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FBI boss warns online threats will outpace terrorism


oh wow, i wish i was paid thousands of dollars just to state the obvious!

Microsoft raises 'state of the art' son of NTFS


@Stephen Usher

This would have been great if rename on live files worked, more streamlined updates without reboot would be awesome!

Windows Phones message hub hit by killer SMS


Read the article again and then say "No surprise there. MS security record is awful".

And if you still can't spot it, here is the link again :)


Samsung imagines see-through bendy tablet of the future

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This is awesome! Samsung seem to be a leading technology developer, where is everyone else?!

Microsoft to offer dual upgrade path for Windows 8


Answer is simple, yes it might be stable and functional but people like to experience and live life on the edge, they like to try new things instead of sticking to the current/ norm realm.

Sage sued for pulling out too soon

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These suing claims are getting pathetic, it's almost like a customer walks into a store, talks to the attendant, becomes close to buying a T.V and then last minute backs out and walks straight out the store. Then the shop attendant attempts to sue the customer!

Google: 'We did not follow Apple into phone market'


Google vs Apple

Would it matter if Google entered the phone market after Apple or before? For us consumers, either way it's a benefit. Nobody wants to pay a fortune, everyone wants newer apps, newer innovations, different mobile phones etc

All in all, just as Lloyd in the above post stated, "the better product will win and that's all that will matter".

Apple patent seeks to reinvent retail


another joke

This is yet another pathetic patent from Apply! So many non-Apple products have these so called 'NFC'. Next Apple will be attempting to patent the fact the phone makes phone calls by pressing on the touch-sensitive screens (unless they've already done it?).

Microsoft Surface does have rfid and Bluetooth communication that communicates with the system, picks the item up and registers to the surface so users can interact.

Androids definitely has an application to pick up the barcode and from its database, it would display the details of that particular scanned barcode.

Lawsuit coming right up around the corner!

Police send Reg hack CRB check database


why don't they...

just put a block on any outgoing unencrypted documents/ spreadsheets/ databases, even PDFs attachments on emails...?

Having the right type of service and filters can very easily stop this. People make mistakes, very stupid ones but still mistakes. A simple setup to stop outgoing unencrypted documents/ spreadsheets/ databases would stop this and sender can be notified. Whoever did the initial system design, didn't do a very good job of it (or perhaps it was the lack of financing!)

Why the hell would anyone export over 10k records anyway? If you need a secure method, surely you would have a more secured centralised SQL server for the police force to access confidential data from?


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