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Logitech intros free tool for ChatGPT prompts... plus a mouse with an AI button


So now...

We need another AI assistant to create prompts for our AI assistant. Add another assistant each time the previous layer has grown complex enough to require it.

Tesla decimates staff amid ongoing performance woe


Re: in this case claiming that Tesla was unveiling a robotaxi in August.

You mean the beta-testers for the newest GTA game?

Guranga !

Why Microsoft's Copilot will only kinda run locally on AI PCs for now

Big Brother

"more privacy" as the NPU dedicates 80% of it's runtime to the new AI powered telemetry.

Vernor Vinge, first author to describe cyberspace and 'The Singularity,' dies at 79


Re: "Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence"

I think that was very much his point. The electricity is 98% doing the bidding of the hidden intelligence.

The 2% gives you a token so you can feel you've achieved something.

USB Cart of Death: The wheeled scourge that drove Windows devs to despair


Re: They would absolutely test it nowadays.

My own recollections

Alpha - known to be broken, but it runs well enough to start testing.

Beta - known to be buggy, needs widespread testing to find them.

RC - Mostly bug free but needs a few more tweaks.

Release - How the hell are there still so many bugs? Didn't you guys test this?

'Recession-resilient' Tesla misses Q3 expectations, slows Mexico expansion


Re: Accuracy

He's an idiot.

Sure you could build a truck with all it's parts made to that precision.. If you didn't mind that each one would take a decade to manufacture with an average scrap-to-use ratio of about 9999:1 for all the sheetmetal, welded or molded parts.

I don't even bother to try to hit that kind of accuracy on machined parts unless it's absolutely required. It's simply not cost effective to scrap parts that would work perfectly well. That's why tolerances exist in the first place, you don't just spec a welded tube frame 3 meters long to the same accuracy as a machine-ground bearing fit 5cm in diameter.

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11


Re: not happening

They can't even pick a default window manager without triggering a war.

Need a decent dining spot in Ottawa? Microsoft suggested a food bank


I don't know about Ottawa,

But if this was Vancouver then that's a pretty sound recommendation for one of the places people can still afford to visit after paying rent.

S/4HANA was once the future for SAP – but now it's in the clouds


For anyone who just stumbled in off the internet and is drowning in acronyms right now,

ERP in this instance does not stand for 'Erotic Role Play'. Though it does make the story much more entertaining if read that way.

Musk's X tries to win advertisers back with discounts


Re: "Incandescently stupid..."--Miles Taylor.

X.com-rays are certainly part of the ElonMusk spectrum.

Social media is too much for most of us to handle


Re: Sleep well!

I certainly can sleep well, knowing the future AI overlords are now completely stunlocked by having their heads filled with perfectly balanced conflicting input.

LG to offer subscriptions for appliances and televisions


Re: Rent seeking

Adception. Eventual goal being to make everything so homogenized that you won't be able to discern whether it's ad or content that you are viewing.

Joke icon ... for now.

Cops told: Er, no, you need a wiretap order if you want real-time Facebook snooping


Re: Surprise

Soon to be;

Remand and Aggregation of Personal Expression

Micron chips in $600M for China memory facility despite Beijing sanctions


$600Mn in Xi'an. $100Bn in NY

Identical twin facilities.

One of the world's most prominent blockchain apps looks like being binned


Re: Blockchain not at fault

You would need to actually host the image on-chain. Which is beyond expensive for anything bigger than a pixelpunk.

What the current system does is attach a receipt to a link to your image. Your buyer doesn't own the image (it's on someone else's server), they don't own the link (it's pointing at someone else's server), they only own the receipt which doesn't stop anyone from copying the image, hosting it on a different server, minting it on a different chain and calling it their own with all the same digital 'proof of ownership' as your buyer can produce.

AI is great at one thing: Driving next waves of layoffs


Re: So what exactly were all these laid off employees doing?

As one of those machinists, we did not get replaced by CNC. We were replaced by CNC programmers and operators. The machines don't know how to turn a solid model into Gcode, nor how to load themselves and set up their own tooling. They are essentially the same as the old manual machines, but require a different sort of human to control them.

