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Woman jailed for texting while driving

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The woman was not jailed for texting while driving. She was jailed for causing and accident and killing somebody, there's a BIG difference.

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots



I fly over 30,000 miles every year, now they can finally feel the way I feel. Why should I get all the baby-crying fun?

Qantas phone check-in to take off next year


Continental Airlines already does IT

Continental has been doing the cell phone check it for a few months now and no need to scan.

Pioneer's 500GB Blu-ray disc

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How it compares?

>How does this technically impressive but inherently unstable layer

>cake compete against inexpensive, stable, and fast hard drives?

You think the first hard drives were big and stable? Or any other technology for that matter?

>Priced a BD disk recently?

Uh, yes. A 25GB BD goes for about $12 now, prices already dropped since last year's $20.

A BD has a shelf life of approximately 200 years, a HD doesn't get anywhere close and it's subject to mechanical failure.

As a professional photographer I rather burn a few coasters and have my photos safely backed up on several BD than several HDD.

You know, not everybody needs storage to save their illegally downloaded games, videos and music.

Canon EOS 450D digital SLR

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I'm a professional photographer and I use Canon equipment. I use higher end DSLRs but still think the new 450D is a great camera.

Reviews in photography magazine in the U.S. place it as the best and fastest camera for under $2000, even better than the 40D (although it's not as sturdy and lacks higher ISO).

A score of 70% shows that the person who wrote the review has no understanding of how cameras work and how to measure quality factors.

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game

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Job Vs Gates

I don't know you but these days I like Bill Gates a lot more than Steve Jobs. At least Gates gives hundreds of million of dollars to research possible cures to common diseases.

EU project scans air passengers for terrorist tendencies

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No thank you!

I'm an elite member in my favorite airline (Continental. Ok free advertising since they do a good job) which means I fly at least 25,000 actual miles a year (more than that I assure you) and I go to the bathroom a lot (I drink a lot of water on the plane to stay hydrated) to the point that on intercontinental flights I pick an aisle seat for not bothering my neighbors, but if my airline implemented something like this I'd stop flying with them. It's a pain in the neck already all the ridiculous useless security I have to go through (recently they threw away my Passion Fruit Jam purchased in Hawaii for my mother saying it was a security risk).

I'm sick and tired of paranoia. Security YES, overzealous security agents cutting off on my freedom NO.

Comcast mulls overage fees for bandwidth lovers

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I'd Leave Comcast

I have Comcast and I'm a photographer, which means that I use bandwidth to promote my activity. If Comcast put a cap to hurt me I would quit them in a heartbit, even if the solution I choose ended up being more expensive, but it's a matter of principle. I'm tired of corporations telling me what to do.

Amazon sues New York over Amazon Tax

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You're crazy!

>We say that New York has a right to its tax money.

And I say that you are crazy. The law is clear and NY has no right to anything. Amazon does not reside in NY nor does it hold any office/warehouse. By the same reasoning then NY should start taxing merchandise purchased by mail/net order in other countries. And then all the other 49 states should do so.

House of Reps passes FISA bill sans telecom immunity provision



Finally Pelosi is growing some balls, I might even start to like her...

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008


Re: @Michael Compton

I'm not sure what you mean that layers are easier to add to HD-DVD than BD. I still have to see any HD-DVD DL in the market.

BD-RE are pretty cheap nowadays, the price has dropped a lot, single layer discs are going for just over 10 Dollars each here in the States and double layers (50GB) are still expensive but price will drop and quickly (just a year ago one BD-RE SL was 24 dollars).

Also, in the works is a 4L disc with 200GB capacity.

I'm a professional photographer and disc capacity is the thing I'm most interested in and that's why I backed BD since the start. HD-DVD simply was never an option to me.

BD DL = 50GB, HD-DVD DL=30GB, that's 20GB difference: HUGE!



Re: Get the facts straight

>2. BluRay SL= 25GB DL= 50GB 4L= 100GB so 200GB requires at

>least 8Layers.

Actually the work TDK is doing with Sony is a double sided disc 4L for a total of 200GB, and later 8L each side.

It doesn't matter, even double sided 200GB is great to have.

