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Apple debuts iPhone 14, Watch 8, other sparkly things

Andy Mac

Re: Dynamic Island*

Isn’t it just “we have an area of no screen, and we make the screen around and it black sometimes to make it look bigger”?

NASA scrubs Artemis SLS Moon rocket launch

Andy Mac

Re: 200% trust in NASA

Seconded. This is, literally, rocket science. Hang on in there NASA.

Big Tech is building the metaverse of its own dreams. You don't want to go there

Andy Mac

Re: Zuck has been listening to too much Eagles

Maybe it’s the codename for his virtual world. Either that or Royston Vasey.

SAP hits 50: Entrenched, spread out and fully middle-aged

Andy Mac

"From their perspective, among things it got right were creating a business model in which CIOs and consulting firms could benefit personally by persuading their employer and clients to buy SAP, irrespective of whether that was the right thing for the company to do.

That’s a rather long-winded way of saying “bribery”

CIA illegally harvested US citizens' data, senators assert

Andy Mac

Land of the Free spies on its own?

<Bear enters woods>

<Flushing sound heard>

A proposal to beat below-the-belt selfies: Crowdsourced machine learning using victims' image stashes

Andy Mac

Can I propose the substitute picture be of a squirrel?

An example of squirrel-replacement can be found at https://what-if.xkcd.com/98/.

Microsoft gives Notepad a minimalist makeover to match Windows 11 style

Andy Mac

Re: Pointless

The long-since-departed El Reg mobile app had dark mode. Oh, how I miss it.

TikTok no worse than Facebook for privacy, says Citizen Lab (although Chinese TikTok is a horror)

Andy Mac

No worse than Facebook

That’s like saying I’m no worse a cook than Jeffrey Dahmer.

FFS FSF, you're 35 already? Hands up if you just sprouted a gray hair or felt a craving for a Werthers Original on reading that. Happy birthday, folks

Andy Mac

There ain’t no party

There ain’t no party like a Scat Club party. It doesn’t mean I want to go to one.

(Happy birthday FSF)

IR35 tax reforms for UK freelancers glide through committee stage: D-Day set for 6 April 2021

Andy Mac

On the subject of Finance Bills...

...MPs, at least government ones, don’t read them. Passing a finance bill is central to the continuing existence of the current government so they’ll vote for it anyway.

This opinion stems from an anecdote I heard about an previous bit of egregious legislation in a Finance Bill. When it brought to the attention of a govt MP as part of a campaign, they were surprised by it. Something they surely would have voted for, if they had bothered to turn up that day of course.

Microsoft emits a colourful Windows Terminal preview

Andy Mac

Re: it ain't json

Personally, I find the whole property-names-in-quotes thing to cause an involuntary twitch in my eye.

The virus curing the mobile industry's chronic addiction... and sparking an impressive algorithmic price experiment

Andy Mac

Re: COVID-19

Did they really have to pick a name that sounds like it comes from a cheap disaster novel?

Are you getting it? Yes, armageddon it: Mass hysteria takes hold as the Windows 7 axe falls

Andy Mac

Re: Ah, Git ...

Fools! Promite is the only way.

Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?

Andy Mac

Given that my Unifi access points wouldn’t work without an internet connection, I always assumed they were sending something back.

It’s a sad indictment of the modern world of technology that I made that assumption.

Father of Unix Ken Thompson checkmated: Old eight-char password is finally cracked

Andy Mac


I’m nit sure if anyone looks at the those passwords, they just script something to push all the hacked accounts at different sites to see what sticks.

As a side note, an 8 char password of lowercase letters and numbers of mine was lost as part of the Adobe hack. According to Have I Been Pwnd, it’s never been cracked.

How bad is Catalina? It's almost Apple Maps bad: MacOS 10.15 pushes Cupertino's low bar for code quality lower still

Andy Mac

Re: No problems here!

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest iTunes worked in the first place.

The story so far: How's that Autonomy High Court battle with HPE looking at half-time?

