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Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue

Andy 68

Re: I think most people here are missing the point

> Do you think investors didn't know

If they didn't know then they were wilfully blind. *I* knew, just from reading El Reg. I have no sympathy for them at all.

> The investors say Nvidia was supposed

No. That's not what they're saying. They are saying that when the CEO was specifically asked if the bitcoiners were responsible for the huge spike in sales, he said "no".

Andy 68

I think most people here are missing the point

As much as I have no sympathy for the share traders who lost money, people here seem to be missing the fact that the suit is complaining that Nvidia execs *lied to the market* about their business.


- We have 2 types of customers - Group A and Group B

- Everyone knows that the GroupB market is ephemeral and will probably implode soon

- Don't worry - 95% of our sales are to Group A so we're going to carry on making loads of money

If you read the linked pdf in the article, the quotes in the suit are quite iffy, and do sound as though the CEO is deliberately misleading, if not downright lying to, the market.

I don't think the SEC takes kindly to that sort of thing, do they? C.f. Musk et.al.

'VPs shouldn't go publicly rogue'... XML co-author Tim Bray quits AWS after Amazon fires COVID-19 whistleblowers

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Re: "XML"

> The one situation where processing JSON is inconvenient is a shell script, but why on Earth would you want to do that?



House of Commons agrees to allow Zoom app in Parliament, British MPs will still have to dress smartly

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Re: "a glimpse of Michael Gove in a leopard onesie"

Have an upvote - I think there are good members of the upper house, but I suspect what you say holds true for a significant number of them

That awful moment when what you thought was a number 1 turned out to be a number 2

Andy 68

Shall we talk about Zoom?

In the Current Climate™, Mrs 68 is teaching her fitness classes over the intarwebz, and everyone is getting to learn how zoom works.

Apart from the cantankerous biddies who insist on

- "I can't see you" (when everyone else can)

- "I can't hear you" (when everyone else can)

- Refusing to heed instructions as to how to remediate the first two

- Refusing to be muted "in case"

etc. etc.

Technology eh.... who'd have it?

UK enters almost-lockdown: Brits urged to keep calm and carry on – as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house

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Re: And use food delivery services where you can.

This. Absolutely.

It's no good Boris telling us to use supermarket delivery services.

I couldn't create an account, and once we'd filled up SWMBO's shopping basket, we couldn't get a delivery date. Nor any information on when we would be able to get a date.

Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution

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Re: Yesterday

"Use your wheels - it is what they are for"

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now: Brexit tea towel says it'll just be the gigabit broadband

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Re: Optional?

How many were eaten?

Only the worthless ones taking up space.

Oh! You were talking about the crayons!

You want a Y2K crash? FINE! Here's a poorly computer

Andy 68

Re: Same as Audits

Incorrect challenge. the repetition was actually "script" - you lose a point

Infosec prophet Bruce Schneier (peace be upon him) is only as famous as half of Salt-N-Pepa

Andy 68

[None of us made it – Ed]

Maybe we should try and change that by googling for

Dabbs, Alistair - 101 uses for a pineapple


every time we sit at someone else's computer.

eBay eBabe enigma explained: Microsoft bug blamed after topless model slings e-souk's emails at stunned Brits

Andy 68

"Tit for tat"

Brilliant.... just brilliant.

Could an AI android live forever? What, like your other IT devices?

Andy 68

Re: Android vs Robot?

"These are not the droid and robot you're looking for"

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it

[Edit: dang - pipped!]

'Software delivered to Boeing' now blamed for 737 Max warning fiasco

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Re: does this affect more aircraft than the ill fated 737 max?

Nahh - engine's off. No power/vacuum

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?

Andy 68

Re: so


Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit

Andy 68

Re: Static

You're right, maybe it would have been better if they were stationery carts.

Sysadmin’s worst client was … his mother! Until his sister called for help

Andy 68

> Forward / Back navigation buttons

If they're the ones I'm thinking of (just at the right place for your thumb to hit) they have caused me, many a time, to toggle Silent Running on - usually when in the middle of a pitched battle that I'm losing, with no shields and 40% hull.

I really should change those key bindings one day..

Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

Andy 68

people are savvy enough now to realise....

I think the Maplin bosses needed to have a talk with the Screwfix management.

They manage just fine. Presumably at least partly because their rates must be significantly lower, being mostly on light industrial estates rather than in retail parks.

Big shock: $700 Internet-of-Things door lock not a success

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Re: I'm disappointed

> The idea of a biometric door lock is very sound

No, no it's not.

In your examples, you are storing the dog-walker et.al's biometric information.

Why should they give you access to their phone, their own house (if they too have one of these locks)?

How are you storing that information? What if you get hacked?

It's not a good idea. I suspect it will be repeated on here many many times : Biometric data is not authentication, it's identification.

Andy 68

Re: Bah!

> An Otto-cycle 2hp engine


hp = Hurley Pugh


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the data centre temp's delightful

Andy 68

Re: Thankfully some more sensible countries (4 Alan Brown)

<altogether now...>

If there's one thing that I like,

It's a burn-up on my bike...

