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Big Brother is born. And we find out 15 years too late to stop him


Shhh! you dont know who's listening.

So the guidebook was right we just didn't and still don't know how the decipher it. And evil was given credence at the end of the millennium by its advocates.

Nosey parkers, create new rules each time they poke their noses into someone else's business and that someone pokes them in the eye. Then they escalate it to the point of making you a criminal. So I ask who is the portent of evil.

It still makes me laugh that people put their ideas into the cloud so that bots can rake in the ideas and that way those on top stay on top by being nosey parkers while promoting security.

There's none as insecure as those that trust the system to provide the security. As x-files would put it trust no one.

Price cuts, new features coming for Office 365 small biz customers

Big Brother

Don't you get it Microsoft I don't want to store my intellectual property on your servers, I don't want your bots trawling through my documents and ideas and then suddenly launching them as your own, I don't want your 'we thought you might like this' ads in my face or your mate who is a tosser brought this so we thought you might like to be a tosser too. I just want a very personal stand alone, document, spreadsheet, database, publisher that I am in complete control of and where my ideas are my own to develop in my own time and compete in the marketplace if I ever get the money and time to do so.

And that goes for all you 'Cloud' or 'Fog' providers.

Comcast exec says wired broadband customers should pay-as-they-go

Thumb Down

Voices from the Crystal Towers Speaking again...

If that is the case why is the car industry not doing it already. But that aside, fine, charge pay as you go and then cross charge the advertising as well as an offset, if you wish to use my bandwidth for advertising you can to pay for the privilege. Get back in your bean counting box Cohen as ever your type always look to stripe by involuntary contract people who you believe have some form of dependency.

Why ever leave home? Amazon wants to turn your kitchen into a shop


Computer says no

And what happens when the deliveries stop, when you click the button and nothing happens, when the will to grab a shopping bag and walk along shelves picking produce has gone, and the need to feed yourself is totally in the control of the machine, will everyone be stuck inside their houses fearing to go outside because the drone says so. As Ideological as the future might sound what seems to be happening is its turning people into mindless drones who when the machine shuts down will shutdown too.

TV sales PLUMMET. But no one's prepared to say what we all know

Big Brother

Its not just size that matters

Lets get to the root of why perhaps the sales have plummeted.

1. Everybody has a 50" they barely watch because they are either on the internet or tapping on phone to social networks.

2. We got stung, 720 became 1080, became Smart and now 4K with 8K sitting in the wings. seeing as we are mostly doing point 1 above who wants the added expense.

3. Smart and 3D we got just enough to make a buck and nothing more. Post purchase upgrades to the smart or come to that the 3D firmware so confusing or non existant that people cant be bothered with it, most just want to utter the words make it go. And dont get me started on the slow EPGs.

4. Standard is not standard, connect the hdmi from one source to a destination and you might get lucky if its the same brand otherwise suffer in some minor technicality.

5. Interactive TV, multiview and other stuff the promise of blueray. But here we are years later and still not there, just like each mediocre release of games machine with a long list of features that never materialises.

6. And lastly Granny, Grannies got the dosh? but oh my gosh just look at all those buttons, regular calls to the son in law on how to change channels. Let alone when you switch it on and the audio auto configures with the last volume setting blowing poor old gran out of her slippers screaming take it back take it back.

Basically the people have got tired of shelling out for promises in a marketplace where they are not sure the job they have will be compatible with them. So why make the big spend. For a few who will always shell out for bleeding edge tech this may not be a problem but for the gaffaw gaffaw, edge of the crust look at what I got non technical, Next shopping, VW/Audi driving (who nearly always buy panasonic too) otherwise known as the lower think their upper middle class, which accounts for most people that close to the wherewithall to consider the purchase. Well they already have 3 generations of wide screen in their homes and have probably run out of space on the walls unless you can really really convince them its worth it.

Otherwise we would all like that 8ft screen that gives the feeling of immersion, somewhere in the home. But you know what, for a quarter of the cost you can experience the real thing. So for now, 1080p with 5.1 surround, Blueray and 3D is enough. I remember the price point being £400 now its a whopping £800 - 1200 and for that to see the same things I saw for £400 does not make me or probably anyone else feel its VFM.

Elon Musk slams New Jersey governor over Tesla direct sales ban

Big Brother

Think of the people

Well its because the entire franchise model would mean that the money from the franchise to the manufacturer would dry up as would the tax, then the money from the from the reseller would dry up, so would the tax, then the money from the buyer to the reseller would dry up and so would the tax, Not forgetting the leases and and rents and again of course taxes. Get the picture if they sold direct not only would the taxes dry up but so would the army of jobs provided by the marker uppers.

