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New UK trade deals would not compensate for loss of single market membership

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Re: Got to love this assessment....

Quote (my emphasis): "Ford have already announced they're closing their remaining UK plants ..."

Ford have been closing their UK plants for the last 4 or 5 years - it's amazing Ford reacted to the Brexit result so many years before it happened. /sarc

Trying to blame Brexit for problems that have already been going on (in your example Ford) is rather stupid - these problems have been happening under the EU, haven't they? And as the EU thinks its ideology must advance whatever the cost (see Greece, Visigrad etc) then the economic and social costs will increase.

The unlistening ideological unbending EU left the UK only two choices:

1 - comply with further EU 'progress' but pretend nothing will change so call it 'Remain'


2 - Brexit.

Thankfully the British chose Brexit.


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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

Well you do sound very EU - ' the referendum result should be reversed because ... well just look at all the losing votes that voted for the EU..! '

The EU (and its shills) really doesn't get Democracy, does it?

And that 48% was the result of throwing all the talking-heads, Obama, TLAs, political 'elite', corporate big-wigs etc behind the biased BBC's 'Project EU' and Cameron-&-Osborne's 'Project Fear' .

The hysteria in Project Fearmongering is plain to see now - instead of 'back of the queue' we have many countries eager to trade with a Brexit UK. The UK needs to get on and make the most of such international trade.

The EU is becoming the mix of 'corporatism & unlistening political ideology & only one acceptable view' (I'm sure there's a word for that mix) that cannot stand the undisciplined creative bustle of a pluralistic democracy that Britain does very well at - hence the EU's cynical twisting of Democracy I suppose.

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

"It's only the current freedom of movement that makes that easy."


Are all Remainers dumb enough to believe that people needed the EU to be able to move to another country?

The rest of your post is equally naive concerning EU politics.

If the EU is so marvellous economically and socially, please explain

- why the youth unemployment rates are so high in Greece, Spain and Italy,

- why the people in Greece are suffering so much under 'wise & benevolent' EU so-called technocracy,

- and if Germany needs to bring in so many young workers why those workers are not coming from Greece and Spain etc if EU 'freedom of movement' works the way you seem to think.

There are people posting comments here, having moved to live in EU countries. Why not actually read their posts and then do a bit of research for yourself?

I'll just add that the British referendum was not the first expressing serious reservations about EU lack of political accountability, but the EU has ignored previous referenda or made the country vote again e.g. what have you heard on the BBC about the recent Dutch referendum? So we Brexiters made it count this time.

The forthcoming referenda, Hungary and Italy, might teach you something about the EU but you'll have to dig on the web to find out what's happening. That's assuming the EU doesn't stop them, of course.

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

Do you even know what the word 'protagonist' means?

Equating the 48% Remain vote with "main EU protagonists" is nonsensical.

So ... do you work for the BBC or the Gurniad?

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

Equating "main EU protagonists" with the 48% Remain vote rather demonstrates the paucity of your thinking.

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

"The main EU protagonists are Brits. That's not due to tax-guzzling.".

Yeah right, all the poor British like John Major and the BBC. /sarc

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

No, we had membership of a Common Market.

EU-loving politicians have increasingly handed over the making of laws & policy to the EU.

That's EU control, not EU membership.

The UK finally had a referendum, after many broken promises, and it turns out that despite years of importing EU votes, diverting UK tax money to buy support for the EU, and despite the supposedly unbiased EU-smooching BBC - the majority of voting British want to exit the EU to retake control of British interests.

Now, anyone who wants to live in the EU can do so.

So if you still prefer the EU to Britain stop moaning and go live there.

But do not stay here and support EU interests over Britain's interests.

"Just by virtue of having the option to leave the EU I would have thought it would be obvious that the EU is nothing like a colonial power, or a communist state."

The EU has a history of having voting re-done to get the desired outcome. The UK isn't out yet, and all the pro-EU tax-guzzlers are looking for any reason to over-turn a referendum result as despite the EU having all the advantages they moan 'It wasn't fair because the British fought back'.

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

So now you're suggesting British rule was better than the alternative.

So why shouldn't Britain rule itself?

