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Re: Joystick Killer

I had the variety of joysticks that we all did before I finally settled on the Powerplay Cruiser. This thing was built from steel parts.


It had a great semi soft feel, it looked bleugh in the pastel colours (I think there were other version but this was cheapest).

All the switches were microswitched, the shaft was steel, the base ring (where the shaft attached), was solid steel, you could lever bank vaults open with this thing.

It was worth every penny, and I think I eventually managed to break it after 3 years (by standing on it in steelies), bought another one, and that was my last joystick.

It also had a turnable ring at its base, which allowed you to stiffen up the movement. Once the first broke, I took it apart (how else was I supposed to learn how things worked????), and was impressed by its build quality.

Android VPN redirect vuln now spotted lurking in Kitkat 4.4


Re: Is this the same Israeli researchers that seem to be flooding the news with FUD?

But, but, but google "Do No Evil", they love fluffy kittens, and they give android away free and they are not an evil corporation like Apple/Windows. As always fanboys be dumb whether they are Apple, google, windows or Samsung flavoured. Those rose tinted glasses sure make it hard to read articles.

Android will ship more than ONE BILLION mobes+slabs in 2014


Re: Complete Analogy fail - But Ill continue it

I have a NAS with all my files on, but I am just using my tablet in USB mode to move files to it. The trouble with this, compared to iTunes is in the workflow really.

With my daughter's old iPod I would connect it to my laptop, using iTunes I could see what films, apps or games were on it, remove any that were no longer wanted, add new ones from an easy to view, easy to search catalogue (I had playlists of kids movies, cartoons, etc). It would prevent me from trying to add more than the available space, and tehn I would press sync and "magically" it worked.

Now with the Android tablet, which I and they love by the way, I have to connect my device. Turn on USB mode. Then browse to the device and remove the things i dont want by highlighting and removing. I then go to my files, and search for the first item I want, then drag and drop it, then search again drag and drop.

1) I cant just browse the catalog for a list of kids things (OK I accept I could move them in to folders, but that is not the same thing). Or I could get a cataloguing application, however then I would have to switch between multiple apps!

2) I have no idea at any point how full my device is or will be. Other than to check each time.

3) I cant gather albums together if I want a flat structure, so they have to be broken apart.

I will be honest the games apk issue I suspected could be resolved, but again it just isnt as neat. I suppose it is the price you pay for a more open environment.

I tried using another application/client but it was clunky, didnt always sync, was slow on startup (it seemed to want to reindex every time).

I will take a look at ES Explorer not sure it resolves the problem though. Maybe I need a new workflow to go with the Androids that works.



Still around going on about android Barry? Still blindly defending the beloved Google and hated Apple? You missed the point completely, who said anybody was approaching it from the angle of looking for particular apps in Apple and then not finding in Play? The original article stated that most developers will primarily target Apple. Are you telling me that they are wrong, there are lots of surveys that show the majority of developers have tried Android but not had success. There seem to be a variety of reasons for this but primarily:

1) Google have positioned it such that giving your stuff away and using ads to make money is really the main model.

2) a poor experience with Play. Again iTunes is pish, Play is somehow worse.

3) Number of actual buyers in the market place is low (possibly due to 1). You may claim this is a good thing, stuff that is "good enough" and free, being better than full featured paid apps. It is certainly a model and some people can make it work.

4) Reported instances and tracking of app usage shows a higher level of piracy of paid for applications.

5) I have noticed a lot of apps that I used to have on my Galaxy 2 no longer exist in Play, and this appears to be because the developers have stopped supporting them on Android.

6) Number of people who own an Android device, compared to number who actually use them for much beyond a phone and contacts (maybe facebook/email) is pretty disparate.

Whilst I have no doubt there are good apps for Android, as I have said I own three devices, that was not the articles point at all.

Downvote all you want fandroids, pretending that your beloved OS is flawless and competes from a integration perspective is head burying. I like it for many things, hate it for others, same goes for iOS. They are tools not a religion.


Complete Analogy fail - But Ill continue it

The analogy fails in so many ways!

"So tyre manufacturers will shift more production resources to sizes typically used by Kia.

Knowing what is selling/ most popular is kind of important for any industry that relies on integrating their product in to a system already used by the customer"

Unfortunately the analogy is so poor that even the counter doesnt work. Largely this is because the KIA owners in the analogy dont actually buy any tyres. They expect their tyres for free, but are willing to get Junk email for that privilege, or they will steal tyres that do cost money.

