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McCain taps Fiorina

Tim Petlock
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American "public memory" LOL

The American public's memory is about 30 seconds long for most stuff unless it involves a "wardrobe malfunction." Nobody outside of IT or corporate execs who'd vote Republican anyway (their kids have college paid for, don't need to serve in the military...) have any idea who Fiorina is.

They'll have huge cost savings when she outsources most government paper-pushing functions to India. Then there'll be a scandal when it's discovered that the outsourced immigration personnel fast-tracked H1B and student visas in exchange for small gifts.

Patricia Dunn will be scooped up on a pretexted then immediately classified secret telephonic warrant supposedly issued by a federal judge who later turns out to have been on vacation. But that won't come out for 30 years until it's declassified. She'll wind up as the newest resident of Guantanamo. Fiorina will personally waterboard her.

Mercury astronauts join al-Qaeda?

Tim Petlock

Reminds me of that scene towards the end of Jackass 2

I don't care who they look like, I want to know if they did the beards the same way as the guy in the "Terror Taxi" bit at the end.