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

Ooh scathing!

That must be why all those Chinese didn't want to stay in British-run Hong Kong, or didn't want to come to Britain. /sarc

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Re: This what made Britain "great"..

One of the many victims of revisionist history, I see.

Britain brought the Pax Britannia firstly to enable trade, and secondly to advance Britain's policies.

One of those policies was to destroy the African slave trade, specifically targeting the Atlantic slave trade using the South Aftrica Squadron.

Britain wasn't able to do so much about the Eastern slave trade, I'm sure you'll be glad to know given your SJW angst.

Now perhaps you feel sorry Britain hit the Africans' economy and civilisation that way, yet probably much less sorry for economic interests further West given your unequal 'equality education', but the measure of Britain's civilisational and justice standing in past time and other countries can be measured by:

1 - the number of countries maintaining historic links with Britain via the Commonwealth,

2 - the number of countries deciding to keep the legal system Britain brought,

3 - the number of people with those historic language, legal and social links that came to Britain.

All rather astounding if Britain is, and was, the black-hearted grasping villain you imply.

... unless you're trying to say that all those countries and people are very thick?

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Re: legitimate democratic outcome

In the referendum under Wilson people voted to remain in a Common Market, not the EU.

Politicians at the time promised there would be no loss of Sovereignty as this was only for Trade.

If people had been told then that the trading union of the Common Market would become a political European Union over-ruling British Law and policies then the overwhelming vote would have been to leave that Common Market.

The idea that this country is best run for its inhabitants by another country, or by a political organisation with a vastly different idea of personal freedom, would have been ridiculed.

How hard can it be to kick terrorists off the web? Tech bosses, US govt bods thrash it out

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declare war not on each other but on their own populace ?

Eyewitness Cologne:

Germany Deploys 143 Officers To Stop Migrant Rape,

1,500 Officers To Stop Anti-Rape Protest

[caps from copy/paste of headline]


Minister for Fun opens consultation on future of the BBC

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Re: Simple

"... and get the politicians out of it."

That's a lot of layers of BBC management, but some useful savings might be made:

"More than 100 BBC executives on six-figure salaries"

Hang on though, they appear to be sticking to the BBC trough:

"It also follows last year's severance pay scandal in which the National Audit Office found that the BBC handed over £1.4million more in pay-offs to senior managers than it needed to."


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Re: I'd quite like the BBC to...

A well thought through list.

Currently you have 5 upvotes and 10 downvotes.

I think the down-voters do not understand that their down-votes endorse your useful criticisms of the BBC.

It makes me nostalgic for the calmly logical days of Data Processing.

Is logic compulsory for IT nowadays? It certainly isn't for some of the more ideological commenters here, but perhaps they don't really work in IT - but use IT as 'social influencers'?

Never mind, I'm sure the Ministry of Truth BBC can throw up a host of Web pages mentioning the Jay Report without also once mentioning the people who protest-marched against the crimes detailed in the Jay Report.


Moving from permie to mercenary? Avoid a fine - listen to Ben Franklin

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Re: IR35 - typical LibLabCon PoS


First down-arrow within 3 hours, late on a Sunday evening.

Great to get a reaction so quickly from the Leftist web-lurkers who so dislike criticism of their crap ideology.

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IR35 - typical LibLabCon PoS

IR35, being brought in by Brown under Blair, is everything you would expect in a piece of legal shit from NuLabour and LibLabCon:

- weasel worded, not clearly defined, to make many interpretations available to 'civil servants';

- selective of which legal clauses apply (even if you haven't been a part of that legal agreement, or even had sight of it).

- as interpreted by 'civil servants' it will always be used by them in typical manner, or rather tyrannical manner, so that they try to bully those they hold in contempt (ordinary taxpayers) while being ready to let their mates (BBC etc) use it to disguise employment and reduce tax payments (now somewhat addressed at the BBC after newspaper stories revealing what they had been secretly doing).

This description can apply to much of the legislation brought in by NuLabour (not repealed by the LibCons, who therefore must agree with it), and such legislation is designed to be obscure and thereby oppress, as you cannot know for sure your rights under law.

