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Sprint subscribers: What do your updated iPhone and Tonga have in common? Both are cut off from the world


Re: Break?

Thank you vtcoger. That was an excellent read. In 1994 GN (Great Nordic) published "From dots and dashes to tele and datacommunications" to celebrate their 125th anniversary. It compliments the link you provided.

Microsoft builds Uncle Sam custom versions of 365 and Azure Stack


Nothing is wrong

The system will happily perform as designed. A future TITSUP is in the clouds.

IBM gives Services staff until 2019 to get agile


Re: agility

Was I the only one who read it as 'Certified Scam Masters'?

Bank in the UK? Plans afoot to make YOU liable for bank fraud



Easy and reliable 2FA is where??

Euro Patent Office prez's brake line cut – aka how to tell you're not popular


The local sysadmin/security bod needs to disable all his staff access badges.

Ahh the noise at the trough!!

F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software


Re: Mayday! I have flight stability and weapons arming problems!

Need to eject. My glide time is 10 minutes less than the required time for reboot!!

US intercepts Bermuda Triangle bubble podule


Re: how much?

Sounds like they are just looking to find a way to charge off the expenses. Thought that the government had to provide a salary to the staff plus operating costs for the bird ;-)

Dutch PGP-encrypted comms network ‘abused by crooks’ is busted


'abused by crooks' HOW?

Are TLAs upset that they are unable to access the metadata and anything else OR are the TLAs able to access the metadata but are unable to de-crypt the payloads. I suspect the latter. TLAs solution - we'll shut the business down and let the business owners deal with the fallout.

Seems to speak well for the capability of PGP!

Give me POWER! Under resourced, overloaded - a moving story


Re: OK, some professional tips

5) Never connect a UPS supply to an upstream UPS. Each UPS requires its own dedicated circuit.

'T-shaped' developers are the new normal


Re: The developers of today

Specifications?? What specifications? Just make it so!!

Disaster-gawping cam drones to be blasted out of the sky in California


Nail the bastards

Simple solution if idiots flying drones want to interfere with emergency operations; use the drones as a replacement for clay pigeons. Shotgun or solid ammunition - enforcers choice. Where do I sign up?

How swearing at your coworker via WhatsApp could cost you $68,000


Re: Work in a third world backward nation...

Might have received a lesser punishment if a medieval was inflicted.

The Government Digital Service: The Happiest Place on Earth


Go get them

Sounds like the super BOFH, cattle prod and all, needs to be inserted into the organization. Think of the stories that could result!!

FBI alert: Get these motherf'king hackers off this motherf'king plane


Connection UNDER my seat not infront of it?

I think I would look suspicious crawling around on the floor trying to find the correct attachment point.

Does anyone know what adapter type may be required? Or is USB enough; not clear from the article :-)

Ohhhh - should only be discussed in a hacker forum.

Lawyer: Cops dropped robbery case rather than detail FBI's StingRay phone snoop gizmo


Fun time

I can see some rather interesting opportunities for individuals who want to screw around with the devices.

If the device is not legal would it be legal?

Marvell: We don't want to pay this $1.5bn patent bill because, cripes, it's way too much


Re: Blasphemy

Respectfully disagree. Its the US of A. Has everything to do with religion especially in California!!

Move there and one of the questions frequently asked is which church will you join?

RAGING Google SLAPS naughty Chinese root cert kingpins CNNIC


Re: Bah!

Always good to have some magic dust to use in the Magic Kingdom!

They need to have a public face losing incident more often.

Tennessee sues FCC: Giving cities free rein to provide their own broadband is 'unlawful'



Appears that it is time for the pitch fork brigade to stick it to the state government and support the municipal bods. Anything better than pitchforks would be considered a terrorist attack.

Improved Apple Watches won't get more expensive? Hmmm


Fluff not stuff!

Surely you meant Hedonic adjustments and valuing fluff over time..

Never escape the boss again: Salesforce tracks down your best people any time, any place


IVR Hell

I can just imagine the IVR system on top of the CRM system for this:


Step 37: "Please confirm your original requirement from one of the following 9 selections."

Insight: Have you heard about Windows Server 2003 support?


Too much middle management - definitely

Really bad documentation - quite possibly

Terrible (over worked) IT staff - due to first absolutely. Especially those staff creating miracles with no operational funding.

SCC bags universal credit hosting contract


Read that as 'credit hosing contract'. May yet be true ;-)

Speak your brains on surveillance, despots. No we don't mean Five Eyes


Fry your brains??

That must be a piss poor camera in the lead-in photo if it needs so much IR assistance! Surely they can afford better.

Oh. Forgot the value of intimidation...

