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GCHQ spooks' code-breaking puzzle solved

Rupert Jabelman

Are you kidding?

No programmer anywhere in this country works for minimum wage (~12kpa). Have look at some uk graduate job listings: http://www.thegraduate.co.uk/Programmer_jobs.html

The sort of candidate who could solve that puzzle fresh out of uni would be an exceptional CS graduate, who will be headhunted by tech companies in their final year who pay very well.

Next-gen Mac mini 'photo' surfaces

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Sideways Firewire

The thing that makes this look fishy to me is the FW800 port. It's on its side compared to all the other FW800 ports I've seen. It also looks like a PCB mounted port, but the side that mounts to the PCB is on the left in the photo (NB the gap between the port & case on the top, right and bottom in the pic). Ok, it could be on some kind of riser, but that seems unlikely....

Gone phishing with eBay

Rupert Jabelman

I spotted one of these last week.

A very similar setup, on an ad for a VW camper. I reported it to eBay straight away, but they didn't seem to understand what was wrong:


Thank you for your email. I understand your concern at the listing for a

1965 Volkswagen (item: 200111255407).

However, while we're always happy to help you, we can't tell from your

email what exactly your inquiry is. Please write back with more details

about your query or problem and any information you feel is important to

help us solve it.

We look forward to receiving your reply and helping you in any way that

we can.


I had to spell out in words of one syllable what was wrong with the auction, and why this was a bad thing before they figured it out.....