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Salesforce to buy Slack for $28bn in cash, shares – and vows to make it the new face of Customer 360


Re: worst piece of software except for all those others

Got more chance with the smoke signals than to get me with an email, let alone a phone call.

My work phone literally lives behind my monitors, and I cannot reach it without getting up off my chair and leaning around them to get it.

Rambo: First Bork. Turns out John Rambo is no match for a bad CMOS checksum


Very much sounds like you were a lad when I was a lad, hah.


To be honest, as someone who grew up in Wokingham, and with the area around this area being demolished and rebuilt... I'm sort of surprised to see this place is still there. I thought it was pulled down years ago!

Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion


Re: Gitlab is bad as well, looking for an exit

I'm not sure I trust gitea.io since they can't even make a website that functions in a vertical alignment properly.

Assuming that 50% of the page being blank wasn't intentional of course.

Elon Musk: 'Fudged' NYT article cost Tesla $100m


Re: can't deal with the idea of a motor vehicle not using gasoline

After Googletime: It hasn't. The fattest third gen Focus is under 1500kg, and the lowest is a bit above 1200kg.


Re: can't deal with the idea of a motor vehicle not using gasoline

A Ford Focus weighs 1800kg? How has it gotten so fat?!

Best Buy takes axe to touchy Windows 8 PCs - lops $100 off price


Whilst I don't have Windows 8 on a touchscreen laptop, I do rate touchscreen laptops quite highly, in very specific circumstances however. I own a Transformer TF101 and I don't use the trackpad on the keyboard. I only use the touchscreen for my selections. It works quite well for quick browsing, and navigation but at the same time I wouldn't want to use it all day every day as my main computer either. For a casual users I could see it being quite useful. Though smeared screens are incredibly aggravating.

Crypto boffins smuggle secret messages in silent Skype calls


All I can think of when reading this massive whitespace gaps in text, where the author has coloured the text white to match the background. A slight derivative of the old TV favourite... The hidden extra paragraph in white.

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review


Re: Wow, 16gb storage upgrade for only £80

Answer.. not £80 for those interested.

Microsoft awards itself Google-esque power over Hotmail, SkyDrive etc



Didn't that get mostly superseded by EXIF data?

'FIRST ever' Linux, Mac OS X-only password sniffing Trojan spotted


Or this could be a mere proof of concept for something more sinister aimed towards Android and iOS?

Blinkbox to sell Game of Thrones series 2 by stream


Re: Why??

So you'd pay £18 to stream it, then £30+ to buy the Bluray? I know where I'd make my cost cutting.

Services need to not only compete with piracy, they need to be more attractive than it. Spotify, Steam and iTunes have success because they compete with piracy, and you can't underestimate things like convenience here. Netflix and Lovefilm are still hamstrung by the Film and TV industries being very slow in wanting to release their content. People are expecting more and more things on demand, rather than just televised. Who wants to stay in on [x]day to watch a TV program, importance of audience figures for live TV are going to wane eventually. I know people who Sky+ (etc) entire series and watch them only once the series is complete as they don't want to wait for weekly episodes. They need to embrace the fact they need to massively cut the time down between broadcast and retail release, TV companies aren't happy with it because it means a loss of power and less revenues for them.

Higgs boson chasers: Now only 1-in-300 MILLION chance we're wrong


Re: The chance of being killed by a shark...

The Monty Hall Problem is makes much more sense once you've properly run through it, assuming that's not your speciality... there is a 1/3 chance you'll have the box from the off, and there is a 2/3 chance it'll be in the other two boxes... treated as a set, once one confirmed incorrect answer is removed from the set, there is still a remaining 2/3 chance that it's in that set, but now with just a single box as the option.

Course, you'd still be damn annoyed if you used your Monty Hall powers on a game show and it cost you that Yahama Jetski.

W3C names four new editors of HTML5 spec


In some ways, I quite like the idea of running two versions... you've basically then got the choice of HTML, for the want of a better word, Experimental... and then what should be a more supported standard, where you know what to expect and browsers can target specific snapshots.

All the vendors are really gunning for the support, so it's fairly likely the snapshots would be well supported and browsers with faster refresh cycles would also be able to add some bleeding edge features. Since MS doesn't really add support to a browser version once it's shipped it also gives a target point for IE, a rolling standard was never really a good thing for Microsoft as much as I now value their efforts to follow standards.

HTC disses Dr Dre by diluting Beats deal


Re: Amazingly enough,

For the record, I'm talking about the in ear variants, not the external ones.

Can't watch Flash vids in Firefox? It's not just you


Re: If it stops that damned Microsoft Cloud expanding banner ad...

Almost as good as those adverts on the page background that activate if you have the audacity to click somewhere on the page at all.

