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Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking


Use BlackBerry

Seems like BlackBerry is the safe bet!

AMD Radeon HD 4850 and 4870


So much power

I'm really concerned about the last diagram about power consumption. Does it really mean that these cards use about 300W even when I'm in Windows Desktop and the card basically idles?

I'm thinking about changing my graphics card but my PC is on 24/7 and after my X800 XT (70Wats under heavy usage) this would mean a lot on my electricity bill!

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

Paris Hilton

Icon for Naomi?

The Register should add an icon for Naomi as well in the forums. I think she would get on well with Paris.

Vista upgrade revisited


Change to Linux

I have Vista as well at home and although I don't have major issues with it I just think it is useless. The only feature I like is the look of the system and possibily this is the main reason people buying it.

I had enough of Microsoft, I installed Linux a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed how much it developed in the past years. I can recommend it to everyone!