And woe betide the losses the councils would face and the cleaning jobs that would go and the sales ticket printers etc etc and of course all the tax. So yes he will get banned from denying everyone their cut.

We MUST be told: How many Bitcoins do I need to kill a melon-head?


Re: Most of the financial system is a Mafia Ponzi Slavery scheme, including most currencies!

Kinda agree, at the end of the day the trickle down is to something that is a tangible asset that you place a worth to. In your case water for survival in a meltdown, and in much the same way as you would not build a house on shifting sands it would be foolish to invest in a virtual currency you can switch off or loose access to so very quickly.

Your right about the water vs gold from a survival perspective however it would have to be bottled because if things did implode the lack of investment would most probably poison the supply, just look at Syria. I don't think it matters which way you look at it inflation is the only real constant for example:

1. Deposit - Net monetary worth - Interest Rate Up - increase volume in circulation - prices increase to satisfy profits to support interest rates cost - inflation

2. Debt - Zero or negative money worth - QE - interest Rate down - increase in volume circulation - Prices increase to satisfy devaluation of the currency - Inflation

Two sides of the same coin. QE is just a reflection of the fact that the fiscal environment is a majority debt based one and politicians will do the one that keeps the majority voting for them, so at the moment the depositors suffer.

However the view now turns to sustainability for the depositors and then you are back to the tangible asset and the choice is yours as to which, whether it be gold or water you can store until you want to release the tangible worth in exchange for your object of desire and the yellow metal carries a higher value because in terms of patrolling the security of its physical world presence it takes the least effort from a density of space occupied perspective.

and here is a very good article on the BBC website to reflect that consideration - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25255957

But as I say at the end of the day its down to the individual as to what they see as the best asset to reflect their ability to survive a cataclysmic outcome. And Bitcoin is certainly not it. I suspect Bitcoin is the representation of Hope at the bottom of Pandora's box.


Bird in the hand and the wind in the bush

The bit I don't get.

You start with some money in your pocket, you spend it to pay for the electricity bill and the hardware to run in a race to gain a bitcoin, if your lucky you are the last calculation that releases the coins to you or you pally matey pool. at which point you claim your value in $/£ to spend.

There is an itch I want to scratch here, other than the ability to avoid taxation on purchases or transfers of monetary bundles worldwide where have you gained any value other than the accumulated value of the effort (therefore the money) spent to mine them by all the miners; of which let me remind you, you had the money in the first place. It strikes me this is akin to the 1p bidding for product sites that claim a single person has purchased a bargain while all the other bidders have paid the value+ of the sellers cost.

If ever there was an emperor has no clothes moment surely this is it. The gullible contribute to making the rich richer (those with the biggest mining rigs) and are left with nothing more then the mining rig they thought they had invested in.

In True Dragons Den style I'd say I'm out! Spend your effort and money more wisely.

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder


Re: lol

Wait till you have the same application control to your drinking water unless you drink when we say so you may thirst to death. And you want to work hard and voluntarily hand over your hard earned to be told when you can enjoy something, damn are people really so silly? Its bad enough you cant design, self build and make a living without jumping so many 'legal' hurdles. Glad this has been raised. Xbox one no matter how close to real life and delivers better than RL shoot you in the ass games is off my shopping list. Any one for that other retro reality RL, if so see you down the pub.

Apple: Now that you've updated to iOS 7... YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK


Pure arrogance

Have Brits fallen for Netflix, or do they still LoveFilm?


Fate acomplished

You will probably find that that the shot in the arm that Netflix is promoting is due to the fact that over Christmas all those DVD gifts that had Ultraviolet paraded all over them were installed by people because of the no choice disposition of the media.

For a while people were buying the digital versions so that they could load them on their iGadgets but with ultraviolet you were left with only once course of action, that and the supposed drop in i-Gadget sales and to get the same film on itunes download is so expensive. People have therefore in a cost saving exercise gone for galaxy III's and are watching moves over netflix while reserving the true blue hi quality playback for a cozy night in in front of the widescreen.

There we go mystery over. Chistmas gift channeled to netflix via Ultraviolet, I suspect the registrations will remain for rewatch purposes but the take up might drop off now after Christmas.

UK.gov stalks jobless online to axe work refuseniks' benefits

Black Helicopters

The Long Con.

Agreed but the aim is to reduce the government spend so that the next headline reads 'We are meeting our targets to decrease government spend' (by also putting the job center employees on the dole) 'and the take up of the new online jobcentre has increased (same jobcentre people) so more people are looking for' (but will probably read 'finding') work via this medium its an all round success dont your think' Gaffaw Gaffaw Gaffaw!