Boffins on alert: Brace yourselves for huge gravitational wave coming within a decade

Andy 68

So all we have to do is to work out *exactly* how improbable it is....

User asked help desk to debug a Post-it Note that survived a reboot

Andy 68

Pah - all I ask for is a complete sentence....

Lenovo UK boss pulls the chain, flushes himself out of there

Andy 68


Not as bad as ROW

2017 is already fail: Let’s try a Chinese reboot

Andy 68

Re: dozidoze?


Mystery black hole hides by curbing its appetite

Andy 68

The only way to really check....

Get the Asp Explorer out of storage and go and look for yourself

Farmer mooved after reunion with two-year fugitive cow

Andy 68

Re: Spotted

Bit of a low blow that one.

But it's the same with felines...

My cattle be gone for days at a time.

Slough isn't fit for humans now, says Amazon. We're going to Shoreditch

Andy 68

Re: SLOUGH - if despond - easily the worst place in Buckinghamshire ... or anywhere?

Oh come on...

It's not as bad as Bracknell - just bigger.

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir

Andy 68
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Ahhh... CiX

I met a few g/fs and my ex either on cix, or at cix parties, and know of quite a few marriages of cixen (some of whom haven't split up).

Hopefully, with its new lease of life there'll be plenty more of that going on in the future...

Top Brit Penguins spurn London Stock Exchange for NYSE

Andy 68

You could at least....

You could at least have got his name right.

It's Doug Dennerline.

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

Andy 68

Must be just me....

I saw the headline and thought I'd missed news of a long-running Ubuntu beta that had just been canned.

Security fail for Apple as hacker cracks iOS in-app purchasing

Andy 68

Re: all I can think of

Whenever *I* hear of a Russian Butcher, all I can think of is that I'm just about to find the star that fell on the cathedral....

Oatmealer rubs Operation Bear Love cash in troll's face

Andy 68

That's what he said he was going to do *last week*...

Look at the first words on the article linked to "As promised, here's the photo of $211,223.04 ..."

The photos also have a small handful of coins - hard to make a round 20k with those

Menaced cartoonist raises $60,000 for copywrong

Andy 68

You missed these bits

1) It's now at least $120k

2) The link to the site/page concerned must have been accidently deleted... these things happen. http://theoatmeal.com/blog/funnyjunk_letter

3) Whilst deriding him for a host of failings, you also said "sending out the takedowns becomes a full-time job." This is exactly why he has taken the path he has. Read the original.

Happy to help.

LinkedIn users buried in spam after database leak

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This is A Good Thing

at least for me.

LinkedIn was one of my 'standard low-security' passwords, it seems not to have been one of the leaked ones, but The Password Gorilla now protects all my work and home logins (across fedora and win7 - just need a gorilla client for small fondleslab now) and every single one is different.....

About bl**dy time I did it, too.... and hopefully it will encourage everyone else to do the same.

Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created

Andy 68

Seriously..?? "Based on sales"???

Are you being deliberately obtuse? In two sentences you've managed to say exactly the opposite of what you're trying to say : that Linux is both more used and is significantly cheaper.

(and no, I haven't even looked at your 'evidence')

CIX conferencing system is bought out – again

Andy 68

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

and a loosely associated UT clan - Olde Phartes ...


El Reg iPhone app rated a flaccid 12+

Andy 68


+1 for my favourite limerick

Official: Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn

Andy 68

C'mon, really

It's not as though they can make Skype for Linux any *worse*, is it now?

It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK

Andy 68

what about....

what about pulling the sticker off and dropping tiny amounts of sunflower oil from a cocktail stick into the hole to free up the sticking drive just long enough for you to copy everything off?

Dixons offers Angry Birds on the house

Andy 68

Worked for me

The article did say "tomorrow" which is now today, so that might be a clue..?

Cryptographers crack system for verifying digital images

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Oh come on.....

A cracking/hacking/security outfit with a sense of humour?

That's got to be a first, and loudly applauded!

How to make boots on Mars affordable - One way trips

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Batwings flying off the escarpments·......

That is all.

Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs

Andy 68

Thank you


I'd just like to say that I love F13 and 12, and I'm looking forward to loving F14.

I haven't found a way that I can contribute back to it yet (apart from encouraging my favourite paid-for app to support it), but when I can be arsed, my work machine will be upgrading from 13 to 14.

Ubuntu to play music and vids at home (although even that's looking less appealing these days) and Fedora for my "I have to get shit done" laptop.


(this messgae brought to you by F14 Live)

Facebook on the blink for second time in two days

Andy 68

I take it

you've not seen the 4chan threat earlier, then?



Reverse engineer extracts Skype crypto secret recipe

Andy 68
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"a restriction Skype had plans to ease with the upcoming publication of an API."


The API is a pile of horse-w*nk . They've been promising for years to update it. It sucks.


AOL to sell or shutter Bebo

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+1 to this


A. Parent


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