Free Windows 8 desktop app development is dead


Re: Talk about betting the farm on it

I don't remember software price causing me any problems at university. Yarr.

Though, this being said, you do get cheaper versions for students, in most parts. It mostly gets people trying to train up if you are trying to learn outside of work and aren't on a course. Though that can still be £360 for a student.

In my opinion the Creative Cloud is certainly a better direction for Adobe to take, but £45 a month for a person who is learning is a little bit ridiculous, though less ridiculous than dropping a £700 on Photoshop if you don't know how to use it already.

I'm personally enjoying messing around with Adobe Edge Preview, just because it IS free.

UK's '£1.2bn software pirates' mostly 'blokes under 34'


Re: overpriced crap

I do agree. Photoshop is a cracking bit of software, but I can see why it does often get pirated, very expensive upgrades... and a very expensive looking at 2.5k for a top end variant if you need some of the other applications for the first version. Then if you don't upgrade, your next upgrade is much more expensive. CS5.5 MC to CS6 MC is £500, CS5 MC to CS6 MC is £1000... answers on a postcode as to who knows why? PS Extended itself is a £1k, and £400 upgrades.

I really like the idea of the Adobe Creative Cloud... but for casual users £46 per month, if you sign up to a year contract, or £70 otherwise is way too expensive.

If you're looking to train up, and learn PS, which is the defacto standard and aren't in Full Time education... you're gambling a lot of money on being able to learn it. I'd be stoked if Adobe did a PS Extended, for home users which knocked in around the £200-300 mark... that would sell well as well, or a Photoshop sub for £20 a month, or similar.

Piracy in some ways has done Photoshop well, it would not nearly be as ubiquitous as it is without it... and despite it, it's still the major name in the market and they make a killing of all the business licensing. Though, I'm really yet to see Adobe properly go after people for pirating Photoshop...

comp ended


Re: Penta-core?

It's 4+1... 4 real cores, and a low power core for conserving battery when the other main cores aren't required. Though, technically the question is badly worded... but the closest appropriate answer is 4 core... except... If you're talking about the One X non LTE version, because the LTE version of the One X is a dual core not based off Tegra 3... so technically you could answer than Single, Dual and Quad are all valid in their ways.

So I really should have one of those eight for knowing all that. Thanks RegEds ;)

Ten... Satnavs to suit all budgets


Re: Hm, odd

Just as I was thinking of maybe investing in satnav, Google release Maps Navigation. Sure Miss Robot Woman is a bit... basic, but pair her with a stereo, and the only problems with it are removed, commonly quiet phone speakers.

Seperate units don't have long left, the amount of companies will decrease, and pairing satnav with the phone is an obvious choice, removing the point of trying to nick satnavs from cars by looking for suction marks since people always take the phones with them. Ignoring the phone problem, satnav will start to become a standard new car feature.

I'll never need to buy a seperate satnav.

HTC One S Android smartphone


Re: Simple - vote with your feet

To be utterly fair the HTC One X is a thoroughly excellent phone, specially after the latest firmware.

The screen alone is nothing short of amazing, and it does a good job with the battery. Specially if you are just listening to music with the screen off. Beats stuff, though not the bundled headphones is excellent too.

Makes the Desire look like a real piece of shit, which it really wasn't.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet


Why the fuck does everything have to be referred to as an app these days!!!!

New Mac OS X: Mountain Lion roars at unauthorised apps


Re: @ Jarrad

And what happens when they use that to revoke the key for something they find objectionable

UK gov rejects call to posthumously pardon Alan Turing


If Turing is worthy of a knighthood so surely are Tommy Flowers and William Tutte.

Why O2 shared your mobile number with the world


I'm on O2. Bango.net never works. Been trying to remotely AV this connection for flipping months now and it never gets through.

P2P veterans sue the Cloud ... for copying their stuff


I'm sorry... fanboy...of what, protocols? Did you accidentally post here instead of Youtube?

Google researchers propose fix for ailing SSL system


No, he's completely right, Wave was designed to be federated, and companies running their own Wave servers, all of which could communicate with each other. The design goals were to 'be the new email'.

Did they not also say in the article that any certificate not on the list would be completely ignored?

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft




Worst comparison in history. Sure, pick the documents folder with the stupid heading extra, and how many power uses have that bar that large on the bottom (even then it's too big, at it's smallest setting). Win 7 can easily display 26 in that space, though they could get even more if they removed the complete waste of space that is the Organise, Share with bar. Horrible, horrible comparison.

It's obvious the Windows 7 one is more streamlined. Ribbon is not always the answer Microsoft.

Despite these Ribbon changes the usage will stay the same, people stay with what they know. The copy and paste on the right click is something engrained in every application MS make. Let alone ctrl+c and ctrl+v which are completely ubiquitous in almost every application ever written.

