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Boffins triple battery life with metal foam

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About Time

Seeing as I've had to replace all my lithium-ion batteries in my mini video camera's with AA rechargeable battery packs (using the power jack)

using HYBRIO NiMH low self discharge batteries, this is good news

With lithium-ion i got 45 minutes video time, with 2 AA i get 5 hrs, plus they cost £££'s less

3x the life is a step in the right direction, but i bet the cost of a good lithium-ion or pol will go up

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

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OMFG!!! i told my Wife not to fill it in, but she did it anyway :-(

British Library hands 200 years of history to Google

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Good News

This is good news, my weekends will be filled for a long time

Hacker wrists slapped for stealing Lady Gaga songs

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"Hacker wrists slapped for stealing Lady Gaga songs"

the songs are as much her's as say a reg readers, she has little to do with them

so what this is, is corporate theft ;-)

Next-gen Xbox to debut at next year's E3

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Good news for us pc gamers too

This is good news, now it will be the PC playing catchup with the new xbox, so we will see true next gen PC games

EA angers fans over Battlefield 3 pre-order exclusives

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QUOTE "How ignorant of you."

"How ignorant of you."

looks like the EA trolls are awake lol

If you know anything about PC's and games, then you will surly know that you cant fit a pint in a half pint.

For god's sake the xbox has held the PC back for years, thats a fact

karl 15

Will you boycott?

Will you boycott? yes as i've said for a long time, this is not going to be a bf2 or bf1, just a small map xbox game

E3 2011: the showstoppers

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Hope i'm wrong

I so wan't BF3 to be a gfx and game-play upgrade to the PC BF2, but who are we PC owners kidding... it's just one more xbox game... small maps, low ram usage, low CPU/gpu usage, but will struggle on my i7 960 :(

BBC Freesat tech switch zaps HD channels from 'old' boxes

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My old foxsat hd get's the bbc s2 hd np, but it can't pickup c4 hd :?

Belching cattle apocalypse menace sniffed in cowpats

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What a load of shit

Russian computer programmer buries himself alive

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It's unlikely that the poor man's breathing tubes were blocked by rain.

More likely that as it rained, the soil became saturated, filled the coffin and he drowned or suffocated

also wet soil is allot heavier than dry soil.

Ten... DAB kitchen radios

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Shortwave Digital

DAB was dead as soon as was released!

It's a white Elephant

Shortwave digital, Digital Radio Mondiale DRM will be the world norm soon,

even BBC R4 admitted the UK jumped the bloody gun with dab


Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

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No So Good

If someone got hit in the head, then drank alcohol,

how would ER know what they were looking at, brain damage, or drunkenness

Nokia caters for kings with golden smartphone

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They Do

They do, and i have two :)

Nokia 1800, got it for £10 unlocked (over 3 weeks now and still on first charge)

and a Vodaphone nokia 340 for £7 locked

both payg lol

Zuckerberg: Give me your children

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And use the hosts file to block fackbook www.facebook.com www.facebook.co.uk facebook.com facebook.co.uk


Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer reveals terror on the tube

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Same old same old

Same old xbox port killing pc games

i bet it's dx9

PC games are still dx9, because of the xbox's very old gfx

MW3 will be small and claustrophobic, because of the xbox's lack of ram

why should pc users have to put up with the same old crap lowest common denominator games

for gods sake stop releasing cod every year and WORK on it a bit longer!

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs

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Big Brother


Bloody NWO

Firefox add-on with 7m downloads can invade privacy

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I still use firefox, but don't trust it after it came to light that a version of ietab contained spyware.

it was reported again and again, but was still up for download about a year later.

Intel: Windows on ARM won't run 'legacy apps'

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IT Angle

65bit one bit better than the rest

... There will be a "Windows 8 traditional", she said, that will run on x86 chips

hold on, when the hell are we getting a full 64bit windows os???

I thought windows 7 was going to be the crossover point :/

And who still uses 3gb of ram, i get low mem just running chrome with 20+ tabs open with 6gb for gods sake.

David Cameron wants to push all of Blighty online

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Just more bot servers then!

So we will have more twits n twats flocking to twitter and facebook then.

my Internet already slows down when Internet users who have no PC's turn on their set-top boxes and watch iplayer!.

look i help local people who are new to PC's, and I'm having to clean and reinstall the OS of their PC's every few months because of the crap they've installed

My wifes friends bring me PC's to "have a look at" all the time, and they are just full of viruses,

so it WILL get worse with more none PC savy users or ALL incomes online.

And as for comet staff helping... wtf i am sooo sick of removing all the crap they put on the PC's they sell to people.

people i know who don't use a PC, don't want one, and laugh at people who use them, saying that its a waste of a short life stuck on a PC.

my mum at the age of 83 was talked into having free sky TV installed even though she didn't want it. they told her... digital digital digital. after a week she took the box out and binned it, saying the box was loud (hdd clicking). she just wanted to be left alone and didn't want tec rammed in her face.

also .gov will have a mic n cam in every home.... "lol look at this Tracy, this small light comes on when you get undressed, and whats that high pitched whistling coming from the speakers"


(sorry for rambling.. not with it today, plus one finger typing)

EMC redefines its flash future

karl 15

Not the luckiest name

Project Lightning is not the luckiest name for a project that involves computers.

