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Popular gamers 'should play for free' – Valve boss

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This is terrible.

Only people who get upset over words on the internet and their own inability to ignore idiots would support this terrible terrible plan.

What happens if some kid is unpopular at school because they're a geek? They have to pay more for video games because all the cool kids at school voted them as an unpopular gamer? What if that kid was already poor and could barely afford games to begin with? Way to ensure he'll never get any enjoyment out of his pathetic childhood.

You think this will punish the griefers (who will all just vote each other up anyways) but all this is going to do is marginalize people who don't deserve it.

Save the planet: Stop the Greens



Put all the nuclear reactors you want in my back yard, just please dear god no more windmills, cooling towers are aesthetically pleasing, giant rotary bird-killers are not.

Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice

Gates Halo

Thanks Microsoft...

...for telling me about OOo problems I already knew about, years ago!

Now hush up and get back to fixing Office.

Moms stand firm against antenna madness


Oh man

Someone should email these women about the radiation emitted from their lightbulbs. Then maybe they'll all live in the dark instead of acting like they do.


NASA buys cutting-edge Cornish robot


The best Keanu Reeves impression I've ever seen.

This robot had it down pat, absolutely flawless performance. Keanu Reeves is probably angry now that robots can easily replace him in the "stoic and emotionless" department.

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit

Jobs Horns

Exploit? Or Business Opritunity.

Excuse me while I go tell my coworkers with iPhones "Yes, I can jailbreak your iPhone for you, and it'll be ready by lunch! That'll be $50."

Wannabe Jedi drool over potent laser 'lightsabre'

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I bought one

Apparently it's gonna be at least another week before these things ship out from what their support people have told me. I believe part of the reason why they are allowed to get away with selling it is because it's actually not quite 1W (it is even marketed as "<1W"), at least here in Canada any laser under 1W doesn't really require anything to own.

Industrial laser? Heh, the diodes for these things came out of a cheapy Casio projector meant for home entertainment.

I have drawn up a practical list of what the average person can and cannot do with this laser:

Things it can do:

Detach retinas at 200+ meters

Light cigarettes

Make the annoying dog next door go away, permanently

Pop balloons from a distance (hehehehe)

Cut cardboard/paper/cloth

Light campfires from a safe distance

Many many more fun things! Get one for your kids! (j/k)

Ignite thermite

Cook your dinner

Melt just about anything made out of plastic or rubber

Fish (it's waterproof!)

Cauterize small wounds

Things it can't do:

Blow up Alderaan

Cut open Tauntauns

Cut metal (but it will heat it up)

Take the hobbits to Isengard

Your laundry


Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?


Highlights from this years WWDC: iPhone 4, Steve Jobs.

iPhone 4: Is thinner, has almost twice the pixel density, and still doesn't support flash.

Steve Jobs: Is thinner, has almost twice the ego density, and still doesn't support flash.

Advertisers set iPad pester-standards

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Who do I bill?

When this starts, I'm going to have to assume that iPhone ads will probably start too, so who do I send an invoice to for wasted bandwidth?

So, how long until we start seeing cialis and viagra ads?

Apple iPad



When's the NetBSD port for the iPad come out? That might make it actually useful.

I just bought a netbook and absolutely love it, EeePC 1201N, decent enough battery life, fast, and it runs a real OS!

Scammers plunder gullible iPad owners' backdoors

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not so fast

It's easier to exploit any *nix machine that you might think, with most *nixes it's much easier than doing so on Windows, it's just laziness that stops most people, that and the lack of knowledge of such systems, and the fact that the effort involved doesn't pay as highly as just doing it to Windows. Now, a properly secured *nix machine is one of the toughest nuts to crack, but the reality of the situation is

Let's look at OSX, a UNIX (why God, why!?), operated mainly by types even the BOFH would try to avoid like the plague. Most of these folks don't even know they're using a UNIX system, and therefore only rely on whatever security Apple gives them, which is usually pretty minimal, they also usually run services that are very open and easy to pick at. These are all basically insecure *nix machines open to the net, and breaking into and/or installing software onto an insecure *nix machine is about as easy as it gets.

BOFH: Forgive and forget

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Ah, Simon, the PFY is good, but you're DAMN good.

Chinese go beyond binary with ternary molecule


22 = 9

In a ternary system wouldn't it be "There are 02 types of people in this world, those who know ternary, those who don't, and a bunch of really confused nerds."