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Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi


Re: Hilton, Marriott et al market themselves to business travellers

Of course Americans don't have to pay a lame ~$150.- "TV tax" each and every year like Brits, do they? Commercials I can ignore, a government tax I cannot.

Google says NYET! to Putin, pulls techies out of Russia – report


Look at the man-titties on Vladimir! He must be the wet nurse bitch to the entire Eastern Crimea.

Brit gun nut builds working sniper rifle at home out of scrap metal


I found my SMLE #4 propping open a door at a bait shop in Sheboygan Wisconsin (USA). I got to talking with the owner and ended up buying it for $100.-. This was around 1985. It's now a wall hanger, but I have fired it over the years. I often wonder what story it could tell about its journey in getting to that basement bait shop!

DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back


Re: in my opinion

And his little friend Vera Wang...

GCHQ, police to team up to hunt down child abuse on the darknet


We'll be needing to bend you over while we insert a telescope up your arse and twist your toe nails off with a pliers. There may be a spot of waterboarding just before we apply the testicle crushing clamp.

We will be expecting a nice smile from you during these procedures as we are doing it for the children, you know.

Europe's top court mulls vandal's right to privacy after bloke catches thug on home CCTV


Although its certainly not always the case, in this instance US law makes more sense. It holds that a person can record others if they are in a location that has no reasonable expectation of privacy. Thus, walking on a public sidewalk is fair game while standing inside a public washroom is not. It usually is extended to private property also, ie.- Someone recording a person standing in your living room is permissible while doing the same to someone in your bathroom is not.

In any case, person's committing a crime should forfeit their right to protest the technology that got them caught. All they had to do to avoid this breech of their "rights" is to NOT do the crime.

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf


Re: science eh?

Hows about you use your native intelligence to drill down through the obvious text of the heading like- *NAVAL*, *WEAPON*, *LASER CANNON*, etc and decide it's a story you don't care to read?

Bono apologises for iTunes album dump


Re: Have to laugh

Wait one moment-

Now you are trying to tell me Irish folks *don't* chase leprechauns around trying to get them to tell where their Pot O' Gold is hidden?

I'm not buying it. I've *seen* enough "Lucky Charms" advertisements to know it's true.


Re: something soft and organic in the coffee machine

I just *love* hot wet pussy.

'Cowardly, venomous trolls' threatened with two-year sentences for menacing posts


If there is a law prohibiting possession of dingleberries, there is no need to pass another law prohibiting red dingleberries, blue dingleberries or possessing dingleberries while masturbating. How clueless can lawmakers be to think that a person ignoring one law will obey their new law?


Re: Nothing to do with "free speech"

The thing is, there *are* already laws against threatening physical harm to a person. If you are stupid enough (and classless) to threaten someone in a public forum, the existing laws will suffice quite nicely. We do not need yet more laws to broaden the state's powers, which inevitably end up being used for unforeseen reasons having little to do with the original intent.

Russia to suspend US GPS stations in tit-for-tat spat


Re: American GPS stations

Or maybe we only count *relevant* places?


Re: "What other nationality would the soldiers in Crimea be?"

Roll the clock back another 150 or 200 years and the label on the soldier's bottoms would read "Made in England" back when England was relevant on the world stage you know...

Every little helps: Dirty MOLE BANDITS clean out Tesco ATM from BELOW


The should be on the lookout for Danny the tunnel rat.


They should be on the lookout for "Danny, the tunnel rat"

Another U.S. state set to repeal rubber duck ban


Don't knock it until you try it...

A couple of years ago I *won* $1000.- at the "Ducktona 500" race. The duck was $5.- upfront, and after being unleashed into the Sheboygan River, mine floated in first. I'm sorry to say this to some of you "crazy American's and their guns" type Brits, but I used some of the money to buy a Mk4 SMLE Enfield and a Arisaka Type 38 (with intact Emporer's mum!) at a local gun shop. -And no, I haven't shot *anyone* with either yet. All I ever shoot is paper targets. Honest.

