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Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after deadly Autopilot crash


As far lane assist goes, it can be usefull on highways but on normal, twisty roads, it can be pretty annoying trying to correct the trajectory of the car and require to fight the steering wheel to correct it. I have turned it off and it is turned on only on long highway trips. Tried Audi's lane assist and Mazda's (my current car)

Microsoft rolls out Files On-Demand with tighter macOS integration – but it defaults to 'on' and can't be disabled


You've lost me at Google. Same demon, different name



AMD claims up to 24 hours of laptop battery life with its latest Ryzen 6000 silicon


Re: Something the like has already been in there before.

And buy what? Which are the real alternatives?

IBM bosses wrongly sacked channel salesman after Tech Data joint venture failed, tribunal rules


Re: This was in the UK. In the US …

Really? Maybe in UK. Try that in my country (inside EU) and you will end up directly in court. And usually the courts side with the employee. Let alone that such behavior can guarantee a visit from the labor protection authorities which will nitpick every document. You need thoroughly documented investigation before you can fire someone, outside the legally mandated procedures.

Electric fastback fun: Now you can surf the web from the driving seat of your Polestar 2


Re: Pandas...

So every perp in a golf diesel will just have to keep moving while waiting for the police Tesla to run out of energy...

Now that's a splash down: Astronauts spend 8-hour trip to Earth in diapers after SpaceX capsule toilet breaks


Re: BSFA members...

Urea is in short supply all over the world. Prices for Ad Blue (the addititive for the diesel engines) and the adhesives (Urea-formaldehyde type for industrial use) have gone through the roof. And all due to the prices for the natural gas

'This is the new normal,' Microsoft tells US workers: Work from home until further notice


Centre right? They are more to the right than our local right wingers...

Chinese web giant Tencent predicts Beijing has more internet regulations coming – and welcomes them


Re: "[Martin Lau] welcomed whatever's coming"

Actually, in China, that means user identification. Once users are identified, moderation is simple to implement in a country like China... Upset the CCP and go to a working camp for re-education.

Moderation in the rest of the world should be a bit more subtle than this.

Cyberlaw experts: Take back control. No, we're not talking about Brexit. It's Automated Lane Keeping Systems


Re: The Pothole and Bicycle Finder

Driving on a twisty road with the ALKS enabled can be really annoying...

Calling all fanbois: If you can't wait to glimpse iOS 15, Apple is running a public beta now


In some respect, IOS 15 beta 2 is more stable and runs smoother than IOS 14.7 beta 4 (I think). Safari tabs could be better, though: address bar on the bottom is nice to have but closing the tabs with an X on the top of the tab defies the purpose...

India's IT minister angry that Twitter broke local law by following US law


Re: What a wonderful law

True... It is funny for me not being able to see the products I am selling to US customers shown of their website.

Ransomware victim Colonial Pipeline paid $5m to get oil pumping again, restored from backups anyway – report


Re: Gothminister

and that is a trustworthy source of information, no doubt.

Tesla Autopilot is a lot dumber than CEO Musk claims, says Cali DMV after speaking to the software's boss


Re: not a particularly high bar, is it

In my part of the world, that would be BMW drivers, but yes, you are on point here

Think tank report names and shames 'stakeholder capitalist' Salesforce for paying no corporate income tax in the US


And the republican party is what??? Party of the common people? What changes in taxation they have done? Aside the massive tax cut to the top 1% (incidentally including the ones you say that are Dems supporters)... I think people in US have a twisted sense on reality. The corporations own the Congress (regardless of the Party) and people are instigated to bicker and fight between about color of skin, sexual preferences, religion, guns a.s.o.

War on Section 230 begins in earnest as Dem senators look to limit legal immunity for social networks, websites etc


Re: "the law works at least as well, if not better, than the alternatives"

Really? The march took place inside the Capitol during a joint session of Congress that, by coincidence, was validating the results of the elections? Can you say that to the family of the Capitol cop killed by the Trump supporters that "only marched"?

I guess "Hang Mike Pence" was just a joke...

Barbs exchanged over Linux for M1 Silicon ... lest Apple's lawyers lie in wait


Re: Look forward to this coming to fruition

Actually was not even the plan. M1 goal was to fix the poor performance/thermals of low end Intel Macbooks and/or Macbook Air. This goal was exceeded and some. I own a Macbook Pro with the M1 SOC and beats the hell out of a Asus gaming laptop in terms of usability and battery life.

Next gen of ARM SOC from Apple will focus on performance (not that M1 is a slouch but in GPU need some extra grunt) and the next target would be the 16 inch Macbook Pro and IMacs.