Unfortunately tyre makers make less money this way, and so only the big companies who can gain from the junk mail carry on,and even then they are selective. Most of the tyre makers in OSVille instead make specialist tyres for the Ferraris.

As a lover of both OSes I can say I love some of the capabilities of both systems, Android has meant I can give my kids a 60 quid 1400x900 display 7" tab, capable of videos and games, however it is, as a parent, a nightmare to use, especially if I want to download the same game for each device. Having to copy and drag movie files using the filenames is just awful in Android, or having to download a purchased movie twice to each device is just bloody painful. Most people hate iTunes but for ease of updating (only download once), easy of managing large libraries of music, Android has no comparison (I have tried Doubletwist, and a few other supposed copies of iTunes, and they have all proved to be flaky/slow, which when you are comparing to the tripe that is iTunes is a major feat of poor engineering).

I will say this may just be YMMV, but having to update those devices with new movies and games, means a night of pain.

Shopping list for Tesco: Eggs, milk, bread, tablets (the £60 7in Android kind)



I have been looking for a cheap tablet, and this has a better screen than anything I have seen, even if you shell out 24 notes. Most devices are still 1024 tops.

Michael Gove: C'mon kids, quit sexting – send love poems instead


Self Serving

Politician in self serving act, what is the world coming to?

The bank that likes to say... crash: TSB's online banking goes titsup on launch day


As a developer put it

"Looks like a monstertemplates.com website"

However could be worse it could be like the RBS website who I used to bank with, the worst pile of shite ever. I have personal co-op bank and barclays business banking. Barclays is definitely better, although Co-op is simple and easy to use.

20 injured at LG phone giveaway as PR stunt turns into riot


Re: blah

As much as I like Pratchett this figure seems somewhat optimistic. It suggests that the bigger the crowd the more intelligent it is. I would suggest (1/n)*10 or some such inverse relationship

Samsung's new co-CEO: 'Windows isn't selling very well'


Re: "We like android but we prefer Tizen"

I think you have missed the last 6 months, Samsung have been branding themselves strongly. They have been pretty much ignoring the Android branding where they can.

Originally people bought Android because they wanted a phone that was like the iPhone. Now people want a Samsung, very few people buy it because its Android, not in the general public anyway.


Re: Freudian Slip?


WSJ: Samsung has become a dominant maker of Android-based phones. Has your relationship with Google changed?

Mr. Shin: We like Android and we plan to continue our good relations with Google. I don't think it's correct to say that there's friction.

Statement Analysis:

Two sentences that oppose one another, the first says they like Google, so it is probably true. However one suspects that the sentence really was more like "We like android but we prefer Tizen" in his head.

He also says he doesn't think it is correct to say there's friction, as above, it's very non committal. He might not use the word friction, but he might use another word in his head.

OTOH, there is no surprise here, Samsung would rather drop Android, if they can, for Tizen.


Re: Why Care About The OS?

I guess your new to these forums? The people who hate Apple and would never by something from them, whilst frothing about Android, is only matched by those people who love Apple no matter what crap they produce.

Windows seems to be hated by just about everyone though.

Hey I wonder if I can get down votes from three camps that'd be novel.

CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses


The Herald Sun understands remote access to the venue's security system was given to an unauthorised person.....

Hmmm so a social engineering hack then, i.e. they handed the person the "keys" to the door when he asked for them in the right way, hence they are at fault for handing the info over?


Re: Got access to the casino's CCTV systems

This is what got me too, how did they get access without breaking any laws?

The only thing that I can think is that there was a weakness in the security somewhere? Maybe in the transmission to the gambling commission. If somehow this was presenting on an "open" channel that anyone could see, then it may be considered publicly available. Any other method i.e. hacking into the system, intercepting transmissions, or man in the middle attacks would presumably fall foul of some law or other?

Playmobil punts bank-heist set to wide-eyed kiddies



When I get paid I will be buying one for my two daughters . I am sure they will love it, and I love the anarchy of them robbing the bankers and taking their "shares" directly.

YouTube's hilarious cat videos could soon cost you $5 a month


Re: I'd pay, if...

No tracking, you have realised this is google?? I mean if anyone is going to track you, with or without consent you are already google's bitch.

Worst broadband notspots in the UK named and shamed



you will be dreaming of 1.5mb, unless you have proof anyone is getting it, estimates are usually double real world speeds :), harsh lesson learnt!


Re: The joys of rural existence.

be interested to know who/where, tied to BT for this year as on a new line, but will want to move once this contract runs out!