Very different to the tax laws loosely applied to large corporations and their professional tax advisors (I nearly said 'evaders' - whoops!) who, coincidentally, tend to employ senior 'civil servants' in lucrative positions after they have helped implement tax legislation.

Torygraph and Currant Bun stand by to repel freeloaders

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More jet Spitfires? - Oh yes please!

I suppose I ought to sign up - I am beginning to think this country is run by the EU.

Hacker: Don't tell me about the press. I know exactly who reads the papers: the Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country; The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country; The Times is read by people who actually do run the country; the Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country; the Financial Times is read by people who own the country; The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country; and The Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.

Sir Humphrey: Prime Minister, what about the people who read The Sun?

Bernard: Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits.


Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski

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Re: I thought Fry liked pedantry

How's he going to improve if no-one corrects him?

Now he's a bit better informed, would he care to clear up the errors with all the millions he has misled, or will he instead prefer to maintain his 'expert' image?

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Re: Time For an Interview?

Because when information is broadcast to millions of people that information should be as accurate as possible, especially if it is being presented to them as authoritatively correct.

Still, your post is on-message with the BBC: 'We are the good guys so anything we do or say is, by definition, always right and good, and so anyone who opposes us must be evil. When we tell a fib it is good - what's the harm? Barely anyone will remember. But if someone tells a disagreeable truth we will smear them or ignore them. It's a good life we are writing over British society.'.

Movie, TV ads annoying? You ain't seen nothin' yet

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Re: Everything an actor does or uses becomes an Advert

Hah! That would put them in an apparently difficult position to meet the criteria "...advertising in all media is legal, decent, honest and truthful, to the benefit of consumers, business and society"*, unless, of course, we have more manipulative censoring of the media?


Stephen Fry explains… Alan Turing's amazing computer

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Stephen Fry - bit more like real life than the IT Crowd

That's what mostly irritates me about Stephen Fry's being widely accepted as technically authoritative.

It's just like watching important management decisions about IT being influenced by the tall well-spoken chap with the great looking head of hair, who is actually technically ignorant but can really convey confidence primarily because he's not trying to impart understanding.

Young model ruthlessly fingers upskirt iPad petshop pervert

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Re: Gotta love techies

Completely ignoring the abuse/exploitation of women's bodies angle to discuss the inadequacies of the perp's "skills" as a voyeur.

What really makes that aspect so appealing is the irony that there was probably a trained monkey in that store that could have done a 'better' job.

Syrian hacktivists hijack BBC Weather feed

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Re: @Robin

...doesn't tell if the camel survived the head-on collision

Just a couple of bumps. Pretty much as expected with Camel Sense Multiple Arabs with Collision Detection?

NASA chief: Earth is DOOMED if we spot a big asteroid at short notice

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Re: How can the quoted chances be known

I dunno, but which do you think is easier to model:

- the complex interactions of a system with unknown variables where new items are frequently popping up,


- a set of numbers which would be effective for marketing and seeking funding?

Tequila Joe

Solve it the way we always do IT

Outsource the job to aliens who claim to have the advanced technology to have done it already! Simples, and big bonuses for the board!


Hey Klarg, have we got a backup we can restore from?

Bacon sarnies can kill: Official

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Re: Noooooo!

Blair's Megadeath

I had never heard of this before. Thank you for sorting out my contibution towards what should be a festive feisty Christmas lunch.

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Re: Right.

Quote - "I would rather die happy with a bacon sarnie in my hands than die miserable without one."

[Braveheart accent]

They'll never take our fried ham*.

*Yeah, ok, I know - technically (and possibly politically) incorrect.

BRITAIN MUST DECLARE WAR on Cervinaean menace

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the IT angle

'cheap deer' - UEA post-modern binary

MWC 2013: The Chinese are coming - and you ain't seen nothing yet

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...awesome phone...

I really like your last sentence for having two relevant interpretations.

Also, your "...awesome phone..." comment hit an issue I was discussing with some friends yesterday: when idly comparing brief experiences of the various 7-inch tablets available we found more freedom and flexibility in the cheap products from an apparently totalitarian and/or communist state* than in what we were offered by more commonplace commercial companies, which had limitations geared around target consumers or targeting behaviour in a broader selection of consumers.

