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Ofcom maps out what 'psychics' are allowed to do on TV


Umm.I thought they could only hunt ghosts and solve crimes

Capital gets trendy address: .London on its way


shouldnt that be .excrementhole that should be flushed away by demolishing the thames barriers

Computer grads can't even get jobs offering personal services


Exactly my findings as well

Cry me a river, I'm not looking to employ another manager . If I need to do that I can find a suitable candidate with at least 5 years domain specific knowledge internally.

'I was trained to have a basic understanding of lots of different things. I am the guy who will organise a team of certified professionals so they can work like a good oiled engine but don't expect me to baby sit them and solve their problems for them and don't expect me to be one-man-band and singlehandedly erase all your problems from existence.'

Thats why we have experienced in their field Team leaders and managers who known when they are expected to solve problems

If I need someone whose proven cable of being able to learn and organise study - then I dont need a CS graduate and can pick candidates from any discipline

New hires get thrown in at the sharp end ie. Help Desk and rotate through the various teams.

In my experience an exceptional CS graduate starts to become productive 1 year into the job - average ones about 18 months.

'If you want a programmer then go get a damn software engineer. If you want someone to troubleshoot and maintain your MS software then get a Microsoft engineer' - so what are you bringing to the table with your CS degree?

Government wastes millions on redundant cycle route planner


Bah Humbug

As long as the painted on lane leads to the post office to make those idiots on bikes pay road tax I couldnt care less if their lanes lead.