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File Explorer fiasco: Window to Microsoft's mixed-up motivations


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Windows 10 handcuffs Cortana web search to Bing and Edge browser


"...small vertical resolution "

Which reminds me - why is it so hard to get a decent 16:10 monitor these days? I have a 7 year old 24" HP on my Win7 machine but I'd like a newer one, preferably 27", for a new box and can't find one.

Also, my 8 year old iMac is 16:10 but the new ones are 16:9, so no deal!

What foolishness is this? Do screen makers think all we do is watch movies?



Re: Unfamiliar name

It's an acronym: But It's Not Google


Re: Cue the hackers in 3, 2, 1...

MS is going all Apple on us. Control freaks.

Never mind the users, they're just exploitable appendages with no minds of their own.


Sigh... enough of this nonsense, I think I'll go back to using my ZX80

French thrash Brits, Germans and Portuguese in IT innovation


"The amount of chaos is in direct proportion to the size of the enterprise."

DevOps or not, it still applies.

Bill for half a billion quid lands on Apple's desk in Facetime patent scrap


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Nano-NAS market dives into the cloud


What about the notwork?

Uploading to the net, now known as the cloud, is not only slow but unreliable; connections fail or are simply not available. The same applies to downloading although that's faster. Anyone who relies on cloud services for their data is asking for trouble, frustration and inconvenience - and the continuing added cost of storage and possible upgrade of their internet service. Please don't take my NAS away!

The same applies to phones without SD slots; mine doesn't so I have an OTG with me at all times as I never know when the connection will drop or disappear.

Dre-stic measures: Apple Beats retreat from iTunes brand – report


Re: No FT, no comment

Round these parts. the term is used to distinguish it from "The Brown'Un".


Microsoft explains Windows as a SERVICE – but one version remains a distant dream


As long as they provide Notepad-as-a-service, I'll be ok.

Server theft knocks Peter Gabriel off the web


Bloody amateurs!

If you want to be taken seriously as an ISP, hosting service, colo, or whatever, you must surely have a hot site that's not too close to the prime site. All manner of weirdness can happen after all: natural disasters, power outages, backbone connection failures, you-name-it. If it can't happen, it will. Gabriel and all others hit by this should look for another service and check that they have a hot site.

Anti-Scientology crusader vaporized from YouTube


@Help me Stephen Colbert

Zohar Lee said:

Given that youtube is owned by google and is based out of america,

So if it's out of America, which country is Google based in then? I'm pretty sure it's just up the road from me in Mt View, CA but I could be wrong.

Gates predicts death of the office phone



If Gates, Balmer or any other MS mouthpiece uses the adjective "rich" again, I will probably puke. I think it was last year, in a single paragraph, Gates used it 8 or 9 times to describe various content and functions; it's such a stupid word in this context anyway.

I agree with other posters that Gates (and Jobs and others in the top echelon of the electronic consumer products industry) are completely out of touch with the everyday realities the common herd face. They seem so have no idea of how people want to use computers, phones, etc and live with their "vision" while the rest of have to find ways of making the things actually work (where possible).

P.S. What's a "pidgeon"?