Of course build quality, reliability and support were agreed as being difficulties with the cheap items, but if you're only looking at a product lifetime of six-months or a year, and making them cheap enough to throw away and replace...well, how does that weigh in the balance with broader functionality?

At the moment I see these companies as responding to what consumers really want to do with what they can spend, and see the more stodgy established companies as mainly keeping on offering limited choices when they hope the limitation will hold some appeal with ideas for safe walled-garden or cloud-backup/transfer.

*Disclaimer - This description is not to be taken as accurate or reliable. I have never been to China, nor do I know any Chinese people to a level where they would confide in me their experiences in China. I have sometimes listened to the bone-headed news in the MSM.

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

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Really...He said that?

"...Blighty's big name ISPs were told by Mr Justice Arnold to kill access to The Pirate Bay website..."

Hmm, does this mean these ISPs are legally obliged not to let any networked traffic out of their own networks - bearing in mind once a person can get out on to the internet they can definitely access TPB?

Review: Sony Vaio Duo 11 Ultrabook

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Re: Intel HD graphics

Users do not "...want compatibility with their windows programs"; what they want is to easily do things they find useful. From the increase in usage of Linux, and especially the uptake of Android tablets, it is very clear they are not 'loyal' in some way to Windows programs but just interested in cheap convenient (handy and portable) functionality.

Not being blighted with bloat, Linux can get more performance from a lower spec system than any current Microsoft OS (so MSoft needs a higher spec than Linux) and therefore Linux has recently been the natural OS for any small cheap portable computers provided it can be useful.

But to be useful Linux needs to run an appropriate application in a way that is easily accessible to the user, and as most users are not CLI literate that means using a graphic interface.

So scotching the Linux graphic interface keeps netbooks from being cheap and useful, and for most users it just kills off the netbook and then leads in to the much more expensive higher-spec netbook replacements.

However, this approach is likely to fail on the cheap and convenient requirements which most purchasers still have (not being 'loyal' to spending more money than they have to, or buying more hardware than they need to), which is why they are so enthusiastic about cheap Android tablets (Warning - these tablets may give Microsoft the shits!).

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Re: Intel HD graphics

"Noo it was slow single core CPUs, slow 4200rpm HDDS and 600 pixel depth screens that killed them.

The Intel graphics was the least of the worries."

I'm guessing the 'HD graphics' thing is a bit of misunderstanding.

Dual core netbooks with Intel GMA 3600/3650 GPU and the graphics drivers unavailable for Linux really didn't help make netbooks more useful, though, seeing as it was Linux that made netbooks really perform.

Checkout Atom N2600 and N2800 associated problems mentioned here:


and here:


Quoted from the Linuxmint forum, with my emphasis in bold:

Last generation of Intel Atoms: CedarView (D2300, D2500, D2550, D2600, D2700) and Cedar Trail (N2600, N2700, N2800) SoCs integrate a PowerVR GPU from Imagination instead of the usual Intel GPU. [...] An unsupported graphic card on Linux distributions, and which can't properly support a basic desktop environnment like Unity or Gnome 3.

Yeah, with the Atom N2800 able to support 4GB memory (http://ark.intel.com/products/58917) it seems perverse it should come with the limited Win7 Starter, and also not fully support Linux. I'm sure it made some sort of sense to someone to keep netbooks restricted by the OS. (Oooh look at the shiney new thing over there - touch the $hiney, shiney screen! - £ove the shiney!)

Atom N2600 and N2800 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom_N2600#.22Cedarview.22_.2832_nm.29_2

Clarkson: 'I WILL find and KILL the spammers who hacked me'

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Re: Time for copypasta

Nice one!

Does anyone else think it sounds a bit like a cross between the heroic Gordon Brown and spaced-out Charlie Sheen?

The universe speaks: 'It's time to get off your rock!'

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Re: Considering the mess we've made of this planet...

"...Brian Cox paraphrased this recently - but it's allowed as Feynman is his hero."

I'm guessing, though, that given the choice of Feynman's Cargo Cult Science lecture, or having his face on the box for BBC-Green fees...

