picture."

There'll be plenty more lawsuits.