Leaky battery attack reveals the paths you walk in life


Re: Aside from "victims need only install an attacker's app"

Hmmm. How do you turn an idevice completely off?

Wake up! BlackBerry QUIETLY updates BB10


Re: There are still Blackberry users?

More battery life - disable LTE under network mode. Crap LTE coverage - poor battery utilization.

Over 50? Out of work? Watch out because IT is about to eat itself


Re: Say what?

Hey Mondo,

I'm 60+. I am building out client data centers and the like and charging top dollar to have fun! What I have found is that there are still positions for those that understand the 'plumbing' that makes said data centers work. If the basic plumbing is screwed there is one very long term pile of pain for the client.

As you noted there is still a requirement for those that know and understand racking, stacking and cabling that is required to ensure successful DC operations. I know that I spend a significant amount of time at client sites helping youngsters understand the low tech that is necessary to keep the high tech palaces operational.

It seems obvious. But not necessarily to management or juniors.

Enjoy your time.

Paris terror attacks: ISPs face pressure to share MORE data with governments


Re: They already had the info and did nothing

Give them more surveillance capability and they will certainly drown. The powers that be need more brain cases on the front lines to keep on top of the EXISTING data collection activities. Also I though that computers and data bases were supposed to help sort/organize the data. I guess that they have not got to that concept yet.

GCHQ: We can't track crims any more thanks to Snowden


Too eager to share

GCHQ should not have been so eager to share their methods and data with the NSA. If the NSA did not have GCHQ's jewels they may not have been collected by Snowden.

Disk areal density: Not a constant, consistent platter


Re: Memories ...

Friday night. Head crash in drive 2. Operator needed to access data on disk pack and moved disk pack to drive 3. Unable to read. Repeat drive 4 then drive 5 then drive 6 and finally the last drive in the string drive 7. Of course the disk packs originally removed to enable installation of crashed pack from drive 2 in each of the other drivers were replaced into their respective drives. The operator realized that there was a major problem! Finally called for help.

Evening destruction count: 6 X 50MByte disk packs and 43 heads across 6 drives

Pizza and lots of beer next day after premium hour call out to repair all the issues.

El Reg's mighty rocket spaceplane Vulture 2 arrives in US of A


Re: Beers in Colorado

You must be referring to the great American drink known as Homoginated Horse Piss!

Dairy Queen cuts the waffle, says bank cards creamed in 395 eateries


No Chip & PIN for Lowe's

>Lowe's got hacked a few weeks ago. Could not understand why there may have been a a issue with Canadian stores. Went shopping there on the weekend. Found that I needed to swipe and sign on my credit card transaction. No Chip & PIN in their Canadian locations! Left the goods at the cashier.

Time to start hanging the CEO's and CIO's up by their bits using piano wire. No trial. No mea culpa. Straight to the bar.

Hey 4G bods: We need to make 'phonecalls' with our 'voices', too


Maybe a 4th!!

Edit your config to disable 4G and run 3G. Gain a whole bunch of battery life back along with consistent cell coverage.

Snowden: Canadian spooks used free airport WiFi to track travellers


Re: Easy option

CSEC does not supply free wi-fi access in either airports, across Canada or in the US!

Which company permitted CSEC access to it's 'free' Canada wide wi-fi network?

Did they get access via an NSA proxy corp in the US? Might explain the ability to track in the US.

LightSquared screams 'conspiracy' over leaky test results


@Modulation Overlap

The GPS receiver manufacturers took the cheap route for the most part when they designed their receivers. They never expected the spill over from ground based stations and designed the receivers with very a wide bandpass. Additional filtering would add a few bucks to the cost of a receiver. Don't add the filters and you end up with a crap device in the presence of extraneous signals.

Hmmm. On reflection that may explain various Landrovers with sat phones unexpectly ending up in a river ;-)

Digital player maker 'incited consumers to break the law', says ASA


What could happen

if I being a Canadian citizen bring my laptop with my music collection copied from my purchased CD's into the UK during a vacation? Become a victim of your gross legal processes and end up with my DNA for ever embedded in your govt computer systems?

Microsoft spends $7.5m on IP addresses


@Conrad Longmore

666624 would probably represent 10 Class B network ranges and 44 Class C network ranges which were mostly acquired through mergers and acquisitions. I suspect that the addresses sold to Microsoft do not include any of the the entire 47.X.Y.Z Class A range (16,777,216 unique addresses) that @Simon - 47/8 alluded to. Still more monetization to go!!

Steve Jobs: 'Pad? That's my word'

Thumb Down


http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/thumb_down_32.png I thought that the small i prefix on iPad stood for idiot. Am I missing something?