FBI offers $10,000 bounty for arrest of laser-wielding idiots


Perhaps a mercury switch would go a long way?

Perhaps the inclusion of a mandatory mercury switch that would cut out the power when tipped more than 30 or so degrees about level would solve a large percentage of abuse? The people doing this brain dead activity probably couldn't figure out how to defect such a simple cheap device. People who had a legitimate above horizontal need/use could buy a more restricted or registered version

UK spooks STILL won't release Bletchley Park secrets 70 years on


Re: Post war operations

The technology was given to the US as a portion of payment for the lend lease debt owed. The lend lease "loan" was a 2% simple interest loan, the last payment being made in 2006. There is still an open debt owed by the UK to the US from WW1 in the amount of 4.4 billion US dollars. Of course the UK still has open debt obligations to various countries dating back to the Napoleonic wars. So you really shouldn't get all pissy about technology transfer made to the US.

China's Jade Rabbit moon rover might have DIED in the NIGHT after 'abnormality'


I'm betting...

I can't say for sure, but I'm betting the air tank for the midget went empty.


Re: Considering...

All China is doing is replicating publicly available ( or purloined ) technology. They are breaking no new ground. They survive by copying others work then *still* produce inferior junk. To compare the Apollo launch pad deaths to this FAIL is to compare a Chinese knock off Mickey Mouse watch to a Rolex Submariner. Yes the original may have had teething problems but China can't even make a quality copy.

US Navy trials GIANT ROBOTIC SPYBIRD for coastal patrols


Re: I don't get it.

I agree with you given current weapons systems. I'm assuming it may be large enough to mount an airborne laser weapon system and it's needed chemical train power source. The loiter time is probably longer than disclosed, I would think 24 hours would be an absolute minimum.

Workers, guards clash in hours-long Samsung factory RIOT in Vietnam


Re: Actually...

I agree with you but I think we should take the concept one step further. "Developed" countries wanting to outsource production to foreign lands should be required to do a "Market Basket" study of the intended "under developed" country. A comparison of food, housing, transportation costs to give the workers a "lifestyle" equal to the workers in the ultimate destination country. To do anything else invites a rush to the lower common denominator of sweat shop bargain hunting.

I'm not advocating absolute equality, a South East Asian worker will obviously have different food and housing costs than a European or American worker but a comparable local standard of living should be possible. If workers quality of life issues are not considered, to site your production facilities in a low wage totalitarian country is tantamount to "slavery by proxy".


In an attempt to pacify workers...

I heard that Samsung is trying to pacify the disgruntled workers by giving them free cell phones with a free monthly allotment of Ho Chi Minhutes..

Is Google prepping an ARMY of WALKING ROBOTS?


Don't over think this one.

After Google takes over uh *everything*, they will need to entertain their subjects just as the the Roman gladiator games did for their dynasty. What do quadruped running robots have to do with this, you ask? I can see it clearly -Think tiny chimpanzee jockeys racing robot horses. Toss in off track betting and it's a sure thing.

DARPA seeks game players to join bug-hunt


How do we know...

How do we know DARPA doesn't have us unknowingly fighting a war on a distant exoplanet, huh? They think we don't know, but I've seen it discussed on an episode of "Space Ghost" a while back.

How UK air traffic control system was caught asleep on the job


Everyone could use some extra cash this time of year...

Relax. Computers are good for *so* much more than just watching airplanes. It was simply the ATC BOFH doing some Bitcoin mining for extra Xmas cash.

'Don't hate on me for my job!' Googlers caught up in SF rent protest ruckus


I never knew...

I never knew Starbucks baristas could be so envious, petty and snarky. Next thing you know they'll want $15.- an hour and put out tip jars.

