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Stylus counsel: The rise and fall of the Apple Newton MessagePad

John Hobson

Apple Emate

I ordered a set of emates so that we could use them in non networked classes. They worked well as proto netbooks but the problem was they were not networked so you had to save on a floppy and print with a very early infra beam. It really was about 10 years to early.

It was also pretty indestructible if dropped unlike an iPad. It even spawned a rival from Tandy using Windows mobile which was in colour and wireless. I was going to pilot the system but they went bust!

However the eMate saved Apple. Jobs was very taken by the design and it formed the blueprint for the Apples that followed.

Groupon will replace 1 in 10 sales staff to ensure growth

John Hobson

I signed up for a month but only received offers of facials, spas and other 'lifestyle' options clearly aimed at females of the unmarried professional class. But of no interest to anyone else. Anyone investing in Groupon needs their wallet emptied.

Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

John Hobson

A bit of us all,,,

Malcolm Mclaren and Guy Kewney, in may ways totally unrelated yet both formed quite a big bit of my past in the Seventies and Eighties. Both punk and the early days of pcs shared the idea that anyone could be part of it. Guy certainly wound up some of my employers with his articles. And he was of course spot on in picking out the flaws.