But why guess, he's ALWAYS on the box, isn't he ?

Tequila Joe

Re: No, let's get snooty about faith.


Educashun and meeja!

Oh how oi laffs when I hears the Beeb talkin on bout sum govermints having "EU Technocrats" imposed upon 'em. Because whoever thought they could pass off ideological political stooges as in any way technically competent like engineers... well, they must be even more stupid than they believe we are just because we talk differently.

Firm moves to trademark 'Python' name out from under the language

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Headline missed? - Veber putting the $queeze on Python?

The "European trademark officials" could just do a quick search for Python in the Amazon books section, or is that too much like hard work?

It's just an intellectual land-grab - are there no laws* against this? [/Rhetorical - don't waste your time.]

Will not be surprised if Veber hurriedly trademark the increasingly popular and likely very productive :


'Flaming Torch'

'Piano-wire and Lamp-post'.

*[Use of 'law' is possibly a trademarked word or idea within the EU so fees may be liable - lawyers will decide. The phrase 'law' does not imply 'justice' which probably has tm pending by some ethically worthless bunch of conniving shysters.]

Help selecting a 7" tablet.

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Very nice build quality but...

It's one for the techies and BB phone users - just search on the number of on-line videos for sorting out Playbook issues, take a look at the vids and form your own opinion.

Despite what some enthusiasts may say there are issues bringing over Android apps (sideloading, supply and performance), though this must be improving as BB make the effort to bring in more apps and experince/info spreads.

Playbook was also heavy-handed on the DRM when I checked it - no storing of BBC progs and difficulties with film transfers - so for me it made a mockery of the idea of watching programmes while commuting (I'm not really keen on watching just Canadian films, and I don't support the unquestioning and inappropriate application of North American DRM rules in the UK).

FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named

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Re: Presumably the fact the BBC want to hide the info so badly

The whole issue is a mix of propaganda, science, facts, opinions and (semi-religious?) belief. There is no longer any distinction made in the MSM between:

- Natural Climate Change (going on before mankind existed)

- Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming (unhelpfully alarmist on so many levels).

And the people who point out the proven history of the power of natural climate change as a basis for querying the CAGW are now portrayed in the MSM as 'climate deniers', when they're the ones acknowledging the power of the climate.

It's worth remembering that, to survive, mankind needed technology to protect against and relieve some of the effects of natural climate change. Now we're being asked to believe that we should rely less on such protection, and instead divert those resources to making the climate behave 'normally'? And in the process make some unscrupulous people very, very rich?

This is why it is important that the BBC should be open about how it sources it's policy on CAGW, because we need to know if the BBC is pushing propaganda or science. It is very worrying that they spend so much money on lawyers in order to keep this secret, when it plays such a large part in shaping public opinion, and probably government policy.

Tequila Joe

Re: Stunning

Depend how many (very probably non-IT) political trolls are infesting the web.

Given the BBC Savile/Newsnight fiasco they are probably mostly targetting the less specialised mainstream sites. Still a few around though. I think some of them like this site because they confuse 'ignoring their stupidity' with 'accepting their stupidity'.

Republicans believe in 'climate change' but not 'global warming'

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BraveOak demos Warmist/SCAMMER methods

Nice going - I criticise a specific staged-for-effect lab 'experiment' and you keep my criticisms but change the context. I guess if I wrote that I'm sorry you're so transparent you'd portray that as an apology; you don't happen to write for the Grauniad, do you?

Tequila Joe

Computer models are not reality

Ah, AGW 'science' - gotta love it.

Your little 'experiment' has just shown that we don't have a problem with CO2 as a greenhouse gas, because your glass cylinder containing air also contained atmosphere CO2.

If you wanted to test an atmospheric CO2 rise of some large percentage it would make very little difference because an enormous percentage rise in bugger all is still bugger all (atmospheric CO2 is approx 390 ppm making it 0.039% of air, why don't you try a 100 percent increase of CO2 to 0.078% of air in your glass jar and see how little difference that makes).

If you want to pretend that we might have a problem with warming if our whole atmosphere was CO2 I can tell you we wouldn't be around to notice it - I didn't need to model that.