Meet the FOUR-TON DINO that made little Tyrannosaurs SOIL THEMSELVES


Re: Ummm

Good pets??? Are you *kidding* me??? Their exercise wheel alone would need to be 150 feet in diameter.


Finally we have the palaeontological proof we need to justify why American's are a bit on the hefty side. It's *not* our fault, it goes back all the way to the Jurassic period. This creature also no doubt explains the extinction of the "Jurassic All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet"

Rotund dotcom copies Miley Cyrus on XBox Day!


Don't knock this bloke, just because he bought 5 X-box Ones. He wanted one for each chin.

Martian MOM LAYS another EGG in SPACE - but it's not big enough


Can't be long...

Don't you think Pakistan is feverishly planning a space mission to "keep up with the Jones'es?" Feel good Google commercials aside, they still seem to be on a game of "oneupmenship" with the Indians.

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm


Re: 'Twas ever thus

Not only socially acceptable, we even have a candy company named "Fanny May" Combine this companies name with Frito Lay's Potato Chips (crisps) jingle and you get "Fanny May - Nobody can eat just one"

Call yourself a 'hacker', watch your ex-boss seize your PC without warning


Re: Here's my application the NASA space program...

Welcome aboard! We are sure you are aware that due to the "Affordable Care Act" costs, all future astronauts most bring their own sponsorship. We provide the hardware and you will be provided a 12" X 12" prime location for your sponsor's advertising. Please make the check out to either Elon Musk or Roscosmos.

US highway agency awards Tesla Model S record safety score

Thumb Down

Re: The battery pack is an issue on trade in value.OTOH remember what happens to BHP?

If the front "trunk" is empty or filled with packing peanuts, it will make a great crumple zone. If, on the other hand you have 4 sets of golf clubs in there you may be impaled with multiple graphite spears. Or if you are transporting 8 cases of dynamite and blasting caps or perhaps a load of anvils, your crash test results may vary.

I am so over people "gushing" over how great this crapwagon is. If it wasn't for the $7500.- subsidy Uncle Sam is pick pocketing out of MY wallet, the sales would not be half of current levels.

Feds arrest rogue trucker after GPS jamming borks New Jersey airport test


Re: Crumbs

Have you seen the Federal budget??? Don't take a check, demand cash.

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow


Re: But.....

Hey! There *are* some straight people in San Francisco. At least I think there are.


Re: Single point of failure

You needn't worry about this failure mode. When the following capsule impacts the disabled capsule at 740 MPH, it *will* move. As to brakes, has anyone calculated the G load on the canned humans imposed by going from 740 MPH to zero MPH in under 30 seconds? I'd hate to be the peon employee who hoses out the capsules involved in "mishaps".


OK, so the capsules are "fired" to their destination at 760 MPH? How do they return? Wouldn't a complete system require *2* tubes, one in each direction? Otherwise if the routing system "screws up" you would have 2) 28 person capsules meeting at a combines speed of 1540 MPH, sort of like a human linear accelerator (or human Quisanart) is Soylent Green a byproduct of this device? Perhaps put in taps every mile to extract the juicy goodness?

What happens the first time a meth crazed truck driver crashes his 7000 gallon gasoline tanker into one of the supporting pylons? The whole system is taken out for days, weeks or months?

This entire plan while very imaginative, reeks of a high school study hall sketch, not very well thought out beyond "Gee, wouldn't it be cool..." Estimating a six billion dollar cost is wildly low balling the actual costs, by perhaps a factor of 10X to 20X -or more.

The 30 minute transit time is also wildly under estimating the actual time people will be "canned". Between loading, strapping in, transferring to the tube and then transferring out at the destination, unstrapping, unloading, etc you will have people unable to use the restroom for well over an hour. Accidents will happen, probably often. People will have medical emergencies. Any such system will require sidings for such happenstances. This will boost the costs.

