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It's a decade since DevOps became a 'thing' – and people still don't know what it means


DevOps is a brilliant way

To remove System Administrators and have Developers take over and be responsible for the security and integrity of the System that they use for development.

Since DevOps became a "Thing" System Security has increased, data theft has been reduced to almost zero and no one has accidentally left anything open and available to the public on the "Cloud".

No, I am not being sarcastic. If I have negative thoughts about popular trends and catch phrases in IT then I will be deemed negative and bring "negativity" down on the whole workplace, and that is worse than setting my desk on fire. So I am very optimistic about DevOps.

Silicon Valley IT biz boss cops to lying about Cisco H-1B jobs


I've cleaned up after them on the Systems Administration level as well.

Lately the problem has been non-viable backups discovered after a ransomware attack.

And upatched servers leading to a ransomware attack. And sub-sub-sub contracting the administration work so no one even knew who was the system administrator.


I think this is the business model of those companies.

I am amazed there has been so few cases like these. Those of us techs in the US who have been looking for work since Indian based companies with a "US Based" PO box got into the recruiting know the problem is prevalent and and even more shady than this case.

Actions like this are why tech workers who hated Trump often voted for him anyway and just told their friends they voted for Clinton.

Ta-ta, security: Bungling Tata devs leaked banks' code on public GitHub repo, says IT bloke


That happened to someone on a Solaris / Sun Microsystems / Oracle forum I read and post at a few years ago.

Forum member's job, and actual whole department was outsourced to India. He was looking for work and had more time to spend on the forums and suddenly new members joined. They first started out with Solaris basics and then it moved onto more detailed questions and finally the new members quoted directly from the documentation our older member wrote himself (that was proprietary) and he realized he had been helping the people who replaced him.

So, he had a bit of fun with them "answering their questions the best he could".


Re: Someone who needs SpringConcepts.ppt...

My guess is that it was someone who was applying for another job and told by someone, somewhere (these days its "everyone, everywhere") that they needed their work on github so potential employers could see their work.

Oddly enough, most people who demand a Github repository have no idea what they are looking at anyway.

Bookmakers William Hill under siege from DDoS internet flood


core tech is like a baby putting things in its mouth

"Darktrace is the only cyber defense technology that is capable of detecting anomalous behaviors, without any prior knowledge of what it is looking for."

OK. I guess if I wanted to attack a Darktrace protected site I would send a bunch of kermit and gopher requests to their ip blocks and then try to enter modem and modbus commands via telnet into ports 443. That would cause it to focus on anomalous behavior that it had no prior knowledge.

Then I would pay some skids $200.00 to DDoS their site.

My hacker name would then be known as C@Pta1n 0bv1ou5

Matt LeBlanc handed £1.5m to front next two series of Top Gear


We Americans watch British shows because they are good in their format. I loved Top Gear as it was. I watched the new one and I liked LeBlanc, but not because he was American.

The one thing we Americans do not understand is the British affection for creepy DJs. Before he was dead I was shown a episode of "Jim 'll Fix It"...I remember thinking it was a clever show, that would be watchable without the host. When I told my opinion to my hosts I was told he was a national icon of sorts. That confused me.

Not saying Evans is a paedo, but he seemed to have the same amount of affection towards him as Savile did. No one seemed to think a collection of all white Ferraris was a sign of mania rather than success.

Terry Jones has dementia


Re: IT angle?

The Pythons have helped people create so many bad passwords and good MTOD over the years it is worth mentioning.

McAfee outs malware dev firm with scores of Download.com installs


lavians.com is with Bluehost

But their IP is owned by Linode

The other site sharing their IP is http://cheersc.com/ which sells "P2P movie player" and one called "Frozen Movie Player" which for $39.95 will play the movie "Frozen" online for "Free"

I am wondering if malware could be embedded in that too? hmm.

TechCrunch defaced by self-professed 'white hat' hackers


"White Hat" huh?

They are hosted in Romania but they use the word "Staffs" instead of "staff" for their services.

I thought the definition of "White Hat" was not breaking into anything you do not have permission to break in to, to me this would be "Grey Hat".

A Black Hat will put a pile of dog poo on your welcome mat.

A white hat will clean the dog poo on your welcome mat and provide you with steps to poo proof your entry way.

A Grey Hat will ring your door, and when you answer they will grab the poo and throw it inside while saying "Look what you almost stepped in!"

Hyperloop One lynched in hangman lawsuit


Re: Sounds like a whole lot of crazy

Fed Ex-ing Junk mail was a tactic done by a few dot-coms back around 2000. I was basically a computer operator then, but I exaggerated my position to get a free subscription to some magazine like Sysadmin or EWeek and got on some mailing lists. Right before the fall B2B companies started fed-exing crap to me assuming that I would never throw away a fed ex envelope (they were right on that part).

To me, though, Hyperloop seems like Chinatown or Season 2 of True Detective. Typical California land stuff with their arcane access rights for cattle and feudal water rights for certain families. 21st century high tech startups meet 18th century Spanish colonialism meet Dot-Com failure.

This is going to be like 3 black holes colliding with Stephen Hawking doing narration. Quite good.

Telling your wife why you were fired is the only punishment


Re: If you don't want to be traumatised by people's pictures ...

I worked for a webhosting company. One of my many jobs was looking into reports of copyright infringement in the "Abuse" department.

I had to look. I had to compare.

That was when I discovered that Pakistani Eunuch Porn was a thing. An often copyrighted thing.

Rent a denial-of-service booter for $60, wreak $720k in damage


Stressor vendors are easy enough to find.

When I worked for a webhosting company our most basic linux plan would get stressor sellers and resellers all the time. They would sign up, start a DDoS, get their account suspended, and then complain that we had cut off their service.

But there were not hundreds of them or anything, they had all bought a "Make Money Fast" type package for $200.00 on CL or ebay in which they essentially acted as a franchise for "McDDoS" and were under the impression that their services were legitimate and even told by the Franchise that the Web Host's technical support would "set up everything for you".

What was shocking was not that this happened but that the DDoS supression industry seemed really uninterested in targeting the real live humans at the other end of a keyboard somewhere and instead more interested in selling fancy packet inspection services.

There is also one Stressor running around out there from South Carolina. His offerings have been slowly improving but his ability to conceal himself has not. He does not Franchise but does everything himself, like someone with an airbrush competing against Photoshop. It is kind of charming.

Chinese hunters capture 'yeti'


I think it is a Bear Cat with mange


Maybe one kept as a pet escaped (or one raised for food escaped)