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Ex-Ubiquiti dev jailed for 6 years after stealing internal corp data, extorting bosses


Not so Sharp after all, eh?

The required post, now with letters.

Firefox points the way to eradicating one of the rudest words online: PDF

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Funny and ironic how when I was part through reading about how bad old PDF doesn't move with times and modern "responsive" web, the webpage jumped and moved to accommodate for an ad changing for one with different height, making me lose track. It only took two more ad reloads and me having to hunt for where I was until I gave up on finishing reading how unwieldy and inconvenient PDF is.

China’s GitHub clone makes all repos private pending mysterious ‘review’


Gitee != Gitea

That name gets confusingly close to Gitea - a very nice, open-source, self-hosted repository software. I wonder which came first.

Remote code execution vulnerability in Samba due to macOS interop module


Re: Heads up networked Time Machine users

It was super unreliable for me as well when I was trying to back up my M1 MBP to the same Time Machine network share that my Intel Mac mini was already backing up to. What seems to have successfully worked around this issue was me creating a separate Time Machine share on my Synology NAS, dedicated to my M1 MBP's exclusive use.

Western Digital unveils 20TB OptiNAND hard drive, pledges 50TB to follow


Why so modest

Why so modest, Mr Siva?

"We were first to try to con our customers into buying SMR-based "NAS" drives not fit for purpose and almost got away with it".

"We have pioneered pushing 7200 RPM HDDs as "5400-class" drives to people who have made a conscious decision to go with slower RPM for energy, noise and/or vibration considerations".

"We have invented the marketing technology to switch out SSD components for inferior ones in the middle of the product's lifecycle without changing its name or letting anyone know".

Seriously, F off, WDC

Opera browser tries to make sweet music for the ears of Chromebook users


I was recently troubleshooting some obscure bug in a web interface and that involved trying different browsers. At the end of the Opera's installation process I saw the mouse cursor move by itself, launch Windows Settings and navigate them to set Opera as the default browser. I kid you not. Luckily that was a VM so l just nuked the snapshot from the orbit. After seeing this crap Opera is now firmly on my shit list till I kick the bucket.

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer

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Seriously, people...

He was a thug and a murderer - what's with all the obituaries? Is that because he was born British?

More Linux than Windows: El Reg takes Docker Desktop for WSL 2 preview out for a spin


What about LCOW?

So, does it mean that the "Linux Containers on Windows" are to be killed or are we going to have three methods of running Linux containers on Windows Docker now:

- The "classic" one, mentioned in the article that uses Hyper-V hosted "Moby VM" for all the Linux containers

- LCOW - "Linux Containers on Windows": each Linux container lives inside its own, minimal, lightweight Hyper-V VM

- The new, WSL2-based one

GoPro exits drone market and slashes jobs amid sales warning


Lost opportunity

No "Karma is a bitch" headline? That's a lost opportunity if I've ever seen one!

WIN a RockBLOCK Mk2 Iridium sat comms unit



LOHAN Unleashed, Communication Yearning



High Altitude Vehicle Evaluation: A Battery Reliability Estimation Without Stinking Knotty Yoke



Advanced Cosmic Remote Operation, Not Yet Misogynist



Largely Enhanced Flight Test: Several Hertz Antenna Range Knockout

Apple SOLDERS memory into new 'budget' iMac


Re: Imagined use case?

All this with 128MB of RAM? Impressive.

Look out, Flash! Phase-change RAM IS HERE ... in Nokia mobiles


Re: Speed comparison

The flash controller doesn't have a clue of what is garbage and what isn't unless it's either filesystem-aware or you're using some form of TRIM-like operation. Neither of those should be taken for granted.

Polish man mistakes hot iron for mobe


Re: You've been linkbaited so bad...

That, plus "Fakt" is the most crap of the crappy Polish tabloids. They just make shit up. The "injured" guy on the photo is clearly having fun at this whole thing, how one cannot see that is beyond me.

Windows 8: At least it's better than ‘not very good’


Re: !!!

Just hit the "Win" key, start typing "cal..." then ENTER. There. No need to invoke any search option, gestures and such.

I too don't like the context switch while entering the start screen but I'm genuinely surprised how many people still don't know you just hit "Win" and start typing few first letters from the Windows 7 on.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

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Re: A friend of mine works for Samsung

Apple's patents were all software and Samsung's patents were all about boring shit like chips. All of the innovation is in the software, the chips are just the mechanics.

You owe me a new Ignorance-O-Meter. Mine has just exploded.

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout


I have a "tablet in general" which I like very much and use it daily but it's pretty much a "big smartphone" without the phone part. And you problem is? What exactly don't I get?

Did your iPhone 'just stop working' - or did you drop it in your BEER?

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And what's this retina thing? Oh, you mean the 960×640 LCD screen they're buying from LG? Indeed, takes a real innovator to buy a someone else's component, slap a stupid brand name on it and then claim you invented it.


Re: Unbelievable

You forgot the "... in a mobile device" bit. That's what makes it an invention.

'Apple is corrupting App Store downloads', warn angry devs


Re: Delta updates?

Actually, there are incremental app updates, only not in 5.0 but in 4.1 and not in iOS but in Android.

Apple's online store goes offline

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Re: Masterful PR

Well... no, I don't.

Ten... two-bay Nas boxes


IntelliPower != variable RPM

That's the common misconception regarding WDC GreenPower drives. InteliiPower does not mean the RPM is variable - even WD doesn't suggest this anywhere. It's the WD's way of telling you the RPM is tuned for cool and quiet operation - not performance, without telling you the exact figure so you won't be put off by comparing it directly against other drives. Somebody some time ago measured it to be somewhere within the 5900RPM range for some previous models but this could vary from model to model.

Rumoured iPhone 5 'will have 4in screen' against Jobs' wish


Yes, there were phones with big screens before...

... but it's the Apple who finally got that right.

Maybe I jumped the gun here a little but I've just patented this phrase and I'm gonna be rich. In your face, fanbois!

HTC sues Apple in the UK


Desire Z

Go for HTC Desire Z then. While using Irssi ConnectBot SSH client, the optical trackpad key will serve as CTRL key by default.

Nokia DC-14 bike charger


Here we go again...

Am I the only one here sick of the way some companies try to squeeze some few bucks more on the whole "be green" wave? It's nothing more that exploiting the good intentions of the users who mean well but just don't know better. I mean, come on - pretty much every electrical appliance we use on the daily basis eats way more energy than the full charge of a cellphone in no time. An average 32" LCD TV eats an energy equivalent to the full 1000 mAh cellphone battery charge in some THREE MINUTES. It's within a statistical error. For the decency's sake I won't even mention a microwave or an electric kettle. The truth is, no cellphone "eco"-charger is going to make any difference AT ALL - it's only to make some cash on the users who like to feel all green and environmentally-responsive for a while. In fact, the impact of these gadgets on the environment is NEGATIVE - you buy just another POS someone put serious amounts of energy to create, transport and sell into while you were perfectly fine with the "ordinary" (highly-efficient, switching mode) charger which probably won't even spin your power meter. Unless you're an Amish - cellphone charger should be the very last point of concern when evaluating your electrical power usage.

Motorola Defy Android smartphone


Torx - not Allen

These are Torx screws, not Allen. Allen type ones have hexagonal indentation.

Data Robotics SuperSpeeds storage appliance


Drobo S is not new as such, but this is an updated version

Drobo S model was around for some time now, this is just a new version, with the USB port updated to 3.0.

Microsoft's KIN is dead, long live Windows Phone 7


What's with that memory?

"as you had just 8Gb memory"

8Gb or 8GB? Either way, it's not on the small side in my book.