Brexit freezes 81,000 UK-registered .eu domains – and you've all got three months to get them back


Re: Oh well

So, in the end, they have not left EU :). Funny how works things...

New t-shirt slogan: 'My job was outsourced to an Indian company that moved it to Vietnam'


Re: Happy yet, Reg?

Dude, you only spill the same bullshit as Donald and the conservative media. If he has proof of the so call "steal" why not present it in court? Why is so difficult?

Honey, I shrunk the battery: Something's gotta give as iPhone 12's logic board swells to accommodate 5G chippery


Re: Just curious

Battery is smaller than on the Iphone 11 (marginally). Maybe A14 was optimized to use less power when running on 4G...

Open Invention Network adds Microsoft's exFAT to Linux System Definition, Satan spotted throwing snowballs


Not that simple.

Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. Laptops, monitors and WLANs fly off shelves


Re: and desks and chairs at IKEA

Stores are closed but online sales are still open. also the main distribution center is still open, although not accepting incoming deliveries anymore

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month


Re: Do No Evil ?

I guess all all them to a certain extent. Don't know about Facebook, but Microsoft still operates via the Ireland based subsidiary in relation to EU countries...

Google scolded for depriving the poor of privacy as Chinese malware bundled on phones for hard-up Americans


Re: I feel fortunate

Hear, hear... I still miss my 9900 and my Nokia 1520 but this is life. We have lost but still have something to remember (actually I still have the Bold 9900 but the thing will not power up anymore)

Anthos: Google's bid for Kubernetes differentiation ... and market share


Re: Arcades Ambo

You forgot Oracle and IBM, to have the complete nightmare

IBM, Microsoft and Linux Foundation link arms to fight patent trolls with 'multimillion' scheme


Re: so, ms will...

LINUX device manufacturers? I think you refer to the Android device manufactures that were held hostage with the FAT patents.


Re: The only way Microsoft could make some people happy

Not actually true. Windows still accounts for a shitload of revenue for Microsoft. However, what would happen in the future is for all to wait and see. The latest directions changes were all generated by the need to make money: Windows Mobile fails? They have a huge number of Android/IOS apps that are well regarded/downloaded to the tune that they can male an android variant fully customized using their own launcher and apps. Already have an Linux distro (true, Azure only) but if the flow of money will show the need to have a mainstream Linux distro, under Nadella I am pretty sure will do it.

Use the courts, Jeff: Amazon to contest Microsoft scooping $10bn JEDI contract


If you go in that direction, same can be told by either of the bidders (Amazon included)...

Pack your pyjamas, Zuck: US bill threatens execs with prison for data failures


Re: Preempt

I think that murder is considered federal crime, so there is no way to hide from this in the US.

Good news: Microsoft is doubling your OneDrive storage for more than double your money


Re: Just Tell Me...

Funny thing is that even under Linux, you are only at a browser step away from onedrive...

Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS


Re: OMG!

Yes, my dear 6310i. Nothing matched the battery life after that one died...

Driving Xtreme Cuts: DXC Technology waves bye bye to 45% of Americas Security divison


Re: "there will be fewer certifications to maintain [..], which is costly and time consuming"

I agree... If the financial results depends on letting one engineer go, I think the company has some screw-ups running it...

MPs tear 'naive' British Army a new one over Capita recruitment farce


Re: Spotted the problem?

Yes, quite cheap :)

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine


Edge will live on (albeit with a different underframe...) As for Bing, was it killed recently and never heard it? Not that I care too much.

Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss


Re: Take your browser and fuck off

Well, if you use Chrome, I guess you are already a commodity, just for a different corporation. Just saying...

Microsoft Surface kicks dust in face of Apple iPad Pro in Q3


Re: Like a Ferrari than only runs on 20 Octane gas

i guess that that statistic refers to US market, not the entire world. Not sure how well Chromebook fares in comparison to Surface or Ipad Prod for that matter in the absence of internet connection. Haven't seen one in the wild, although I have seen plenty Ipad Pros and Surface

Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio



Upgraded on Wednesday, no issues so far on a Lenovo Yoga 710. I guess I am lucky...

I'll cap internet tax, says Hungarian PM as mob attacks his party HQ


Re: Doing the maths

Partly correct. You didn't took into account the number of gigabytes of traffic per ISP per year. I think the final amount will be bigger than 700k.

Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss



Although I don't approve hacking , the hackers in this case had a point. You should not confuse the romanian people with gypsies. Clarkson tried to make a joke but unfortunately was not a good one.


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