Cue the ranting

I would love it if I had X speed....

I get 0.7MB and remember the days of my Virgin cable 50MB connection. To be honest though I wouldnt swap living next to the idiots, for living in the middle of nowhere. Yes it makes iPlayer almost unusable but who cares!

Time to set your mega/pirate bay downloads for 4am lol

Why did your outsourced IT fall over? Cos you weren't on Twitter


What? A post where most of the el Reg readers are in agreement, whodda thunkit? I always thought Gartner were a crock of shit, this however proves it.

Now can we get back to Apple or Android bashing please?

Which qualifications are worthwhile?



I guess as another voice, the only opinion I havent seen here is one which asks what are you willing to do? Where would you work? What kind of thing do you love doing? How much money do you want to earn?

I am looking for a new role at the moment, in my area, project management, most of the the big money is in Financial services (for example FX trading, derivatives), in the centre of London, or in software development. If I was you and money/location was no object I wouldn't look at helpdesk roles, I have seen a number of apprentice type roles around at the moment doing networks or hardware. Try and get into those rather than helpdesk, the best helpdesk professionals I know were not techies, they had enough IT savvy to clear the idiot questions, and knew their limits.

I only know one person who converted from helldesk to technical, and to be honest he was already running the site IT when he moved into proper IT, he quickly got picked up to work in networking when a role became available.

Fundamentally try and get the lowest paid/most menial technical job, actually doing something. If you are willing to work anywhere in the country all the better (note if it is away from your home, work out if you could afford to live in B&B, etc). You may need to sacrifice for a couple of years to get the experience you need.

I would also say that as an IT person nowadays you need to be right on the forefront of whatever is in vogue, or you need to have legacy skills. Anything in the middle is now considered to be "off the shelf" and will have either been outsourced (for example Win Server/DB) to India/Asia/South Africa, or will be about to be in any medium sized company. You cannot compete with a tecchie in India who earns 1/7 th of what you do (in fact project mgt is going that way, where it is cheaper to employ 5 crap PMs, and hope one gets it right, than one in the UK).

Be prepared for a life of working long hours, with no recognition, where your skills and experience need to be kept up to date. BE willing to move around for your first 5-10 years, and get experience in lots of places. However it can be a rewarding career with lots of great people, and you wlaways feel llike youre in it together (a sense of embattlement is usual in IT).

Lenovo proclaims PC victory, re-orgs to take on Apple


Good Kit, Best for Corps

I loved the IBM Thinkpad ranges, best corp kit ever. Always well built, easy to manage with great support for a good corporate environment. Can't see them taking on apple in the home/coffee shop/cool environment though. Whether you like them or not Apple kit is good for those people looking for that, the tough old black boxes don't really cut it against the aluminium and high res screens at the moment.

That square QR barcode on the poster? Check it's not a sticker



Symantec have launched one:


Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag


Re: @Steve Evans

Passive resistance by students to anything at school always seemed to get the desired effect. Just shows we are bringing up a society where kids now accept being tracked. In 20 years time we will all be tracked and maybe it will be down to our generation to rebel?

Martian atmosphere pristine, totally free of fart gas, reports Curiosity


Re: The chances of anything coming from Mars...........

Life as we know it would be carbon based, although some theories suggest Silicon as an alternative, this would seem unlikely as Silicon is significantly larger and therefore unlikely to form the same level of strands (i.e DNA).

If we assume carbon based lifeforms but different methods of chemical processes then we still end up producing methane, this is because methane is the most basic compound of carbon, and would be expected to be produced as a biproduct of any process (either direct, as in breathing, or indirect as in decaying of organisms).

Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner


"They spoil everything. We are supposed to be a buffet, but they eat everything out of the bowls before people can get there. We just can’t keep doing this."

This is the clue, I am going to guess they turn up early before everyone else, eat everything on the buffet and just keep eating whatever is put out. Plus knowing your average rugby player they will be aggressive, rude and be self important.

The owner has put up with it for two years to be fair, with them making no effort to buy anything else, etc, I suspect it has as much to do with the fact that other people couldnt eat/get to the buffet and were put off by these two, than them actually eating the food.

Windows Phone 8 stands a chance as Apple, Android dither


Re: @JDX Apple's walled garden for music

Confused at the apple walled garden comment, as I can import any songs I want into an iTunes library and sync it happily with my iphone? Where you do struggle is, as mentioned if you want to move music off your iphone to a PC that isnt your main PC. simple answer to that is move it to that PC and copy/send, yes it's irritating but not a massive problem I ever get stressed about.