Right now where did I put my expenses application?


Re: Dont fall sick either

Lets get a grip here. Not everyone who is unemployed is a gutter rat. Some have the unfortunate position of having got older and become easier targets for the accountants at the firms they were employed at.

As a result they have not only built the systems, put in the processes and taught the younger set (if they were listening) how to make it right. And then for their troubles were made redundant. So the Next time you whipper snappers look at the older guy in your office imagine its your Father or Mother you are undermining.

Next the savings that you might have thought you were going to inherit when they passed away are being used to compensate for the poor governmental management. And those who managed to manage the lives correctly are paying an additional price by saving for a rainy day and watching it diminish while loud mouthed wannabees roam the offices. I'll bet there have been more people in the office searching the internet while being paid then working this past week looking for that special present thats about to put another high street store out of business.

Add to this that by the time they reach retirement they will be penniless while the company you work for are about to make you redundant for precisely the same reasons, a new accountant only looking at the well being of his set of numbers. Now you might be getting the picture. Its only a matter of time before your lip is on the hook.

Yes there are people who are swingling the lead, not looking for work and trying to claim monies they are not entitled to, but there are also people who hope against hope are working thier rocks off (and probably more hours than you are) to ensure that their sons and daughters do not meet the same fate they have.

So spare a thought for those that through no fault of their own have aged, provided secure systems and services so as to make themselves redundant and are now pushing that boulder uphill just trying to survive fairly. And what do they have to face but sour criticism from people who are nothing more than social monkeys rather than industrial builders or thinkers.

Not everyone is a spounger and I hope you never have to be.

Oh! look there goes the bee in my Bonnet...

P.S. To the Politicians with big mouths whos income is equivilent to 10 peoples salaries and earn more money in interest from their inheretance then most would in a lifetime I suggest you should pipe down about what constitutes working for a living or getting a job.

UK gov probes Comet crash: Public, private sectors LOST £257m


Re: No

By its sheer complexity it implys that someone is hiding an untruth.

Basic economics has been fogged to the point of distraction in the same way as the long and convoluted agreement terms that then as instagram/facebook has shown to want to steal from the innocent.

In this case I fail to see if the numbers are correct why insurance could not be secured seeing as the previous year the losses were 95m and in five months this had dropped to 31m even though the turnover had fallen by 200m it would have been far cheaper for the government to loan the money to support the improvement (over time) and the livelyhood of the business so someone was obviously not acting in the employees and publics best interests.

So I suggest you make it simple in future instead of how do you assest strip by complex infrastructure. Make no bones about it LLPs are just what they say they are Limited Liability Partnerships which means if they fail to make money they dont lose out everyone else does.

So get off that high accountancy horse because if this continues you wont have any businesses to account. Also for deloitte to have made 10.4M in six week is also an indication of the level of bottom feeding you accountant types are happy to go to its disgusting.

Comet crashes to Earth: 125 stores wiped out


Computer says No!

Places like Comet are the last bastions for negotiation of a product, now Lewis and PC World will be next and then when they have too fallen by the wayside the price you pay will not be negotiable just searchable, faceless, gutless and careless. A shame that we dont care for people as well as we do money so I hope your happy cuddling your cheap electronics gear and I hope things like Siri for example provide you with the deep and meaningful company you so desire. Sorry to see you go Comet.

Cashless Comet to close 41 stores, axe 500 jobs


Wormwood - Comet

Its sad that the only thing people seem to comment on is the lack of discount. The Spiral of failure continues until as Steve Jobs put it he was/is the richest man in the grave yard. All well and good getting things cheaper, but what do Amazon pay their pickers, are they likely to buy new cars or houses. probably not because of the low salaries to 'keep the price down' they cannot afford to. Just means that the bottom of the pile just went up a level to a new bottom of the pile, till like jengo the whole pile falls down. Sometimes it aint worth that £5 saving if you get what I mean, I would rather have a neighbour in a job than the fiver discount in my pocket as at least he will potentially be putting the fiver in my pocket by buying the goods from the employeer I might work for. But I guess that was in times of yore, now its just zombie flesh eaters where ever you look.

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'



Baaahh baah baaaaaahhhhh! Baah! - Roughly translated 'is this the way to the butchers table'.

Moo mooooo mooo mooo mooooooo! - Roughly translated 'no this is the way to the milking shed'.

Animal farm anyone?

Microsofties to get Windows 8 Surface tabs


94k sales at launch then

So will the 94k installs figure in the accounts for number fo units shifted in first month of release?

