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How to... re-energise your Android smartphone's OS

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CM 7.1.0

I have a similar setup running CM 7.1 on a Blade but I hadn't delved into some of the Screen Tweaks. Thanks for the tips.

I get _very_ occasional reboots when GPS switches on sometimes but other than that, very stable and a step up from the Swedish Spring ROM I was using previously.

There are means to move a first gen Blade upto a second gen so that later versions of CM7 are available. Fully reversible if anyone's worried about doing damage.

Amazon web services customers vent spleen


Got an email - still not helpful

I'm not tier 1 but used a snapshot for backing up my music and documents (2Gb snapshot = £0.25/month)

I received an email with the details in the article and sure enough, I have one "errored" snapshot and a recreated copy which may, or may not, have zeroed blocks in it.

No email; maybe you're not affected?

You have to have standards – or do you?


Tune in for the next episode ... ®

No, I'd rather not thanks.

Virgin Media to issue firmware update after Superhub slows to crawl


Thank you VirginMedia Customer Service

I tried to upgrade from the base 10Mbps service to 30Mbps at the start of the month.

Thankfully Customer Service messed me about so much by not knowing what was going on that I ended up telling them just to forget it and cancel the upgrade again.

Google shocks world with unthreaded Gmail



> Ideally, you want a single message that represents one 'conversation' of all emails in a conversation with the most recent one at the top.

That's almost what Google Wave did.

Mozilla puts brakes on auto Firefox updates

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Fine with me

Mousewheel (Dell Logitech) works fine for me.

I've had no problems, but I'm on 3.6.9 because of an automatic update. I certainly didn't upgrade manually.

Was there a window of time in which the updates were made available (automatically), and then revoked?

Skewing statistics: Booze, money and sex

IT Angle


Dear Reg,

Why are you giving a political platform, with no IT content whatsoever, to people withan obvious right wing, eurosceptic agenda?

Tim Worstall's pigheaded comments last month on how Britain's manufacturing decline is a myth were annoying enough, we don't need any more from him.

Please either drop him, or introduce a web 2.0 style filter so I can customise the site to my liking and ignore articles from idiots.