Lots of things to get irritated at apple for but this isnt one!

Apple Lightning adaptors reveal limitations


Re: which is it?

I read it the same way initially. However by re-reading this I gathered that the adapter runs at 2.0 (which they do know), but it is not certain if the standard lightning connection runs at 3.0.

NASA's spy sat snaps Curiosity rover burning tracks on Mars


Re: If they get this resolution where the rover is


conclusive enough?

I remember studying this as part of my Degree thesis "Is there life on Mars?" back in 1995, before the latest images came to life

'Nutjob' serves half-baked Raspberry PI scam


Should have sent him here:


Using Steve's conversation:

Steve: Hello Eben

Bot Eben: Salute again!

Steve:It’s Steve, B.A Applied Math Student

Do you have a minute?

Bot Eben: Even if I have a minute - it's my own business! And I forgot to ask you where you are from...

Steve: I wanted to present to my lecturers and administration your computer, I mean the RP.

Bot Eben: I hope you are not one of those computer "geeks"

Steve: And because I am going to visit my high school too I can show it there too

so if they will be interested then they may buy thousands of units

Bot Eben: What can I say? Good reason. Oh, what a fruitful conversation;-)

Steve: Can you please send me sample of model B so they can see it?

Bot Eben: Can't you do it yourself? What about me - I can do almost everything... But in extremely ugly way:-)

Steve: But what I do is a free advertisement for you

what will I get if they will buy thousands?

Eben Bot: No, I don't what will you get if they will buy thousands, unfortunately!

Steve: It doesn’t cost you 30 dollars, show me please where will you

find free advertisement with potential for thousand units to be sold?

Maybe, but who knows the future? I can't decide myself if I will find free advertisement with potential for thousand units to be sold or not.

Fired Toyota coder trashes systems, steals data



either revoke his login procedure wasnt in effect, or they are using generic passwords, or they gave him the admin domain logon, based on my experiences any of those three is likely in all the organisations i have joined, and I am a project manager (although with a tecchie background so people foolishly trust me)

Samsung to fight iPad with stylus, windows


Re: Good.

how is 16:10 closer to 16:11, than 16:12??

UK judge hands Samsung win for being 'not as cool' as iPad


Re: So

Typical fandroid didn't bother to read the comment, we have the fanbois and fandroids arguing over shit again. As I said I didn't think Apple should be able to lay claim to rights to a rectangular screen with a button. However the commentards here stated that the litigation and apple are holding back innovation that I don't get may be I am missing something.

The innovation is in the software surely, the hardware is what Samsung have copied (and I dont blame them), and then added a little and charged less for, great, the reason why the hardware was blocked at all was apple could "show" that the hardware looked close enough to their design that you non savvy user wouldnt notice.....


Re: So

How is the Samsung design innovative?

Tablet format - Check

Touch Screen - Check

Button to press - Check

Stable OS - Check

2 more buttons to press - we just innovated boys!!!

Apple have not, despite Samsung's claims, stifled innovation, in fact I thought the point was that Samsung hadn't been particularly innovative, and that Samsung were stating that they didn't need to be because the design is ubiquitous?

If Samsung had been innovative with their design, like making it oval shaped with five large buttons (as a ridiculous example), then apple would have had literally no case!

Should apple be able to lay rights to the design? No, but let's not pretend this is about innovation. Innovation is not the upgrading of your tablet with an 8MP camera, or adding a HDMI. Samsung want to win this patent war so they can sell tablets that look like iPads, no more, no less.

For the fabulous 2007 tablet designs, that were oh so good before apple see:


Phone-raiding Trojan slips past Apple’s App Store censors



That the headline is about Apple and not Android, anyhoo the only real story here is that someone managed to do something bad with a completely legal use of the app permissions, I am not sure what people expect Apple or Google do, av wouldn't help, so the only way to stop this is to stop the whole ability for a phone to send/sync its contacts anywhere.

I guess el reg will hope to get lots of links from that bait

Startup pitches £64 hackable Android console


Re: I wish

Sounds great until you try and play on a console where hacking is rife. Ask anyone playing multiplayer games on the Wii such as MW3. The lobbies are full of hackers who have cheats galore, and make the game virtually unplayable.

Amazon green-lights in-app purchasing for Android


Re: All about choice

Surely it depends on your total market capacity. So your app may have a possible

total user base of say 10k on each market place.

So in first 3 months:

On Google:

You sell your app for £3, and manage to sell to 3k without any adverts, and make £6300.

