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Beware of pickpockets and malware-laced banner ads

Herb Oxley

HOSTS file

About 4 years ago after Falk (?) got their servers hacked and started serving malware via banner ads, I started using a HOSTS file that came with Kazaa Lite

which alias out a ton of 3rd party cookie and ad servers.

I've since then added Flashblock and NoScript to Firefox ( after the Falk AG incident I stopped using MSIE as my "everyday" browser.

Now I only use IE for mainstream media sites and ones run by public sector agencies.

Botmaster owns up to 250,000 zombie PCs

Herb Oxley

Linux isn't idiot proof

To make Linux an idiot-resistant platform, users can't be allowed to install or run ANY untrusted executable code.

The model I have in mind is where the ISP service is bundled with an appliance which is leased as part of the service and not to be opened or base software modified by anyone except the ISP's authorized service agents.

The device wouldn't execute any code which hadn't been signed by the ISP; thus any add-on software would have to come from the ISP or be authorized by it.

It's too bad the "New Internet Computer" wasn't able to gain any traction in the marketplace; a device like that with Puppy Linux stored on a write-protected Flash Memory card (instead of a CD-ROM) would be ideal.

A strict security model would make it tough for "mobile code";

the only way mobile code can be trusted is it is limited to display APIs and a sandbox which is cleared on one of applet exit, end of user session or system restart (if session has a non-graceful ending).

Your space, MySpace, everybody's space

Herb Oxley

MySpace: deja vu

8-10 years ago America Online had the same issues MySpace has today.

As long as MySpace doesn't do any meaningful form of user verification they will continue to have problems.

The main difference I see is that because of the massive amount of money AOL spent advertising in the mainstream media (MSM), they got kid gloves treatment regarding the serious social problems there such as pedophile chat rooms, phishing, malware spreading etc.

The MSM seldom bites the hand which feeds it.

On the other hand MySpace is owned by a media conglomerate widely hated by their peers; therefore the MSM will leap at any opportunity to make MySpace look bad in the eyes of the public.