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Xbox SmartGlass hits Android ahead of schedule

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Should I be able to access it on my S2? Because I can't.


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Arguably Perfect Dark was a 'better' game when it came out, but only because it was just Goldeneye with new skins pasted on top and a few futuristic weapons. It didn't have anywhere near the impact of Goldeneye, nor was it particularly innovative.

Goldeneye played a far more important role in gaming history, anyone preferring Perfect Dark is a heretic.

Dead Rising 2

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Shaun of the Dead?

Zombieland. Zombieland. Zombieland.

Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss

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Oh Clarkson, you arse.

Romanians please listen!

Clarkson isn't representative of English folk, however illogically popular he may be I still believe enough of the English aren't as passive-regressively racist as that obelisk of fugly. He can't even dress with class. He's the wrong kind of British, like Wayne 'ugh' Rooney or Nick 'giving birth to a pig through my face' Griffin.

Give us another chance!

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies

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"We're not quite sure what Keenan's going on about here, or indeed what colour this "paedophile pound" might be, although we're certain it'll contain a touch of glitter."

Best Bootnote Ever.


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