As for point 7:

>Blu Ray outsold HD DVD in total disc sales 65% to 35% not 3:1

HD-DVD gave away TONS of free discs, so the base is irrelevant since we all very well know what those discs are and none of them interesting in my opinion. Also the HD-DVD camp has the habit of counting out the PS3 when counting the hardware sales but then counting the PS3 when it's time to divide the number of movies sold by the number of machines in circulation. This is a very well proved fact, one which I find a little too convenient.

Who cares anyway, HD-DVD is dead, good riddance and long live Blue Ray (10 years or so until the next format war ;-) ).


PS: Remember that was Toshiba that wanted the format war in the first place.

Euro Blu-ray movie sales reach 2.37m discs


Yes it is over

For the people claiming that a majority of the Blue Ray players are PS3 and therefore should not be counted: GET A CLUE!

A lot of people have bought a PS3 because of the Blue Ray and they use it to watch BD movies so I don't see any reason why it should not be counted.

Plus, you might want to read Slashdot and around the web on Wal-Mart, the biggest US retailer of anything, saying that they are dropping HD-DVD and Toshiba about to announce the end of it. Not only, more and more sources are claiming that Toshiba already has one or two Blue Ray players ready for release because they cannot afford to fall behind the market.

Good bye HD-DVD was nice meeting you (not really, I never cared for 20GB less capacity than BD).

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re: Why say it in Europe??

Why? Because it's important what studios in Hollywood do. You claim that the distribution in other countries is not related to them and I tell you that you're wrong. All major studios also own distribution companies even if they have a different name, for example Disney distributes in Europe under Buena Vista Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment; FOX distributes its own movies... etc. so it's wrong to say that their choice has no impact in Europe.


HD-DVD: It's Over!

Read this new story: Toshiba to drop HD-DVD


Guess BD is the winner. Good! I prefer a 50GB storage space.

Also Interesting is this comment by Michael Bay regarding Blue Ray:


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Not Really

In the US, regarding the fact that an HD-DVD player costs only $100 including 5 movies, BD still has over 60% of the marker and that does not include PS3.

I don't know in the UK but in the US HD-DVD is D E A D ! Lots and lots of people who purchased a HD-DVD player at Christmas have returned it despite the fact that it was cheap and many more are buying HD-DVD players not because they believe in the future but because at $100 with 5 movies it's worth the cost. Both in the US and Japan Blue Ray has won, if you look at the numbers, more and more stores are dropping HD-DVD, including Best Buy, the biggest US Consumer Electronics chain.

I don't own either one, but these are the facts, numbers that are easily traceable. HD-DVD is pretty much dead. R.I.P.

HD DVD fights back in the US

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I live in the US. The above numbers do not take into consideration sales of PS3 (with a PS3 40GB package for $399 including BD Spider-Man), and also do not take into consideration that you can buy everywhere a HD-DVD player for about $100 with a coupon for 5 free movies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's about 50 GBP.



re: HD and Blu-Ray player?

First of all, there is at least one combo player, second: no, they do not share the same laser technology.

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PS3 Vs HD-DVD for XBOX 360

First of all, I'm a XBOX user so I guess I should stay with HD-DVD right? Wrong :) hehehe.

The HD-DVD for the XBOX is a lousy player and hardly worth $100 if you ask me, on the other hand, for $399 you can get a PS3 with a very high quality BD Player for the same price (or nearby) of a stand-alone BD player. So, my temptation is to get a PS3, if not to play, at least to watch BD movies.

On amazon.com now you can get the PS3 40GB with Spider Man for $399 plus 5 other BD movies for free.

I think PS3 should be taken into consideration for the above statistics, one reason is because with BD movies being bundled with it people will be forcedly tempted to watch it and get hooked, and let's not forget that many computer monitors sold today are HDMI compliant and High Definition capable. I think many people are buying a PS3 today to watch HD movies, and then using its gaming capabilities as a bonus.

eBay: 'We will lower listing fees'

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@ Ed: S&H fees

I'm one of those people that sell with high S&H fees and I plan to keep it that way. Why?

Because if I sell a DVD that I bought for $15 for 1 penny plus $19.99 S&H fees I have to pay ebay the closing fess only on 1 penny. Note that they already charged me for insertion fees and for PayPal. At that point I made, maybe, a $2 profit, which is really nothing.