You can create computer models to give any result you want from almost any data - ask UEA - but unless the models have a direct relation to real experimental data they are useless for making policy, especially SCAMMER* policies committing our civilisation to direct resources and technology away from real problems.

*SCAMMER = Science Corrupting, Alarmist, MoneyMilking-Emergency Religion

'Wrong amount of snow' caused Heathrow chaos

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Lessons will be learned

Next time BAA will have 'anti-terrorist' security staff ready to confiscate mobile phones so the BAA lies about how well they look after their customers go unchallenged in the media.

Actually, at the time, I was surprised how much coverage the BBC gave to mobile phone footage from inside Heathrow and BAA's reaction to the snow, but now the SCAMMERs* (TM) have started pushing the line that ALL nasty weather is due to MMGW/CAGW I see that coverage didn't go against the BBC agenda.

*Science Corrupting, Alarmist, MoneyMilking-Emergency Religion

First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan

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bomb da bomb?

A previous Reg article about this device mentioned: "an armour piercing variant - presumably intended for impact rather than airburst, and using a shaped-charge warhead ".

Given the accuracy and penetration, any possible use as a way of dealing with suspected IEDs from a distance rather than sending a man in?

Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip

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Unit 731 - So the text below is beyond unpleasant. You have been warned.

AC: "...the rest of the West weren't exactly pleasant ..." You what?? Take a gander at what the Japanese are keen to keep quiet:

"Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Japanese personnel."

"Prisoners of war were subjected to vivisection without anesthesia.Vivisections were performed on prisoners after infecting them with various diseases. Scientists performed invasive surgery on prisoners, removing organs to study the effects of disease on the human body. These were conducted while the patients were alive because it was feared that the decomposition process would affect the results.The infected and vivisected prisoners included men, women, children, and infants."


ICO slaps NHSBT for wrong organ donor data

Tequila Joe

Well, of course, now I'm completely reassured...

I may be getting thicker as I get older but from the 'explanations' in the story I couldn't figure out what had been happening, so I followed the Kable link hoping for more info and found two sub-headings next to each other:

'Yorkshire NHS and police admit data breaches'

'NHS resumes SCR mailings to patients'

Which led me to "...a cleaner at a Rotherham hospital viewing a friend's private medical files."

To check for an organ match, perhaps?

Police DNA test plan to put off prostitutes' punters

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One Harriet Harman is more than enough.


Right, because of course consenting adults going about their lawful business should be hassled by police confusing their own individual morality with society's laws.


And prostitution isn't illegal in the UK, you ignoramus.

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He who smelt it, dealt it.

So, "Deputy Chief Constable Simon Byrne, ACPO's lead on prostitution and sexual exploitation ... would like to see the police setting up a database of “ugly mugs” – or individuals believed to pose a risk to sex workers."

Individuals believed to pose a risk to sex workers? - Doesn't that mean all senior plod and a lot of moralising politicians?

Police reject Labour MP's call for Bristol-wide DNA test

Tequila Joe





Run! Run, run, run away.

School caretaker harassed after Islamists hack EDL

Tequila Joe

Just checked them

Headline = "Hate mob’s terror reign"

Quote from article = "Police say there were no reports of any injuries to officers or members of the public and no damage reported."

Somewhat of a mismatch, I think.


WikiLeaks.org resurrected in US of A

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Black Helicopters

secret documents - serious matter

AC: "We live in a very fragile world where one nut-job can push the nuke button at any time"

Sounds to me like you're in the USA.

My perspective (in Britain) is that (edited slightly) "People MIGHT POSSIBLY die as a result of these intentional disclosures of classified documents" (btw really crap security); however, if the people of Britain had similar access to secret documents before Blair took us to war because he 'knew it was right' we wouldn't be in the ...um, to simplify let's call it... totally shit position we are now with hundreds of brave service men dead and crippled - all because of official lies pushed with no real scrutiny.

So, let's look at the scores:

- leaks MAY cause deaths (so far zero announced but I'm sure MIB are trying);

- UK Government cold-blooded and self-serving secrets HAVE caused the deaths and suffering of thousands - but, to be fair, Tony is a lot, lot richer.