In iTunes:

You sell your app for £3, and manage to sell to 3k without any adverts, and make £6300.

In amazons:

You can't ask to sell for more than £3, and they can sell for £1, but they advertise more for you, and get you double the number of buyers at 6k. You make £4.2k.

Your potential income from Apple/Google is more than that from Amazon.

All theoretical, but maybe you get my point.

Ten... e-cars and hybrids


Re: Electric cars....pah

Erm as I remember this was the reason why motorised carts became so popular in New York? The smell was lower, there was less pollution on the streets (crap.. the reason why New york supposedly built the houses with big stairs), and no need to have lots of bales of hay and straw everywhere.

Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband


Re: The slowest place is wrong

I live out in the country so no 3G, and speeds of 750k, but I knew that when I moved here recently! I have no idea how BT would get me a superfast connection, they had to run 250m of cable to get me the broadband/phone line I have! God only knows where the nearest exchange actually is.

I assume the government are hoping to make it for 95% of the population or something to meet targets.

Ageing Mario blamed for Nintendo's woes


Re: Franchising is the death of creativity

So you are suggesting they begin suing their own customers then?

40,000 Apple fanbois demand ethical iPhone 5


Vote with your feet

Want a more ethical phone, go buy a manufacturers who can show they are more ethical. Best way to hit a company is in the pocket surely?

Or is it, as I suspect, that all manufacturers behave as badly? Attacking Apple because they "make big profits" is not the point surely? All that will happen is that will push up the cost to other handset manufacturers who will simply buy from a different supplier who isnt as ethically managed?

Boffins one step closer to invisible shed


at 3.1ghz and cloaked

You can see that the wave pattern shows no interference, I presume that is the point. Because there is no visible change in the wave pattern, the object is effectively invisible.

Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations


I love fandroids

As condescending as usual, no wonder you are the tech equivalents of dinosaurs. Also shows you did not read nor really understand the point of the post.

Anyway the phone is the samsung s9000, so no not a cheap £5 device, "cheap" agreed as that is what she wanted to determine if she wanted an smartphone.

Are you hiding the SSID of your network? Nope, the device simply refuses to connect, we are not running anything strange, any other device (including my new Galaxy S2), connects fine. The s9000 point blank refuses to see the network and simply connect. Could it be something on the LAN? Possibly, do I want to spend any more time trying to fix the stupid thing, no thanks.

Email: Yes of course it is likely this is the case. Rather than she wants to access her personal email which the s9000 refuses to pick up. Again it is accessible from other devices, PCs, etc. Could I spend another 5 hours trying to determine why her configuration is unhappy? probably..

I could go on, but seeing as you will have already stopped listening, I will make the point again:

The suggestion of one person that because their partner works perfectly (when they are tech illiterate), with Android does not prove a thing. It only proves a single use case.



My girlfriend is very technically literate, and has Android which drives her insane as it requires serious effort and swearing to get it to simple things like join our home network (which she has to do manually every single time), adding new email accounts, transferring data, getting more apps on to her phone with an SD card, etc etc

Your point proves nothing, and neither does my gfs inability to get along with Android.

Amazon's Android-friendly Kindle Fire splutters


whine whine

elReg could not be more anti-Apple if they tried ffs, and the point as you are well aware was not that they mentioned this, but that OP was saying that the article suggested that the reader problems were Android related, which the article doesn't.

Honestly the Fandroids are worse than the Fanbois..

Thumb Down

Fecking Fandroids

Drinking so much kool aid from the chocolate factory that they dont even bother to read the article. At no point was it ever mentioned that it was anything to do with Android as an OS??

Apple boots MacBook Air wannabes out of slim case fabs


Who would use it though

How many users are going to want a Linux laptop? Outside of these elReg four walls?

Porsche finds top gear with BlackBerry design



reminds me of an early 90s scientific calculator

Apple shouldn't bother with TV...


ITunes is crud

But this wasnt what made using an mp3 player hard. The difficulties that were resolved that I remember:

1) You needed a content management system to store all your stuff, these were clumsy and hideous. Lets not pretend otherwise.

2) To drag and drop an item, you had numerous steps. First you needed to find and install the drivers for your player, then connect it to your PC, then wait for it all to setup, then you would have to work out where to store the music/videos (usually in some random folder on the device).

3) The UI of my old MP3 player was bloody awful, no proper searching, no categorising, etc.

Now I am not claiming iTunes is particularly great, in fact I hate it with a passion, but it did give a one stop place, and was an easier tool than anything people had really done before.