You will face opposition from businesses along the route who will lose business from current travelers. It will be the 21st century equivalent of the railroad bypassing your town. Why should cities along the route support this system? They stand to gain *nothing* in return. The only people gaining anything are the residents of the terminus cities that need to commute the *exact* route the system connects. Good luck with that. Perhaps tomorrow's study hall sketch should "invent" a flying car of teleporter system, or something a bit more practical?

Bloke straps shed to Ford Zephyr and chases it on bike


Very impressive but he could have avoided all the specialized engineering and construction of his bike by simply attaching a 3 foot tow rope to the auto's rear bumper. Something similar was tried by another record seeking bicyclist, but he reversed the sprockets. Unfortunately he did not succeed, painfully blowing out his knee at 3700 RPM.

As to the Brooks leather saddle, it's manufacture was featured on an episode of "How its made". It is very comforting to see a hand crafted product still being made in traditional ways in this world of injection molding.

Hackers induce 'CATASTROPHIC FAILURE' in mock oil well


I agree with the "No downtime allowed" theory. I was recently dispatched to a paper mill for a problem on a coating machine. I opened the cabinet the AB SLC500 PLC was in, fired up my laptop and jacked in to the 5/04 processor. I opened the ladder logic program to troubleshoot, I had never worked at this plant before. I soon noticed a couple of employees behind me watching me work. The program was very convoluted, with tons of subroutines to examine. About 5 minutes into my troubleshooting, I noticed the group of observers had grown to include several manager types with suits on. I asked the company man I was working with what was up. He said that every minute this machine was down, it cost the company $4000.-. I found the problem after about 10 minutes, and it took another 15 minutes to replace the pressure sensor that was giving flaky readings. I was *very* happy to drive out the plant gates that day.

Brit fantasy artist sues James Cameron over Avatar world


Hippy era stuff ummm Yea.

Although I will be dating myself, stuff like the litigant's art was all over 1960's and 70's head shops. Floating sky islands, the "tree of life" stone arches, fantastic landscapes (many in black light popping "day glow" magnificence). Point is, this artist himself is putting out reruns of prior art. I don't see how he can claim sole ownership of already non original works of art.

Increased cell phone coverage tied to uptick in African violence


Tribe comes first

The commentators who cite the tribal identification before national identity are correct. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya and later traveled around Africa from East, to South to west Africa. I realized the tribal affiliations was the most important fact very quickly.

I would do a lot of traveling with Kenyan officials to meet assorted ministry workers to accomplish our projects. Whenever we would arrive at our destinations, before we met the local officials, I would be told "Here we will meet Mr. Barundaa, he is Kikuyu", or "This is Danial Moyea's office, he is Masai"

The majority of government employees were Kikuyu, the tribe of Presidents Moi and Kenyatta. Thus when we would meet an official of a different tribe, it was often times accompanied with an explanation "Mr Aruna's family gave a lot of money to Jomo Kenyatta in the years before independence, as if to answer the unspoken question "How did a Luo or Akamba get such a good government job.

T-Mobile US announces 'no BS' rate plans, iPhones, LTE


Re: "few who can do basic maths"

Thank you for your thoughtful comment! We are so lucky to have someone such as you to ,smugly point out our ignorance and remind us of your superior intellect. We truly appreciate your self appointed representation of all 300 million of us. I just don't know how we could manage without your insightful comments concerning our concentrated national lack of intelligence. I'm sure your friends talk glowingly of you in your absence unlike the unnamed person they refer to as a "pompous ass" who "thinks he is so smart" and "a legend in his own mind". I don't know who they are referring to, but I bet if you give it a moment's thought, you do.

Wikifounder reports Wikiparent to FBI over 'child porn'


Devil's advocate

So, if I draw a stick figure giving another stick figure giving a "pole polishing" , and I include a text label- "16 year olds having a go" I have created an illegal child porn picture? Wow, what is this world coming to?

The Puritans have spoken, "you shall have no sex if we can help it!"

Not the kind of world I want to consume MY porn in.