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UK Blu-ray Disc sales shoot up

Jimmy Blake

Lower cost = more sales

When I first got my Blu-Ray player retailers were charging in excess of £30 for some movies - I only brought 5 in 24 months. Over the past few months I've noticed lots of sales dropping the cost down to around £8 - £15 a disk, as a result I've now brought dozens, including duplicates of those I had on DVD.

Content producers really need to stop taking the proverbial if they want to maintain sales, hopefully these lower prices will become uniform.

Guy Kewney dies at 63

Jimmy Blake

A giant in UK tech journalism

I was interviewed twice by Guy in 2008 for an article he was writing on cloud computing. It was weird being interviewed by someone whose articles in Personal Computer World had been so instrumental in my decision to pursue a career in computing in the 1980s.

He never lost his insight into not just technology, but also the impact that it has on society.


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