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Ireland gives Google traditional pogue mahone greeting


Credit where it's due

One of the lads was on the radio bragging about it first thing this morning, the Times had nothing to do with finding it out.

Want to use WD diagnostics? Buy Windows



Aren't the ones who would be complaining about the lack of OEM software support on Linux the same ones who would be turning up their nose at using any closed-source OEM software? So where exactly is the issue?

New dinosaur dubbed 'Mojoceratops' - 'over a few beers'


Those darned paleontologists

Such a riotous bunch.

IT managers are spoil sports

Big Brother


Last time I checked, it should be up to the owners to decide on what staff can or can't do, then IT to enforce it. Who died and made the IT Deparments oligarchs?

Omegle invites you to show world+Facebook your bewbs


See ya, CEOP

CEOP are looking out for themselves and themselves alone. If big names stop supporting them, they effectively dont exist. They're as bad as the IWF.