What they did do however was speed up production so now the company asks for 5x more work each day and engineers are free to create all sorts of stupidly expensive parts with obscenely tight tolerances simply because 'the machines should be able to do it' as opposed to designing things in a way that actually makes sense for ease of manufacture & repair.

AMD probes reports of deep fried Ryzen 7000 chips


Re: Stupid "Optimized defaults" nonsense.

For a short period during (iirc)the Intel BX days some board makers de-coupled the RAM from FSB through a multiplier.

So you could run 133 memory while keeping your FSB at 100 and your AGP therefore at 66.

Thieves smash hole in wall to nab $500K in Apple iKit


You can get away with pretty near anything if you have a white van, a blue shop coat and a toolbox.

I used to do machine repairs at a large manufacturing site and would usually bypass the hassle of getting a badge from security each visit. Never got stopped once.

Welcome to Muskville: Where the workers never leave


Re: One wonders if he has a backup plan.

I was thinking it would come down to either Jonestown or Rapture.

ChatGPT, write a report about database glitches that crashed you today


Well somebody has to populate their metaverse.

Beijing grants permit to 'flying car' that can handle 'roads and low altitude'


Re: Why?

Helicopter licensing is difficult for a reason.

People can't even drive in two dimensions without causing fatal events, three dimensions will be an order of magnitude worse.

Power lines, other vehicles, birds all must be dodged and when not dodged you need the now destroyed flier to not drop into people's homes.

Add to that the nasty tendency for people to get drunk or try to show off how good they are at aerial acrobatics.

No way do I see flying one of these to be any less regulated than a helicopter.

Trust, not tech, is holding back a safer internet


Re: We need a better sheriff: let's draw up the job description.

Governments don't 'want' to control the internet. What they want is to have the upper hand at spying on their neighbors.

If they truly desired absolute control, the answer is simple.

Balkanise the network.

Guy accused of wrecking crypto exchange now hauled into court


Re: Crypto is crud. Bur that's not the issue.

Because, despite what they themselves might think, the people writing code are not the ones who decide the rules.

Alphabet reshuffles to meet ChatGPT threat


Re: Google search accurate?

I've been having the continuation of that particular problem.

When I do find a local shop they have no stock, but will gladly order it from Amazon for a mark-up.

Getting anything done without waiting for shipping is getting difficult.

US Supreme Court asked if cops can plant spy cams around homes


Re: I'm calling them 'net curtains'

Well you might be in luck there as your window glass is a solid black wall to many IR cameras.

Musk tells of risk of Twitter bankruptcy as tweeters trash brands


They will be expecting a body in the wreckage, brother.

Binance robbed of $600 million in crypto-tokens


They basically are, the differences come from what they are backed with.

For instance the USD is backed by really, really big bombs while crypto is backed by wishes and unicorn farts.

Ever suspected bankers used WhatsApp comms at work? $1.8b says you're right


"screwing the biggest number"

Yes, but we 'trust' that they will do exactly that.

DeFi venture OptiFi permanently locks up $661,000 of assets in code snafu


there-in lies the problem

"The code is law"

The law is being written by a bunch of kids who shouldn't be left unsupervised writing a wifi driver, let alone a defi platform.

Post-quantum crypto cracked in an hour with one core of an ancient Xeon




Coincidence? I think not.

Cryptocurrency laundromat Blender shredded by US Treasury in sanctions first


So they are at the "embrace" stage of the Microsoft playbook.

When the expert speaker at an NFT tech panel goes rogue



To the actual validity of artwork ownership would be to actually embed the image data into the token.

At current ETH gas fees I think that would be around $20000 per megabyte, thereby justifying the stupidly high price of the NFT.

Apple tweaks AirTags to be less useful for stalkers, thieves



I cannot be the only one amazed by the fact that Apple just admitted to making a product with a removable battery.

Privacy Shield: EU citizens might get right to challenge US access to their data


"it would give EU citizens more privacy rights in the US than Americans currently enjoy."