Though, I'd just be happy with the location path bar and the file list... but I suspect I'm not alone in that wish, nor the typical user. Though I do kind of wish MS would make an expert user mode, and the nubbins mode for everyone else.

I mean, you could advocate Ubuntu here but they did just seamlessly blend in the most horrific parts of OSX in by default.

Aussie retailer accuses UK shops of HDMI 'scam'



My dad came back with a £35 HDMI once. He was dead happy with the quality increase it provided, as it allowed him to upscale. I didn't have the heart to tell him he overpaid by probably three times.

I always help them out if they have questions, but the expensive digital cable is a completely false economy. Unfortunately he is still stuck in the analogue age, where it actually did make a difference.



Actually, the record I've found walking in to a shop was Richer Sounds.

1m HDMI cable, £119.99.

Was nearly as much as the amp I was buying. Took a photo of it as I was so amazed to see one at that price.

Went down to ASDA and bought three 2m ones for £5 each.

Teenager tries to trade virginity for iPhone


i suspect

I suspect "man sex" would bring up something else entirely.

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5


I imagine...

This is about the time when half the geek community goes into Firefox, about:config and sets app.update.enabled to false.

I have Firefox 4 installed, but I still have old versions installed for browser testing so it's handy to have updates disabled in case Firefox gets fiesty.

The Sandy Bridge Hackintosh



I've installed a Snow Leopard Virtual Machine onto a White Box ESXi 4.1 installation. You'll need to add a few extensions via the command line, to allow Darwin based Virtual Machines, but apart from that it's very easy.

Boffins develop liquid crystal solid-state raygun turret


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

It best not be a Casio F-91W or Macgyver might find himself in Guantanamo.

Dropbox snuffs open code that bypassed file-sharing controls



As DMCA isn't just the protection of copyrighted content that is out in the wild, but aims to prevent sharing of mechanisms used to break DRM

Google and friends wrap open video codec in patent shield


Nadgers != Badgers

Nadgers = Man Sack

Samsung rolls out 22in see-through screens


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

So who is going to stick six of these on an eyefinity supporting card, then used a hacked Kinect so make the minority report interface?

BBC-led RadioPlayer arrives at last


I like

I like it, but it's been crashing fairly regularly all day.

Apple 'gay-cure' app severely slapped



If his days is anything like mine, he's still feeling Paddies day.

Spaniards bemoan 'joke' speed limit cut



Your cars peak efficiency is at 56mph, so you'd have done slightly better going slightly faster there.

Course, an hour ride at 90 or a close to two hour ride at 50mph, for £3 difference, I'm going to be £3 lighter.



The only questions that really matter

1. Is this game, brought to us by those of Painkiller fame, as good or better than Painkiller?

2, Is it crippled with DRM?

3. Is there a gun that fires shurikens and lightning.

Google threatens Chrome address bar with death



This some malware orientated holiday I don't know about?

Brits luv broadband. True


I'm moving

I'm moving in a few months time, and I've already told the person I'm moving with that I reserve the right to veto a decision based on Broadband availability!

Not going anywhere with sub-standard Broadband. I've suffered enough with Mobile Dongles, kthx.

Google brings 2-factor authentication to Gmail



Android based Google Authenticator please.

None of this waiting for SMS and Voice Call rubbish. Lets face it, a landline isn't tenable... what's the point of web based email that can only be used from home, and SMS can have very long latency between send and receive, which most don't realise!

UK tech retailers are rubbish



Aye, I've yet to see a need to have anything other than a £5 HDMI cable to do that entire metre.

When I bought my AV amp from Richer Sounds I noticed an £111 HDMI cable. More money than sense, I suspect.

Yank fires up iPhone-controlled beer cannon



You know, Bud isn't so bad from America. What we get over here is absolutely horrific, but rarely you can find the proper American Budweiser, and it's good on a hot summers day, similar to Brahma in my opinion.

You can occasionally find the decent Budweiser lurking around in the UK. They stopped selling the easiest way to get it years ago... Big Bud, which was imported, unlike the crated bottles. For the World Cup, the Budweiser in the Aluminium bottle was imported also...

It's the old problem of taking a local recipe, and making it in a different location. Beer takes so much of its character from it's ingredients, franchising it, essentially.. barely works.

I'm a bit particularly about beer, I won't buy a locally made version of a foreign beer, ever.

Razer StarCraft II peripherals set



I just got my Filco this morning... was looking at this review and thought... wow, it's not mentioned anything about actually using the keyboard.

The Marauder connects via two USB only, so no NKRO. It's non mechanical as well. It's a gimmick.

By the weight of this Filco, it should last a long time, and if I need to, can replace the caps. It also doubles as something to beat a burglar with.