I hope they are working on a Project Surge protector too lol

PC rental store hid secret spy hardware in laptop, suit says

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Tip of the iceberg

This is only a small percent of what PC users know.

Remember the games console that had a chip that could be turned in to a mic

Remember Eastern Europe, a free phone in every home = a mic in every home.

And now we have PC's in almost every home... free laptops anyone?

The hardware still needed software to drive it, so what was the anti spy-ware, anti virus software doing then???

Seagate's terabyte platters make it the densest of the lot

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I've found the 7200.10s to be very loud, so now use them in my sumo pvr box's

I've 5 7200.11s in the PC and all suffer from stalls.

Still stick with Seagate though, as every samsung I've had set on fire :(

karl 15

Argh Matey!

I welcome the new Pirate friendly drives

Cross-dresser kills goat while high on bath salts

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This is why i never wash

Microsoft profits soar 31% on Office, Xbox

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Stop the xbox

So your xbox made even more money, mmm ...


New PC games are still dx9, and look like crap. --- Because of the xbox's very old gfx

New PC games are small and claustrophobic. --- Because of the xbox's lack of ram

Stop making the xbox, it's the lowest common denominator.

Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your xbox and Go Do Something Less Boring Instead

like use a PC ;)

H2O water-powered shower radio

karl 15

8 kw Radio

wow I'd wish id thought of this, it's so simple

my daughter would put the shower on just to listen to the radio.... 8kw radio anyone!

Panasonic beefs up 3D video camera

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I see the reg is reviewing stuff we can all afford lol

Google plans cheapo YouTube programs

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Little Rch

As long as Little Rich has top billing i'll be happy http://tinyurl.com/67zzygx

Energy crisis over - for 250 years?

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UK Gas n Oil

If the USA has so much gas, then Thatcher and the Tories should not have gave them the UK's gas n oil in the 70's/80's, the UK would have even more cheap energy left for it's people.

The Sun still not shining on Nintendo's 3DS

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Sick to the Back Teeth

They should test the Sun, that thing has been making ME Sick for years lol

Antarctic meteorite yields exotic new mineral

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This story makes a mockery of the UK porn laws lol

UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'

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Don't fear the Reaper do do do

All our times have come

Here but now they're gone

Seasons don't fear the reaper

Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain

We can be like they are

Come on baby... Don't fear the Reaper

Baby take my hand... Don't fear the Reaper

We'll be able to fly... Don't fear the Reaper

Baby I'm your man...

Stripped-down IE9 interface leaks in Russia

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Show a pic then

Undead Commodore 64 comes back for Christmas

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i win lol

The C64 was/is better than the specy :)

I hope they make a Turbocharged Vic 20

Internet Explorer 9 beta due on September 15

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I'm looking forward to IE9

Dell crafts mother of all graphics cards

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It's hard to get 2 GFX cards to work never mind 16

16x the stutter

BBC workers lose £240k of tech gear in two years

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BBC Just say No

Lost them, or sold them for Coke?

Firefox 4 beta crack ruse spreads Trojan to total idiots

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Mark has some very useful tools on his site, saved my bacon a few times

Virus writer charged with destroying property

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Same old...

So tell me how file sharers are freetards then?

the reg seems to be against p2p :/

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

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Old Hat

I'd just left school when i got my first computer (a VIC 20)

I loved the vic because i could write code to make things move on the screen lol.

To me computers were magical things, things of the future.

But to the kids now, well they just think of them as we would think of lights, TV's, Radios, noting special.

I don't thing I'd have been that interested in a class on how to use a Radio

So I'd say the Wow factor that i had, has gone, thats the problem.

Smart meters pose hacker kill-switch risk, warn boffins

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Greed greed and more greed

"the technology also makes it easier to switch subscribers to new (higher) tariffs if they persistently fail to pay their bill on time."

So low income families who struggle to pay the bill on time have to pay more in the end.

This is just a way for the greedy bastards to make more money from people who can't afford to live.

The well off get a tummy rub, the poor get a kicking

UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use

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"We think that one of the reasons we have some of the best TV and broadcasting in the world"

Is this a joke?

Scrap the tax, and let the BBC make it's money like the rest of the worlds TV has to.

AMD sales up – but ink still red

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Give us your money

AMD should use the $83m to sort out the GFX card hardware problems,

before buyers take out a class action and take it from them.

AMD GSOD http://tinyurl.com/36dyqc5

UK.gov abandons 2012 rural broadband pledge

karl 15

The world outside London.

F.U Martin

You don't know much about the UK outside London m8.

Mozilla snuffs password pilfering Firefox add-on

karl 15


The Good thing about Fire Fox is it's Addons...... The bad thing about Fire Fox is it's Addons.

BT and TalkTalk threaten court to kill Mandybill

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Don't remove the road

"But the coalition government has since told the BBC it had no plans to change it."

I can't believe the lying bastards got in to power!

If my Daughter is banned for a driving offence, then i should not be banned too.

So if she downloads a .avi/.mp3 without my knowledge, why oh why should my Family be banned from the Internet.

If they have to go after someone who downloads a film/song, then it's the downloader that should be cut off, not the Family.

And that is only after time in court, and without a gagging order.... or is that to much work for them