Andy Mac

In this part of the world we’re basking in the winter sun. Just sayin’...

This is not the cloud you're looking for.... Oracle's JEDI mind tricks work as Trump forces $10bn IT project to drop out of warp

Andy Mac

I hate it when you want everyone to lose.

Reach out for the healing hands... of guru Dabbs

Andy Mac

Time Travel is Real!

Is it just me, or is Jobssy wearing an Apple Watch in that photo?

NAND down we goooo: Flash supplier revenues plunged in first quarter

Andy Mac

Can the extra chips be converted into Intel CPUs? I hear there’s a shortage.


Gee, SEC, how did that get out?! 'Leaked' Tesla email claims big boost in Model 3 production

Andy Mac

So Lazza lost $420M? The materials haven't yet been invented to make a violin small enough.

Taylor drift: Finally, a use for AI emerges? Cyber-smut star films fsck-flick in Tesla with Autopilot, warns: 'I wouldn't recommend it'

Andy Mac

Re: No link for you!

Even an article about porn can be turned into a discussion on text editors.

Commentards, I salute you!

Azure thing at last: Windows Virtual Desktop takes to the cloudy stage

Andy Mac
Thumb Up

Anything that helps get rid of the foetid stench of Citrix from my life is most welcome.

NASA: We need commercial rockets! SLS: Oh no you don't!

Andy Mac

"...it is also important to remember that NASA has history when it comes to racing to meet arbitrary deadlines."

To be fair they were good at it once "...before this decade is out...land a man on the moon".

But also, Apollo 1. So...yeah.

What do WLinux and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? They're both fond of Pengwin

Andy Mac

Re: Anglophones....

More importantly, how did Morgan Freeman say it?

USB4: Based on Thunderbolt 3. Two times the data rate, at 40Gbps. One fewer space. Zero confusing versions

Andy Mac

So if USB 3.0 is now 3.2 Gen 1, what is now considered 3.0?

And will USB4.\|~> be called SuperDuperSpeed?

You know the drill: SAP has asked Joe Public to name Munich arena so go forth and be very silly

Andy Mac

SAP in the Face

This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far

Andy Mac

Re: As ever

If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.

If you are paying for the product, then you’re an additional revenue stream.

Serverless is awesome (if you overlook inflated costs, dislike distributed computing, love vendor lock-in), say boffins

Andy Mac

So according to this paper, serverless is good for "this" but not for "that". Isn't that true of everything and the rest is just hype?

And if you're believing the hype... well, there probably wasn't much hope for you in the first place.

Peak tech! Bacon vending machine signals apex of human invention

Andy Mac

It wasn't until I came to Australia that I found supermarkets selling middle bacon, with both the meaty bit and the streaky bit all in one convenient package.

The only downside is that you're required to inform your health insurer when you buy it.

Edit: Oh my, I've just discovered the bacon wiki: http://bacon.wikia.com

Amazon robot fingered for bear spray leak that hospitalised 24 staffers

Andy Mac

Bear repellant

Does it work on sharks too?

Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request

Andy Mac

The talk surrounding Huawei has been going for years, even during the last presidency. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think anyone has actually produced any evidence at all Huawei has actually done anything wrong. However, sanction-breaking is a different beast to infrastructure-level espionage, so maybe they actually have some evidence this time.

It's official. Microsoft pushes Google over the Edge, shifts browser to Chromium engine

Andy Mac
Thumb Up

This is good news. Microsoft's slow release cadence and insistence that each new browser version will not run on older versions of Windows has causes nothing but pain for us devs. I find it faintly ludicrous that MS was somehow unable to keep pace with Google and Mozilla.

Also, I'm not overly concerned about the reduction in competing browser engines as the companies with a vested interest in the Chromium project should keep it from stagnating into another IE6. I could be wrong though, and they might all become puppet states in the greater Googleocracy.