'Over half' of Android devices have unpatched holes


And thats why Apple wins

Like many a phone user I dipped my toes in the Andriod world only to find on three seperate occasions that the gap between google, carrier and vendor is very wide.

In each case the fault was down to patching updates not being released by the carrier because they had not yet redeveloped and tested thier version on the base level OS or patch.

At which point its now time for phone upgrade. So the issue never gets fixed and the phone goes to recycling.

And this is why Iphone wins, its one OS and one lot of patch notes and only one interface for which if there is a frustrating bug you not on your own or pending a seperate vendor patch or fix.

The vast majorityof customers like simple one stop shopping and user experience to do their job, so until Andriod says no to vendor/carrier fiddles with the OS and make them add-on apps instead. Meaning that the base OS can always be patched directly without having to do some sort of jailbreak to load the latest OS; then i'm afriad as people tire of the experience they eventually even through Iphone hand me downs move to the apple experience.

And once you have had a bite of the apple there is no going back. I'm afraid to say that this is the hook which costs the extra bucks that eventually people end up willing to pay.

The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why


Not an Iphan, yeah Siri you heard me

Much like the current economy perhaps its time to end the hope and pray status of telephony services. Its a bit like a sports car with all the wheel nuts cross threaded because the journey is always in a hurry. Sooner or later the wheels are going to fall off.

And as much is true of the iphone generally it looks good, feels solid and the doors close just like a vw golf, but then you get to the offerings or add ons my one particular favorite being Siri for which even and with the Iphone 5 I dont believe we will get past the' I'm sorry but but I can only look for businesses in the USA' so please explain why I should need to pay over the odds for something that I cant use.

I suspect therefore that other than the USA the google maps replacement service will pretty much show the rest of the world as a barren desert.

Also given that a lot of the word on the street is that IOS6 has been heavily developed to capitalise on the Chinese language. Then I beg to consider why do I need that much overhead on my meager little offering of a phone.

Perhaps when Apple considers the rest of the world as more of a customer and less of an idiot revenue stream who are so mentally displaced with the latest music offering to be able to think straight. Then it might be worth a punt on the next iphone otherwise for now I remain in the fool me once shame on me set.

Amazon: Pay more for Kindle Fire, smoke ads from slabs


No such thing as a free launch

Surely what did people expect.

Agreed that unfortunately ads is the discount you get and books now become like magazines and news papers with an ad on every page. Is it a distraction of course it is, just like the mobile phone users in a quite cafe, the hissing sound of a ipod in the ears of a deaf sod on the train, the acoustic frequency increase everytime an advert comes on on the telly just at the good bit.

Its all geared to ensuring you get no peace and quite to concentrate on anything and in that zombie like state you have to buy the latest tech/app promoted by the ads because its going to manage or solve a problem you never actually had until now.

Give it some thought people, how long will it last before your the one thats no longer logging into the service because its not longer profitable to operate, I would estimate about the life length of the battery between 2-4 years. By then you will already have seen the advert for the next socially inept product.

What you should be doing is not paying $15 to switch the ads off, you should be being paid to have them on. I mean do you let anyone just park their car in your garage, well do you?

Dredd movie review

Thumb Up


Being a Dredd fan since 2000ADs release, I was yes disappointed that the backdrops were not future mega city one and that this was just shortly after the nuclear apoclypse and rebuild. Once I planted that seed in my head then I settled down.

It also means that if there is a Dredd II, fingers crossed, it can lift the game and introduced the fancy polished future of the comic book rather than banging its head against the edge of the bubble and then doing a reboot like a lot of the other comic characthers have had to do. And as Dredd does not remove his helmet (Hurrah!) the legend can run on.

As it is its early Judges in battered uniforms until 'The Law' can generally be established, before the tidy up to furture mega city can begin. The the film was upper okay to good. The grit was there, the fight for the streets was there and the fight to pull back from a totally drug addled future was there.

In fact if you watched this first and then watched the Stallone version you could (I say this loosely) take a veiw that the Stallone one followed on and whatever the next Dredd movie is (Hopefully introduce Judge Death and his crew) would be volume three with an even more futuristic backdrop.

So in all everything to enjoy and a lot to look forward too.

Btw was anyone else looking for the little jocky wheel on the front of the fatty.

Google snags patent on price discrimination


foor in the door marketing

Cant wait for the spiv-bot that follows you from page to page enticing you with that one off, free range, special offer at a price held for this day only because its you type marketing.

The 'older generation' are right to be skeptical as its just old practices using new tech.

Third of iPad owners want smaller slabs


Ferrari looks, but mini under the bonnet.