If I have to post that same DVD for $17 plus $3 S&H I'm paying much more for insertion and closing fees at which point I make no profit so to make the same $2 I have to sell the DVD for $19.50 plus $3 S&H.

In the first instance you pay $20, in the second you pay $22.50


I have friends that got negative feedback for selling a DVD for $1 and $15 SH&, the same DVD that sells in store for $21.99 (Plus tax, often)

If you're not happy with the price don't buy it on ebay and get it for more in the store. But if you are smart, you will look at the total price, you don't care about the S&H per se.

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

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Downloads NOT GOING to substiture Blue-Ray

Jobs should know better. Even after all this time download of music from iTunes and similar service is a minority of sales when compared to actual CDs sold.

Not only the bandwidth is not there for HD download but:

1) HD download is not the same quality of a BD disc. No studio is going to put a 40GB file to download, they'll be compressed to something like 4GB, at that point why inventing BD and HD-DVD at all since that could fit a regular DVD?

2) People like to collect movies. I own over 500 DVDs and I'm not the only one

3) Can you imagine the nightmare of your hard drive crashing and having to re-download the whole HD content? What if the downloading service has closed down or you don't have the file with the license anymore (their downloads would be protected for sure).

Just today I downloaded a 45 minutes TV show from Amazon Unbox, I have broadband and yet it took 11.5 hours to download. That's bullcrap! Imagine a 2.5 hours High-Def movie... Much faster to go to my local video store and buy/rent the Blue Ray.

Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1 in US


Talking about prices...

Somebody here is forgetting that when the first DVD-R came out it was sold on the market for $5000 (and people, some, bought it).

Stop whining about high prices of BD and HD-DVD, it's normal, new technology costs. Prices will come down in the future when more people puchase and the Second Generation of devices is out. It happens with every format.

That said: long live BD. ;-)

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When I saw Transformers at the cinema my first thought after the movie ended was: "If there's one movie I want to own on high definition, this is it (and the Pirates Trilogy)" - well... turns out it will be released on HD-DVD and so I ordered the regular DVD version. One day it will come out on BD format and then I'll buy it.

I've pointed my bets on Blu-Ray since the beginning and this stupid war that should've never started (remind you of any other war?) is taking toll on both sides, but at the end I'm sure BD will win.

Toshiba: integrated HD DVD would 'limit' Xbox experience

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Something to do with BD ?

Since the news are out that Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD 2:1 in the States, it would be stupid of Microsoft not to consider an eventual external BD Drive for the 360.

Regardless of the merits of the HD-DVD format, we all know (in denial or not) where the format war is heading.

Personally, I'm waiting until the second Generation of the format to go out and buy a BD-RW for storing all my photos (I'm a photographer) on a whopping 50GB disc :)

Luca Diana

Daewoo demos 'Blu-ray Disc 2.0' player


Not another BD vs HDVD Please

Both products have merits so stop trashing one format or the other. The public will decide what's best. And what's best doesn't always mean "best"

In any case, with 50GB discs and twice as many movies sold I see BD in the lead.

People want more space, maybe HDDVD should upgrade their specifications. It benefits all at the end.

eBay chokes on iPhones



What do you mean "if Nintendo could get their sh*t together"?

Every time I go to my local Best Buy they have the Wii on hand.

iPhone contract charges unveiled


Rates good in the US? Yeah right!

I pay $60/month and I have 900 anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes and unlimited same-provider anytime, plus unlimited same-provider text-video-image messages and 500 toward other providers. Of course that also includes voicemail, caller ID, 3-way calling and forwarding.

I was considering switching to get in iPhone but at those prices it's not going to happen.

Gone phishing with eBay



A while ago ebay contacted me saying my account was hijacked and there was a $10,000 bid under my account for a used car engine. After all the headache of resetting account, changing passwords, etc. I spoke to an ebay representative asking how my account could have possibly been hijacked and the answer was that ebay allows any kind of HTML code on their auctions because they don't feel sellers should be restricted when creating a web page so I could be on ebay one second and on a scam site the next. The only solution therefore, according to them, was to use ebay Toolbar (which only works on IE, I use Firefox).