Keen for much-hyped quantum computing to finally land? Don't expect it for a decade

Andy Mac

Does anyone else think that the quantum chip in the article looks like it's made of Lego?

Talk about a GAN-do attitude... AI software bots can see through your text CAPTCHAs

Andy Mac

I hut a picture-based CAPTCHA today. It asked me to identify cross-walks. Now, not being of the North American persuasion, I couldn’t define what a crosswalk was *exactly*. Was it a zebra crossing, or anything woth traffic lights in it? Whatever I did, it was wrong.

Falcon 9 gets its feet wet as SpaceX notch up two more launch successes

Andy Mac

I don’t carry a strong opinion about His Muskiness or SpaceX, but it sounds like the safety precautions put in place worked perfectly and ensured the malfunctioning stage landed at sea rather than crashing on the ground. Overall, not great, but chalk one up for safety backups.

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning

Andy Mac

Re: I give you...

Can I modify that to “non-orange sleazebag of the year?”

Azure MFA falls over, Windows 10 struggles with Intel drivers, and Microsoft gives us... more Sticky Notes?

Andy Mac

Re: Massive kudos...

Are you kidding? I watch Hey Duggee without my kids!

NASA's Mars probe InSight really has Mars in sight: It beams back first pic after touchdown

Andy Mac


Potatoes? Did it squash Mark Watney on landing?

Microsoft squeezes a 2019 server out of the Azure DevOps pipeline

Andy Mac

Azure(tm) is the new Windows(tm)

Just slap the name on everything and see what sticks. It worked for Windows RT, right?

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

Andy Mac

I feel like the Iron Islanders need to change one of their sayings:

“Did you pay the Iron Price, the Gold Price or the Apple Price?”

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges

Andy Mac

Hey lock, say goodbye to key, you two might not be seeing each other for a while.

Data flows post-Brexit: 'Leave it to government to make sure you've got a smooth run in.' Er, OK

Andy Mac


Move one letter and add another on the end and you’re closer to the mark.

Microsoft teaches a 10-year-old Red Dog new tricks and the Windows 10 1809 delay hits Exchange 2019

Andy Mac

Nice to see Skype for Business supporting TLS 1.2. Almost just in time for TLS 1.3...

What can I say about this 5G elixir? Try it on steaks! Cleans nylons! It's made for the home! The office! On fruits!

Andy Mac

Maybe I’m missing something here, but 5g just seems like a faster way to burn through my pitiful mobile data allowancewhat do we get from “faster download speeds” if there isn’t a corresponding, and most significant, increase in data.

Super Cali goes ballistic, net neutrality hopeless? Even Ajit Pai's gloating is something quite atrocious

Andy Mac

States’ Rights....

...seem very important when they’re pushing a conservative agenda. Now, they’re just an inconvenience.

It's a cert: Hundreds of big sites still unprepared for starring role in that Chrome 70's show

Andy Mac

So we’re saying that 0.1% of site admins aren’t doing their job properly? If only that ratio were applied across all jobs.

Microsoft hopes it has a sequel better than Godfather Part II: SQL Server 2019 previewed

Andy Mac

Re: Hope it's better than Highlander 2 at least

The Highlander TV show probably cost me my A-Levels thanks to being on at 11pm. It hasn’t aged that well, but I loved it.

And so, SQL Server. Yay. Nothing really exciting for us developers. I wonder if the intern has finished updating Master Data Services. Still need Silverlight? Oh dear.

Renegade 3D-printing gunsmith Cody Wilson on the run in Taipei from child sex allegations

Andy Mac

Does Ecuador even have an embassy in Taipei?

Early bird access to .NET Framework 4.8? Microsoft, you spoil us

Andy Mac

Re: Despite coding in it ...

After 15 years or so and with the utmost respect to Mono, they finally achieved cross platform development with Core.

I have little doubt that the full framework’s failure to go cross platform had a lot to do with Microsoft being... well Microsoft and putting Windows First. And that worked out so well...



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