7" = Netbook and 10" = Laptop is the way I see it and therefore I suspect the ratios of sales will be about the same. It would be nice to think it was smaller, better, faster, cheaper by design but looking at the specs and the limitations of space within the 7" form factor I cant see people being fooled into thinking they are getting anything comparable between the 10" and the 7" in fact the margins for the 7" will be higher because the marketing will no doubt appear to promise that they can do the same but the manufacturing overheads will be exactly the same, so technically you will be paying more for less. Not to mention the future sales of glasses by specsavers et al.

Old men who use computers less likely to get dementia


Just me and my shadow

The problem with dementia is I dont remember, but here are some cakes I baked earlier...

Oh! and Harvey says Hi!

Oh no, sysadmins! VMware touts data centre that runs itself


Waterwheel, Spinning jennies, Ford et al. its the future man!

I dont understand whats taking so long.

When I went to school and we did the industrial age in history it became obvious that technology develops to replace people and with a bit of luck a new technology comes along to allow the next generation of development to occur. If you look back industries such as Milling, Cloth Making, Bottling, Car manufacturing have all progressed into a robotic production line so why should it be any different for data and computing.

In each case the result has always been a room full of automated machinery being maintained by a single fellow with an oil can paid a half salary or minimum wage.

So the only question really is how come its taking so long for self healing systems. Perhaps its the sheer volume of redunancy with no new tech for the mass redundant techs to jump onto.

Whats that you say? Skynet has achieved sentience...

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban


Exclusion by proxy

I wondered how soon social exclusion by proxy might come about, I saw sentiments of this activity as soon as banks only released software for iphones to access banking accounts, now its yet another limit. Thankfully my exclusion is not to buy into the Jobsian dicatorial dream (no doubt there is a appleoser who would immediately react with well thats your choice is'nt it). So once you have been labotomised more than 2 times its dummy for life it would seem, I guess thats just the inclusive customer membership list any company could wish for, mindless clients. Well I for one am pleased not to be contributing to the sweatshop, carbon footprinting, and reckless mining that drives the need to produce a product that one might say keeps the user out of touch with reality.

iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

Big Brother

The choice is no choice

My only request would be that in addition to the O/S supporting an ads capability can it also support an ads off switch so that I can make the 'choice' as to if I want ads or not.

As for making applications cheap, your statement is correct it normally also means that the worst type of rubbish gets the most advertising as a result pushing out the high investment, no patch, got it right first time products. Thats why we are in a continuous patch cycle for nearly all our products nowadays, but call it market competitional advantage in terms of releasing unfinished products into the marketplace.

What I dont see is the 'Choice' being provided to the consumer in terms of enabling or disabling a feature or product when the purchase channel is singular such as the itunes store.

As a matter of fact in terms of choice despite my reservations of Google effectively prying the same practices, this is the one saving grace of Android, that at least if I really wanted to I can develop and install my own products without having to be pipelined through a potential exclusion zone.

I think its a shame that Apple although the manufacturers of good products feel that they have to take an dictatorial line when dealing with the customer. My observation is that this has excluded both great minds and good customers, because the approach is one of marketing not development.

I recently noted a person who had to have an iphone not because of the features but because is was a social inclusion. When you looked into the eyes of said individual you could see the breezey landscape in the distance, there was no understanding of the tech nor the capability and for that social inclusion it cost £700, it may as well have been a block of cheese.

At the same time I note a form of social exclusion occuring as Banks and others pedal 'iphone' clients to their services so that they can tap into this mindless set of individuals. I say exclusion because the same services have not been developed for other platforms. So to get the services you have to have an iphone. What next exclusion from the human race perhaps.

Big brother we are watching you very closely.

Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing

Big Brother

I only want to do it my way

Given the level of content, normally someone like Cowell and buddies lauding how they made millions out of suckers and idiots, closly followed by the brainless football monatary sink hole. paywall might be a saviour to humanity and people will go read real news instead of the tripe they put out. Lets face it 9 times out of 10 subject and details provided by the AFP (note it always seems to read in very very small print curteousy of the AFP or others) and to quote an old saying curteousy never cost you anything. So what the papers are charging for is the Headline. So if Murdoch plans on giving the headline away perhaps you can aggregate the headline from one to the AFP articles or others and hey presto publish your own paper. Just dont forget to be curteous. Perhaps its time to move on and realise we are all contributors to the human race and news and information is just one of many free contributions. Or perhaps, just maybe you want to own it, restrict it, only make it yours and no other opinion counts and for that opinion you should be suppressed into only hearing what you want to say through your medium, your paywall, your firewall, your news. In which case bring back the boys from Afganistan because the Taliban is on fleet street.


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