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Commentards Ahoy! How about a Petabyte of storage?

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Ah - the FoTW. The do seem to have tailed off since the comments have gone public. People are more concerned with arguing with each other than flaming the authors. Shame. We used to love a good flame sharing session.


Reg boffins blow lid on sheepsecs

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Re: I'm no physicist, but ...

Wooldrag is to do with quantum thingumies. Most things are. :)

Reg hack celebrates happy event

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Congrats Mr. Haines...

I will not bother with all the obvious jokes since I am sure the rest of the newsroom has tried them out already.


Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

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Thank you

Thank you John, and everyone who has posted. We'll miss him, for sure.

Guy Kewney dies at 63

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Then why comment?

Seriously? A man has died, his family is in mourning, and you go trolling?

Thank you to everyone else for such kind words. It is very much appreciated.