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Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


Re: Any lawyers present?

IANAL, but ...

There is a subtle distinction between a property owned by the public (so a public property) and a place where any member of the public can go/take photos freely (a public place). If the school was a public place, any member of the public would be able to enter it and wander up/down it's halls, which they are obviously not allowed to do. So yes, the council was _probably_ within their rights to ban the photography.

Secondly, you _do_ vote your local council in, so they are just as much the public's representative and are not subservient to M(S)Ps . Arguably they have a stronger mandate in local matters than your M(S)Ps (and definitely your MEPs) because when voting for your council you only care about local issues, but when voting for your M(S)P you normally are voting on national issues.

Still, can see the current lot of councillors not doing very well next election.

Scammers exploit wannabe demon-slayers hyped by Diablo III


Re: And so the end result should be...

Apart from the FUD your spreading about Civ 5 which has been correctly pointed out to be false, you left out the biggest culprit of always online DRM : Ubisoft.

Their current philosophy is that every* new PC game must be released as always online and has caused quite a few issues when their DRM servers broke (or were deliberately DDoSed) leaving people unable to play their new games.

*Including some very obviously single-player only games like The Settlers 7 and Silent Hunter 5.


Real Money Auction

One of the reasons that the single player is online only is the real money auction. If they allowed you to run offline / store your inventory locally on your PC it would make it a lot easier to hack your inventory and then sell these unfairly gained uber-items. If this was allowed, it would eventually destroy any value of the auction and mean only people that cheated could make any money.

Prosecutors prep decision on BT-Phorm case


Because Justice normally needs some discression


"Second, they decide if a prosecution would be in the public interest."

What kind of assessment is this? If it isn't in the public interest to prosecute, why is the activity in question deemed illegal?


Although in this case it is in the public interest to prosecute, those are general guidelines and there are sometimes quite a few examples where it isn't. Some examples:

A 3 year old kid might putting a marble from a shop in his pocket - he is technically stealing, but it wouldn't be in the public's interest to send him to court for it. Instead its more in their interest to make the parents look after him better.

Someone might have to break a window (so causing criminal damage) to get into a burning building to save someone's life.

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry


Stolen from the IT Crowd

Or travel with someone called Peter File.

Revealed: Government blows thousands on iPhone apps

Thumb Down


10k might not be as lucrative as you think. Without having seen the apps, I'm going to assume that they've got quite high production values, in which case it would probably take 2-3 developers 2-3 months (including testing and submission time) to produce.

Doing some sums on the back of a envelope, lets say each dev is on 24k a year, that's 2k a month (+ employee contributions of about £250) * 3 months is 6.75k, leaving 3.25k to pay for the office's rent, bills and other assorted costs involved in running a business before you even start to talk about profit. So, not exactly the massive cash cow you were implying it is.

'Industry giant' fragged UK games developer tax break


Re : Savings ( or maybe not)

Although cutting it could actually be a false economy :

"Moreover, the calculations on the tax relief plans demonstrated fairly clearly that they would actually leave the Treasury in the black within a short space of time, with tax relief for development being more than compensated for in revenues from the sales of the resulting products, not to mention the income tax earned from the large number of development staff employed in their creation. "

(Quote from a quite good sum up of why they got rid of the tax relief on gi.biz [http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/tiga-talks-tax-blog-entry - Free Registration might be required)

Cocaine-hunting robot chopper in 60kg bust seizure


More than 1 way to fight a war

Not that your post is a bit sensational - but its nice to know that other countries are experimenting with other methods of dealing with drug addiction and are actually having a better rate of success.


Mandybill: All the Commons drama


Re : Clause 17

I didn't think Clause 17 got into the bill - it was re-written as a clause 18? Can I second JamesW asking for a more detailed breakdown on what passed, as its got quite muddled with all the amendments.




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