Any value at all, no matter how tiny, is infinitely greater than zero.

Blistering bandwidth: JEDEC pushes out HBM3 memory specs


Re: So, DDR is out and HBM is in ?

HBM has to be mounted very close to the processor and is usually soldered there, so it's not like you're going to be forced to choose RAM sticks.

Russia starts playing by the rules: FSB busts 14 REvil ransomware suspects


Re: Sting Operations and Red Team

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that honours such immunities.

Otherwise, you're holding a wad of signed toilet paper.

Microsoft Paint + car park touchscreen = You already know where this is going


Re: Art is in the eye of the beholder

Or 32 and has already been out until 2:00am

Israeli firm Bright Data named as enabler of Philippines government DDOS attacks on opposition groups


Re: I hate to say this, but

Read the article. A government certainly did get involved. Perhaps not in the way you are alluding to, but a much more realistic picture of how governments actually get involved.

Don't count on any government to react with anything but 'good idea, how do we exploit it' while also informing the media that they are trying to pass legislation forbidding the exact thing they are currently implementing.

Also, when it comes right down to it, which country gets to legislate anything on a global network that anyone outside that country would listen to? And how well do you trust that country?

I was offered $500k as a thank-you bounty for pilfering $600m from Poly Network, says crypto-thief


Re: Really, now?

4) Money has the benefit of having a government backing it, sometimes a government with really big bombs and an itchy trigger finger if someone tries to mess with their currency valuation in any meaningful way.

Crypto lacks this feature, but otherwise the two are roughly the same.

Here's a list of the flaws Russia, China, Iran and pals exploit most often, say Five Eyes infosec agencies


I, for one

Would like Ru/Cn/etc to release a similar list of exploits routinely targeted by 5(i)s.

Unfixable Apple M1 chip bug enables cross-process chatter, breaking OS security model


Re: Major security risk

With enough bugs all bugs are shallow.

Scientists stumped by strange X-rays from Uranus


Re: conversion to degenerate matter? or just an X-ray mirage

So you're saying we must observe where the sun doesn't shine.

Lay down your souls to the gods of rock 'n' roll: Conspiracy theorists' 5G 'vaccine' chip schematic is actually for a guitar pedal


Re: Doh!

Older than that...

The Lord is a shepherd.

Remember 2013? This coffee machine does: If I could turn back time – I'd reboot this PC


The elephant in the room

Are we just going to ignore that someone saw fit to require 8 gigs of RAM in a fucking coffee machine?

Here's why your Samsung Blu-ray player bricked itself: It downloaded an XML config file that broke the firmware


Re: Samsung quality software

If (list == null) return;


Dutch national broadcaster saw ad revenue rise when it stopped tracking users. It's meant to work like that, right?


Re: Its a self-supporting bubble

Your first sentences also encapsulate the basics of a fiat economy.

Interesting parallel there.

Linus Torvalds drops Intel and adopts 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper on personal PC


Socket != chipset

AM4 is just a pegboard and the pinout circuitry.

What you are thinking of is the chipset. B450 and X470 to be precise are the ones that need some kludging to allow for the zen3 parts. It's not really the bios size in general, just that they will need to remove a lot of existing cpu definitions to make room for the new sku's, which will result in market fragmentation and hence why they tried to avoid it by specifying only X570+.

Also note that the 320 chipset AM4 boards cannot be used with Zen2 parts.

So you still need to swap out boards for AMD as well, but at least they tried to keep it to a minimum.

NASA makes May 27 its US independence day from Russian rockets: America's back in the astronaut business after nearly nine years


obligatory xkcd


Stop worrying – Larry Ellison and Prez Trump will have this whole coronavirus thing licked shortly with the power of data


Re: Salvation from the Devil

But at least it is SUSTAINED misery.

EA boots Linux gamers out of multiplayer Battlefield V, Penguinistas respond by demanding crippling boycott


Re: Now I feel like a Luddite...

I think you are overlooking the billions of folks in the developing world.

Not many home internet connections, computers, or even toilets... but there's a shitload of cheap android phones.